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Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS), also known as complex regional pain syndrome, is a chronic condition characterized by severe pain following injury to bone and soft tissue. The most common symptom is burning pain. The patient may also experience muscle spasms, local swelling, increased sweating, softening of bones, joint tenderness or stiffness, restricted or painful movement, and changes in the nails and skin.

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  • belle007

    A little lost

    Hi there ! I was first diagonosed with Crps when I was 14 I’m now 19 and it’s for sure been a journey but I’ve also lately been in the process of figuring out if I have kidney cancer or not and it’s been hard because no one my age understands the pain I go through. I am also a dance teacher and everyday I teach it’s a push to get through the classes but there are flare ups like tonight...

    Just feel lie giving up!!

    I've had RSD/CRPS for over 13 years now. It has been a long, hard battle and I just want to end it all. Laying awake many nights with the pain and so much on my mind is more than I can bare. I am so tired of feeling this way and want to just lay down and not wake back up sometimes. Trying hard to get past feeling so depressed all the time but how can I when it all keeps slapping me in the face...
  • Mickeymouse-ct

    Angry and frustrated

    I have been dealing with crps for 3 years now in my foot. I feel that no one understands. My husband thinks I am faking. I have not found the right pain therapy yet to help yet. Things are getting worse and to top it all my back is bad at L5/S1 right where you bend. I want to lay down and die the pain is so bad
  • LaBrock

    It's so hard to deal with...

    I was diagnosed with CRPS about 4 and a half months ago. The change it has made in my life has been so hard to deal with. It has permeated every facet of my life. The pain on some days is almost too much to bare but I'm not alone. I have an amazing wife who has picked up the broken pieces that this has given us. Also, we have a beautiful boy who just passed his first birthday, and many other...
  • kaybriden

    RND and POTS treatment

    I have been sick for two years, but I was just diagnosed with POTS and RND this past March. I've tried an increase of water and salt, physical therapy, chiropractor, cognitive behavioral therapy, Naprosyn, acupuncture and a slew of other medications, but nothing has helped me. Does anyone have any suggestions on something to try for relief whether it be physically or mentally?
  • marion


    I have had RSD for 29 years.  It started in my left arm and now is throughout my body, including face.  This summer I got married.  II would like to start a family and am wondering if anyone here has had a baby with RSD.  Wanting to know what the outcome would be as far as having to stop medication, etc.
  • duke4life3443

    Recently Diagnosed and Lost

    I was diagnosed at the end of August 2016 with RSD although my physical therapist suspected I had it after my first appointment with her. I had a lateral release done on my left knee on May 20th, 2016 which was my second knee surgery. I had been taking an aerobic walking class at my college and right before one of the busiest weekends at work I got really bad knee pain after walking for 3.5...
  • Jenell30

    recently diagnosed with CRPS

    Hello my names is Jenell I am 30 and was recently diagnosed with CRPS.  I have be doing my research trying to figure out my next step. This has me very upset because it is in my ankle and it's affecting the way I walk the pain is terrible at times I just need to no where to go from here. It happened from having ankle surgery about 8 weeks ago. biggest mistake ever but I had no other choice but...
  • Tracy


    I have RSD/CRPS in my right foot & leg. It has been over a year now. My husband just called & told me his sister has RSD/CRPS in her shoulder. It happened after she dislocated it. None of us had ever heard of RSD/CRPS until I was diagnosed last summer. Now two of us in the same family, not blood related but still, have it. Crazy! What is going on?! 
  • jenthalia

    Anyone else being affected by new CDC guidelines?

    Hi,I've been a member of DailyStrength for years. I used to be thaliajen. I've had RSD for 19 years. I had 3 great doctors. My 1st doc was a Physical Medicine Specialist and he diagnosed me. I was fairly new to pain AND pain meds. We tried so many types of meds and therapies. A year or so later, I started to get my life back. My RSD was/is in my left foot and now, left lower leg, too. I didn't...
  • mysensitiveheart

    RSD and surgery

    I have had Rsd in my chest wall for over 28 years due to a near death auto accident . It was almost unheard of then and till this day has basically been left untreated . I have so many medical problems I have lost count . Along the years , I have had to have many surgeries some rather intense . I am now facing a very invasive spinal surgery . This is one pain I truly can't live with . After...
  • aubrey7004


    I am new here and new to CRPS. I was given a confirmed diagnosis in May for my left shoulder arm and hand. I believe now it is spreading to my right shoulder I now have constant pins and needles feeling in my right shoulder and it is sensitive to cold just like my left arm area. My left shoulder has a few issues from two failed rotator cuff surgeries from a work injury. my hand and arm are cool...
  • deleted_user

    New Scrambler Pain Treatment Successful, Thank God

    Hi! My son was diagnosed with RSD last October, 2009. It has been a long 8 months but he now has NO pain, praise God! He had three nerve blocks which didn't last long or not only didn't work, but made the RSD spread, although personally I think the dr. was trying to do some kind of chemical sympathectomy on the last one, but I have no proof. He was on increasing amounts of pain meds and...
  • deleted_user


    over the past year I have seen several doctors we have tried pt injections pills and other things this is a workers comp case so things have been slow I am now waiting for final approval on a spinal cord stimulator. there has also been a discussion of amputation which would include most of my left leg. IM SCARED OUT OF MY MIND!!!!!!!! I don't want to lose my leg but im not sure how much longer I...
  • deleted_user

    Skin Change

    I often find myself having what I can only describe as 'hot flushes' when I am doing nothing out of the ordinary. I start to feel really warm, then I start to sweat so badly that I will have to go outside, wash my head/neck/face or even change my clothes.Then as quickly as it starts, it goes.Just wondering if anyone else has something similar?