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Ovarian cancer is a malignant ovarian neoplasm (an abnormal growth located on the ovaries). It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death in women and the exact cause is unknown. Join this community to get support if you or someone you know is affected by ovarian cancer. Share your story and learn from the experiences of others.

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  • deleted_user

    Long Island Support Groups

    Hi,I am President of LI OCEANS (Ovarian Cancer Education, Andvocacy, Networking and Support). We meet monthly in Nassau and Suffolk counties. If you are interested in attending pls respond to this e-mail.Both groups are educational,and upbeat and membership is free.Sandy3C
  • bonnielee88

    scared, and angry

    So, I just had a scan, and it shows the cancer has spread, and existing spots have grown. Time for new treatment...... How i got here from 2 years of stable in 8 months is what I'm scared and angry about. 8 months ago I had a scan , and it was stable. No growth. But Avastin was making my blood preasure stay too high even with drugs, so the Doc took me off it for 2 months, and then reduced my...
  • spotlight15

    Johnson & Johnson - Talc Discussion

    Does anyone have any thoughts on Johnson & Johnson's alleged transgressions regarding their talcum powder products? I feel like they are such a trusted brand by so many.http://money.cnn.com/2016/02/24/news/companies/cancer-johnson-and-johnson-talcum-powder/index.htmlJust thought I'd inquire with you wonderful people.Thank you!
  • deleted_user


    I am post hysterectemy of 10 yrs. Still have my ovaries and tubes. Yesterday my dr said that my fallopian tube was filled with fluid and looks like a sausage. I had my hysterectemy due to emdometriosis(sp). So, I am assuming it is because of that. I go to my gyn-omcologist on 10/15 but I was wondering if anyone has ever heard or had this, and what do they normally do for this?
  • ray2600

    need help and advice please

    my sister has 2nd stage ovarian cancer , i am not sure about the treatment and i think she has had chemo twice .she is in lot of pain i want to ask from this group here what do we do what is city of hope and is that something we should look into please an y help ray los angeles
  • deleted_user

    News Report on Ovarian Cancer

    I saw this news and was wondering if anyone saw this and what you all think about it? http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2014/11/23/san-jose-hospital-pioneering-new-treatment-that-heats-kills-cancer-cells/
  • sweetietweets

    Joint pain & weight gain

    Hi All,I have been having joint pain a lot since being off chemo. I was told I need to exercise. I'm probably not doing enough & need to get my body moving more. I do walk quite a bit, but I need to do strength training. That's probably why I've gained some weight. I'm getting a bit depressed that I've gained at least 15 pounds since being off chemo in July. I have my 1st 3month follow up on...
  • petesa101

    CA 125

    My partner has just recently passed away with Ovarian Cancer. It all started over 2 years ago with a diagnosed ovarian cyst. The Gyno told us by its shape or formation, having no spikey edges that not to panic and recommended removal by NHS which would have been in 12 months time. We decided that we wanted fast action and so went private.On removing the cyst by Laporosky ( i think that is the...
  • missy54

    Cancer Immunotherapy ???

    Anyone receiving virus immunotherapy for their cancer ?
  • deleted_user

    weight loss

    Hi, I just joined this group- I was dx'd with stage 3 oc in early July 2014- I had quite a bit of disease throughout my pelvis and abdomen, so I started chemo first to shrink the tumors in July, but then had a complication in September of small bowel obstruction due to 2 tumors being close together. This was quite serious and put me in the hospital in mid September. The doctors decided the...
  • bonnielee88


    Hello everyone. I have been away for a long time, but thought i would come on and join again. I have been on Avastin alone for almost 2 years now , and the cancer has remained stable. I was just wondering what other peoples experiences have been with avastin? I was taken off it for 2 months because my BP was getting too high. ( a known side effect) I have a feeling my time with this drug is...
  • missy54

    Anyone? Ovarian now in liver....

    After initial ovarian cancer diagnosis in August 2012 and two recurrences I now have metastatic liver cancer tumors. Per CT scan. I live in Georgia but going back to MD Anderson in Houston next week for appointment. Anyone with info. For me. Thanks, Missy
  • Cheryl-Hinkle

    Secondary cancer

    Not sure if anyone will read this but giving it a shot...Has anyone come down with a secondary cancer after having ovarian cancer? I was reading about Cisplatin and that it can cause MAL, a form of leukemia. ThxCheryl
  • jellolynn

    26 years old, no official diagnosis

    After being hospitalized with a totally unexplained blood clot in my arm 4 months ago, my health has gradually deteriorated.2 months after this first hospitalization, I was hospitalized again with pain in my groin, thigh, and abdomen (I thought I had another blood clot). Turned out it was a very large cyst. Despite the ultrasound technician being slightly alarmed by the size, the ER doctor...
  • missy54

    Topotecan chemo

    Seems the Taxol only worked for a while. Now going to start Topotecan. Anyone had this ? Wondering what to expect. Thanks, Missy