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Prostate cancer is a disease in which cancer develops in the prostate, a gland in the male reproductive system. Cancer occurs when cells of the prostate mutate and begin to multiply out of control. These cells may spread (metastasize) from the prostate to other parts of the body, especially the bones and lymph nodes. Prostate cancer may cause pain, difficulty in urinating, erectile dysfunction and other symptoms.

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  • My husband had a PSA in December that revealed his was 13.4 -- a definite red flag. Hoping it was just a false alarm and a symptom of BPH, he then had a biopsy. I should known better . . .Biopsy results, January 30: 14 samples, 7 each side, all positive. Approximately 70% cancerous tissue, Gleason 9. We met with the urologist who consulted with several other doctors, including seasoned...
  • Has anyone tried non-medical solutions with any success? Diet, herbs, etc.?I'm not abandoning doctor's care, just seeking ways to enhance chances of success fighting this thing.I need to go on the offensive, as things seem to have sped up in the last six months.
  • Since my recent post made it through, I'll repost the "missing" post., . "LOST IN CYBERSPACE LOL!Hello everyone,My name is Jim Evridge. If you click on my name or picture to the left, it will take you to where I am today. I was Dx'd with BPH approximately 20 years ago. My PCP at the tine saw something on a CT Scan of my Pelvic area, for something else, and told me to go see a Urologist...
  • Was wondering if anyone has someone that has been through prostate cancer treatment involving Lupron shots and radiation therapy, along with, casodex daily. If so, can you share some of the side effects, how long did you have to do these shots. My boyfriend was recently diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer and it is in his bones , moved to his skull and the lining of his brain. Thank you.
  • My prostate was removed surgically 12 years ago. After the first year of recovering and experimenting, my wife and I enjoy vaginal penitration sex and oral sex about twice a week. Yes, my penis is solid most of the times and yes I depend on Viagra, Cialis or Lipitol most of the times. The only thing I can't do is ejaculate semen. We researched the numerous prostate methods, including seed...
  • Hi yamy husband grandfather recently got diagnosed. My husband is now worried if he needs to be tested? is it hereditary and if so when should he go to his GP to keep an eye on it?many thanks
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    I have been research the genetics of addiction. There is no one gene that causes alcoholism. However there are 90 genes that are associated with addiction. None can cause alcoholism alone. Its the interaction of dozens of genes that is responsible. Different combinations give different results. Some alcoholics are binge drinkers. Others cannot go a day without alcohol. Some alcoholics are...
  • Hello All, I'm Robert (and usually hang out in the AFIB forum, that's another story) and have just recently (1 week ago) been diagnosed with PC.Here's the short story: 58, AFIB cured, went in to my PCP in mid-Jan with sinus rot. He noted from my physical in DEC 13 that my PSA was 3.99. Since we didn't have a baseline before then, he took a blood sample.PSA came back as 5.0 Another blood test...
  • I take diptrpan once daily and it isnt working. I have to pee every hour day and night. I am afraid to even drink anything. Im 59 is this what I have to look forward to the rest of my life? It is not helping my anxiety or depression. Someone please answer me.
  • Hello AllI am new to this group. My ex husband has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We have seemed too remain somewhat friendly throughout a bitter breakup. I am devestated about the news, and really looking for somme support from people, who can help me through this. I plan on being there for him as much as he needs. I am terrified.... as so is he. We have 5 children. Our youngest is 17.......
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    Hi all,I having prostate surgery 1/4/14. complete removal. My last PSA was 8.1, my Gleason is 7, my biophys from 10 samples 1 was positive. I'm 53 yrs old and very active with everything, including sex. I'm very worried about ED and would like to hear some experiences, advice and thoughts about wether thsi is ED is permanent. Thanks
  • I have been with my boyfriend for two years now, he is everything I've ever wanted. We are head over heels with each other. Very recently we have found out that he has developed prostate cancer at the age of only 24...I am completely devastated. Its so hard to even wrap my mind around it. Doctors are also keeping an eye on his esophagus because they have found dark spots there as well. His...
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    Getting to know you

    Hi everyone,Im Arturo Calvario-Diaz, a senior High School student at Menlo School, and I'm conducting a research project on prostate cancer for my Anatomy class and I was hoping that I could get closer emotional understanding to what it truly means to have or overcome prostate cancer. In the politest way I wish to ask you all some questions based on your history and encounter with prostate cancer...
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    Has anyone had Viberect prescribed to them for post prostectomy penile rehab? The doctor recommend it to my husband.
  • I know this group is for people struggling with prostate cancer but I hope it is ok for me to post a question about my father. He is age 76 and last week the results of a biopsy of the prostate indicated that one cell was cancerous. He has since undergone a pet scan, bone scan, and chest x-ray. He gets his results tonight. His MD is optimistic that it probably is contained to the prostate and...