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There are many diseases and disorders that may affect the eyes. As the eye ages certain changes occur that can be attributed solely to the aging process. Most of these anatomic and physiologic processes follow a gradual decline. With aging, the quality of vision worsens due to reasons independent of aging eye diseases... While there are many changes of significance in the nondiseased eye, the most functionally important changes seem to be a reduction in pupil size and the loss of accommodation or focusing capability (presbyopia). The area of the pupil governs the amount of light that can reach the retina. The extent to which the pupil dilates also decreases with age. Because of the smaller pupil size, older eyes receive much less light...

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  • limson363

    temporary blidness

    i have been experinceing tempoary blidness off and on all day long it last a few seconds to a few minutes it happens at least 12 to 15 times a day and seems to getting worse. i have been experinceing this for last couple months. i have had ct scan it shows normal results and mri came back normal. I been to an eye docotr and all saw was an incearse in pressure on the back of eye but had no idea...
  • lexiej

    Eye problems for 4 years!

    Hi everyone,Since mid 2012 I have been experiencing eye problems. Up until the last few weeks it was only occasional and always put down to the effects of migraines, without the pain of them. I had many tests, MRI's and heaps of optometrist examinations all deciding it was migraine related. I had been relieved but also slightly skeptical as my issue seemed strange. One minute I can see...
  • johnney

    Eye vision problem

    I have been experiencing eye problems for the past three months mainly severe eye pain. Because of this I had to stop wearing contacts. I even have blurred vision and difficulty in seeing at night. Are these symptoms of astigmatism? Has anyone here been through this? Will any laser vision correction procedure from Oakville like See by Intravision(http://seebyiv.com/eye-conditions/astigmatism/...
  • e4shannon

    Maybe someone can help freaking out

    This is hard to explain I have experienced this about 4 times in the last month one of my eyes will have like a line or something and its hard to see out of for like 20 min. I have anxiety and this is freaking me out
  • Hello there! I did my lasik surgery for nearsightedness a month before at Goldberg Centre( www.goldbergcentre.com ) . I have a party coming this week and I plan to wear blue plane lens. Will that cause any trouble to my eye or cornea?
  • anajwinton

    Scar revision surgery

    Two years back I met with an accident where a truck hit my bike near to Toronto. I got 5 or 6 incisions which is exactly on my face. No it has become a scar on my face. I know that how these scar makes me really ugly to look. I want to get rid of it as soon as possible. One of my friend has referred me for the scar revision surgery (...
  • deleted_user

    dry eyes

    hello allany one else suffer from chronic dry eye. I had an eye exam last week and was told i had very dry eyes. I know that restasis is the med for it but it doesnt come generic and costs about 235 a month!!!!!Anyone else have any luck with over counter dry eye drops?thanks Anthony
  • How risky is eye lift surgery, also known as Blepharoplasty? My mom is set to have one next week. She is excited about it, but equally scared if it affects vision or if any other side effects will happen. Her surgeon at the Lakeview Surgery Centre, http://www.lakeviewsurgery.com/procedures/blepharoplasty , assures her that the chances of side effects are minimal, but just like any person who is...
  • Surfrat

    Subjuctival Hemmorage.

    (Aka: Bleeding eye)Hi Folks! I belong to the AFIB group on this site. I juts came down with this issue yesterday ion my left eye. Have any of you had this experience before: Mine is pretty much over the top/severe. But it does not hurt. It just itches!! THX for any replies!!!! - Tom
  • amack0601

    Eye screening

    My daughter is due to have her eyes tested in November as part of her check before starting school, I am wondering if the technician can pick up a lazy eye or if it's better for the doctor to see for himself.
  • MorningSadness00

    Lazy Eye?

    Can Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) cause double vision?
  • amack0601

    Lazy eye??

    Hi all, I'm a mum of a 4 year old girl who seems to be always clumsy, tripping over and having falls, I have also noticed she seems to go up close to the TV or a book if she's being read a story, I'm wondering if I should have her tested for a lazy eye because I had one when I was much younger than her and I had surgery on my eye. I am also short sighted and have a slight astigmatism in my left...
  • I am 49 years old.For the last one year i am suffering from these disease. But i would like to know whether any artificial lens are providing for this in
  • Lynnie200


    Has anyone had Scliritis which is inflammation of the white of the eye.It looks like a blood shot eye but mine is on the outer side of the white.Also is achy and sometimes weepy. I went to the Ophthalmologist and he thinks that is what I have. He wasn't able to dilate the eye at the appointment to be absolutely positive, because I was driving and it was very sunny and the roads were bad with...
  • deleted_user

    I Want To Be 150lbs

    i weight 200 lbs at a 5'5 15 year old. i eat lunch at school so i really cant plan out all of my meals. How can i visibly loose a bunch of weight by August 2014??! (today is March 2014). gives me 5 months) please help!