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Childhood","This community's purpose is to provide a place for parents and kids with cancer to support each other. Whether you need to vent your feelings, find support in a listening ear, or are seeking advice on the medical side of things, this group is here for you through this difficult journey."

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  • This is about a little boy named Byrce, and his family. I am going to add a link to the bottom of this if you would like to read the whole story it is there. This is the story of George, Amy, Wade, and Bryce. The shortest version I can give is that when Bryce was just a few weeks old his mom Amy found a lump on his shoulder which turned out to be cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma. He has been...
  • Relli

    10yo newly diagnosed:(

    Last Monday it was confirmed that my Nephew Seth has Rhabdomyosarcoma. We didn't know about the lump he has in his hand until about 9-10 weeks ago. Apparently he injured his hand last December and not long after a lump appeared on his palm just below his thumb. It wasn't all that painful so he didn't say much to his mum. At the time his parents were fighting and then went through a very nasty...
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    Our 16 month old son has hepatoblastoma--liver cancer. We found out in May. He has been through liver byopsy and 2 rounds of chemo. Surgery is the next step. My question is, has anyone here been through this with your child?It is rare cancer, and I was hoping to find someone here with knowledge and experisences to share.Thanks everyone!
  • Buradi


    At some point soon, I'm going to move in with my boyfriend and his mom. But, she, he, and I are worried about the finances because I have really bad health and my mom's already in debt from it and my family's having a hard time getting food. I know that I qualify for disability in their state because their state is more lax about letting people on disability than mine and I'm on disability now....
  • deleted_user

    Gender selection

    Hii This is Radha.. My date of birth is 24th June 1977 kindly advise if we want a baby boy when shall we do our intercourse. my last periods first day was 3rd of Decmber 2009 and my cycle is for 28 days. I already have a baby girl and want to have a boy just bcoz we wish to have a perfect family... We cant understand difficult calculations of Chinese calender Help us solving the same.
  • nanouzz

    hi all

    i just want to ask ppl to pray they found a tumor in my son again afetr 18 months of remission so i need all the support i can get thank you
  • looking for a reasonable health care company . Thats not out to rake you with decent coverage
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    What do you think

    Charity GrantMy mum's side of the family all but two died from cancer.... So What is Cancer??Cancer is a group of diseases that involve the uncontrollable growth ad spread of abnormal cells. Good and healthy cells have a normal life cycle; they grow divide and die. Cancer cells start out as good cells that unfortunatly turn bad. Cancer cells then take on an abmormal life cycle, they grow and...
  • I found this amazing and inspiring docu-mini about a little girl who at 8 years old, was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to undergo major surgery to remove the tumor, as well as chemotherapy and radiation. She had to re-learn how to do everything! What amazing strength both she and her family possess. If you're interested, here's the link: - the...