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Renal cell carcinoma, also known by a gurnistical tumor, is the most common form of kidney cancer arising from the renal tubule. It is the most common type of kidney cancer in adults. Initial therapy is with surgery. It is notoriously resistant to radiation therapy and chemotherapy, although some cases respond to immunotherapy.

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  • jester18

    Surgery today

    I am scheduled for a robotic partial nephrectomy today, to remove a 2.5 cm tumor that is "probably" cancer. Wish me luck!
  • My dad was just diagnosed with stage 4 papillary non clear cell carcinoma after having a nephrectomy several years ago and now it has returned in the other kidney and in other places as well. my dad is my idol, my hero, and someone who has inspired my values and beliefs my whole life! i would welcome any guidance, hope, prayers, suggestions, or words of wisdom that anyone might have to offer on...
  • gfisher

    new here..

    Hello everyone.. I have been diagnosed as renal cell carcinoma.. clear type.. tomorow i go to kingman to do a ct scan to look at my organs since i have only had my femur scanned.. thats where they found the cancer.. I am so scared.. I am so afraid the scan tomorrow will reveal the cancer has spread to other organs.. as i have heard thats what it does.. I just needed someone to talk to since i...
  • I'm 30 and was just diagnosed 2 months ago. A waiting open nephrectomy. Tumor is 7cm. Scared.. and just don't know what to do. Can't sleep at night because my mind is thinking of the 'what ifs'. And info or stories would be helpful. Thanks
  • Hello I had my right kidney remove in 2012. I went to the E.R. for stomach pain and after having a contrast dye cat scan of my orgins they discovered a large mass on right kidney. Was shocked when dr came in to tell me this. I was admitted and met with a urologist the next day. It was a large mass, 8in by 8 in by 4in. the urologist said it had been growing for some time to be so large.I had...
  • Hi, I am a 43yo female and was diagnosed with RCC in 2006. I had a partial nephrectomy and was good for the next 9yrs. I had a local recurrence in late 2014 with a radical nephrectomy done in January 2015. I just had follow-up ct's today and I will be getting the results back next week. I'm worried because I have had the same pain I'm having now, the first 2 times RCC was found. My oncologist...
  • I had a partial nephrectomy 7 years ago for a stage 1 (grade 3) 2.5cm tumor. I'm looking for encouraging stories of people that are many years out without a recurrence. Seems like most stories online are the bad stories. Looking for positive ones. I've had a great 7 years - and now have two small children - and the though of recurrence still weighs heavily on me.
  • Hi everyone, I just found this page through google, trying to find people who had BTDT and had some advice to share.Hubby had radical nephrectomy done on right kidney a month ago. The cancer was said to be stage 1 in the kidney, and it had spread to a lymph node that was stage 2. They removed both the kidney and lymph node. My husband seems to be doing well. Doctor says they will just keep doing...
  • Hi guys! I have a 1cm tumor on my left kidney that my urologist has been watching now for the last 4 years. I haven't really worried about it because my urologist says that unless it starts to change we will just keep an eye on it with regular CTs, MRIs, and ultrasounds. My concern is the cost of these exams for the rest of my life. I cant keep incurring debt while watching to see if this thing...
  • toniladd


    I just got diagnosed with renal cell cancer discovered incidentally on a abdominal CT scan monitoring diverticulitis. The tumor is small 1.1 cm by 1.2 cm. I have been referred to a urologist surgeon for removal. I really don't know what to expect. Just in shock.
  • brinners72

    Just joined

    Hello! I have been having a lot of kidney pain and blood in my urine over the past few months (several bouts of kidney stones over the last 20 years) and my PC sent me for a CT on Wednesday. Results show a 18x13x15mm heterogenously enhancing renal mass. They suspect Renal Cell Carcinoma until proven otherwise. The radiologist called my doctor 20 minutes after my scan and my doctor in turn called...
  • Hello everyone,I have been on Votrient for 25 months and wanted to start a discussion on side effects and what other cancer patients are doing.Here are the ones that are bothering me:Numbness in feet. General fatigue.Muscle weakness and shortness of breath when I work around house.I have found relief for most of the other side effects. Thanks for your input.CheersGary
  • kaitlynwalsh

    There's hope.

    Hello, Im Kaitlyn Walsh. A fifteen year old high school freshman. I was a normal kid enjoying a normal life when my life was turned upside down. Like many of you, I lost my mother to a terminal illness. As a matter of fact she passed away a year and five months ago on November 17th, 2014. I lost my best friend that day and every day after has been nothing short of a personal battle. There were a...
  • Hello, I had a MRI of my spine and showed a 1.4 cm exophytic lesion on the left kidney, having a CT scan next week, any thoughts if this could be malignant? Any one sharing similar experience?
  • tracy413

    Friend needs help.

    I have a friend who is experiencing kidney failure due to rheumatoid arthritis. She also does not have insurance, and is needing some assistance in her home for some personal care. She is in her mid 30's and now cannot work. Does anyone know of any resources she can access? She lives in northern Georgia. Thank you all.