Kleptomania Support Group

Kleptomania is an inability to resist impulses of stealing. A person with this disorder is compelled to steal things, generally things of little or no value, such as pens, decorative pins, or wall decorations. They are often unaware of performing the theft until some time later. If you are suffering from kleptomania, join the group and get support.

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  • lolkms


    i cannot stop stealing. i need to steal something from each store i go into..even if its a gum pack. its addicting! i dont feel guilty after. i have that good feeling, of relief almost. i love stealing so much. i dont want to stop, but i do. if ya kinda understand where i am coming from. i stole a bunnnnnnch of shit from the dollar stole and a bunchhh of stuff from 5below, INCLUDING a funny shirt...
  • catlady60

    cant stop stealing

    Think I might have Kleptomania as I cant stop stealing I shoplift almost every day and look forward to doing it.  I take things that I don't really need and quite often give them away to Charity shops.  I also have an eating disorder.  I am under the care of a psychiatrist and mental health support worker but I am to ashamed to tell them about the shoplifting.  I have been caught a couple of...
  • Flash1969

    How active is this group?

    Been back here a week or so. I was active on another support group a few back (HSP). Im not sure much point posting when nobody replies. Then its just a journal and I can do that on my own.I think I outlined how I had this problem for 20 years and recently accelerated after a few traumatic events. But last month I went clean for 30 days which is good going!I want to try to find a group that is...
  • Workingmoma

    I need help to stop

    I have been stealing since i was 5 years old and that is the only way i know how to deal with stress i was just caught stealing and i have been banned for two months thankfully no charges i just dont know how to stop 
  • This is the first time I have ever been caught for something like this. This is not the person I want to be. I have never done anything like it before and I never want to do anything like it again. I need some advice on what to do from here to keep myself from ever going down this path again.I am not sure yet if I will lose my job, but I am guessing it's highly likely that I will. What I'm more...
  • Flash1969

    Back Here

    I was on the Highly sensitive Person group but drifted away from that. My other problem which is shoplifting and takin g from people has resurfaced badly the last few years. I know there is a distinction between Shoplifting and Kleptomania.I have read Terramce Shulmans book something for nothing about shoplifting and would recommend it to anybody with this problem.I did about 28 days clear...
  • VJS

    Stealing my whole life

    I have been doing the very same thing sine I was seven was yes it was small stuff just like you and money from family and friends as the years went on most of the family knew but just didn't know what to do or say. I was sent to a councillor but just said what they all wanted me to say. I'm now in my 50's and its still happening although the family started talking about it a few years which I...
  • Feelinglostwithinme

    New to all this and could really use some advice

    I started stealing on and off when i was younger. I felt really bad but also good. I just noticed i started getting back into it; i know i feel empty inside. I have no family here and also very depressed. I do have a husband and a son who i love very much and i feel terrible. I had stolen maybe 15 times or less at this store mainly stuff we needed like food and toys and soap and now i got caught...
  • jacev

    might be a kleptomaniac

    recently in the past two months ive stolen many things and i hate it but if i see something that fits into my pocket i steal it im scared cause im only 14.
  • seriouslybrutal

    urge to steal takes over me

    I have been stealing stuff since I was seven. Usually back then it was pens, and other school equipment but nowadays it's more serious stuff like money from family and friends, makeup and jewerly, anything that seems like something I want. I am almost 19 now. I never steal from stores or in public from random people because I fear getting caught. Last spring I stole someone's bag when I was out...
  • cassieray

    Figuring things out...

    Hi, I just joined this group, and site and I'm trying to find a place to help me deal with this issue. As a child I would take things from step siblings and friends at school. My parents put me in therapy, and it went away for awhile. Now, as an adult, I find that it's back. I've noticed, I never steal from a place that I don't work, only where I work. Right now I work in a large store of sorts,...
  • wasteaspace

    When will it be enough??

    its hard to talk about, out load, from my own mouth. I take things impulsively, I hate it and I hate myself after I do it, I don't even want to do it I have arguments in my mind and seem to always give in. It's the most horrible thing not being able to have self control, for your body to determine your actions not your mind, I feel so alone and disgusted in myself for the pointless things I take,...
  • fiverubies


    this is the first time I've admitted to myself that I have a disorder. I've just lost a job that I love and have made some amazing relationships through because I was caught stealing. I've had these issues since I was a child and lately I've been dealing with depression and emotional stress caused by a break up and a sick mother. I'm really hating myself because I know what I've done is so wrong...
  • buffbills

    rock bottom

    I have been a Kleptomaniac for as long as I can remember, but never believed I had a problem. That is until now. I lost my job today. I steal for no reason. Things I don't need. Things I could have bought because I could afford them. I'm about to lose everything that I worked for my whole life. I now understand I have a huge problem and it might be to late. I could lose my house, my wife to be,...
  • ozozozoz21

    Please help me

    At this point in my life I don't know what to do. I'm a 27 year old felon who can't seem to learn his lesson. For most of my adult life I've been addicted to taking what's not mine. From stores, strangers, family, and friends. It's ruined my life. I've been fired from 2 jobs from stealing a and currently carry a life long felony on my record. I don't know how to stop. I don't want to end up in...