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Intrusive Thoughts

My head chatter is all over the psychic map this morning. I feel like I am wandering through a Galactic Expo. Performers, vendors and Hawkers are calling for attention while social clusters move conversation to all corners of the Galaxy within earshot of one another. !Me duele la cabeza!

I am plying therapy tools which have worked for me in the past, but find myself wishing for new options or maybe just reminders of gems which are getting lost in the chaos.

Anybody? Am I even making sense?



Maybe listen for the one that shouts the loudest first? I wouldn't know how else to start.

(((Arf))) i don't know, but sitting nearby and thinking of quiet distractions... the river sounds... skpping rocks?!

U make some sense dont worry. Im sorry ur being shouted at from all directions. Not alot to say from me but gentle hugs.

It does make sense & I've been there myself & great question here's a few of my greatest hits:
• A=E+I Actions = Emotion + Intellect
Making a conscious effort to remove emotions & your actions will improve; decreasing stress & increasing a more positive environment.
• REBT Have you had any experience or therapy in that area? It changed my life you can google it & get a crash course & print off worksheets to practice the concept with.
• Good old fashioned meditation if done correctly it can reboot the brain
• & the go to FAV breathing correctly it'll change your life Majority of the population does it wrong a Therapist taught me the diaphragm technique when I'm most stressed & my mind is the definition of chaos I stop & check my breathing the influx of oxygen to the brain is instant recharge & refreshing. The tip the Therapist used to help me master it was practice it laying down with a heavy book (this may date me but phone book worked great) on your stomach so you can visualize it by watching the book move. Often people say they feel weird or dizzy when they try it but don't worry that feeling is the brain getting maximum oxygen. When I find myself in chaos I stop & check my breathing & focus on doing 10-20 breaths utilizing diaphragm (you can probably find a you tube video on diaphragm breathing techniques) Also there are many studies on the benefits of breathing properly & it is proven using technique before sleep I do it for 3 min b4 bed will drastically improve your psychological state.
Hope you find something that works for you

Oh & you are very good at writing your thoughts out & I'm sure you've been told journaling is helpful- when stressed try journaling, writing or drawing with your non dominant hand. Because it's awkward & you have to concentrate as it feels foreign it will activate different parts of the brain which will then slow down the hyper-active parts naturally.

Oops I better clarify with A=E+I
& removing emotions. It doesn't mean be emotionless just remove/reduce it when it comes to decisions & letting your intellect navigate

I crowd them out with music, video's, studying (anything), memorizing (anything).

Thanks guys.

It has been a remarkably productive morning, despite the intrusive thoughts. I hope. Under the influence of intrusive thoughts, I all to often think I did this, only to discover later that I really did that. What's a nut job to do? Still, I Mindfulness exercises have been quieting the intrusive thoughts far enough that I felt fairly focused for each task. Prayers in progress.

I am tempted to push for a productive afternoon, as well, but I think I'll try a nap before I get pushy.
Community Leadermujicaptsd

Meditation has been my go to, arfie. In the Buddhist meditation classes I joined right after my PTSD diagnosis they called what you describe as "monkey mind." Supposedly the term comes from the Buddha himself.

HuffPost has an article on 7 things to do to tame monkey mind. You've already done the first one, which is to seek connection.

Namaste, my friend.

It ate my freaking post!!!!

So it said something like this...

Drugs! All kidding aside, I suffer severe tinnitus (sounds like such a dirty word hehe). I am like patty, I have to drown it out using my headphones listening to music, youtube talk vids or play a movie. It takes a bit but it usually works.

Blessings for pleasant brain farts!
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