Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) Support Group

The term hypoglycemia literally means "low blood sugar." Hypoglycemia can produce a variety of symptoms and effects but the principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose as fuel to the brain, resulting in impairment of function. Derangements of function can range from vaguely "feeling bad" to coma and in the worst case, can be fatal.

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  • Allie47

    Frustrated and beyond...

    How long does it take to stabilize your blood sugars once you start eating a hypoglemic diet? My thoughts are up and down every couple of hours and it's making me crazy. If i eat the wrong thing I'm back down to a low again. I can't seem to keep my sugar up or stable for any length of time. When it's normal and balanced I feel fine and in control but when it shifts all the time I go back to the...
  • Lanaleo15

    signs of hypoglycemia

    So my therapist thinks I am and why I feel the way I do. When I get hungry and don't eat right away I get dizzy light headed distorted vision trembling and shakiness. When I do eat something or snack it can take me like 10 minutes to an hour to feel normal again. When I do eat every few hours I'm OK. But I have to eat something candy doesn't help. This morning I had a granola bar and hot...
  • jr2015

    Apple a day helped reduce the bs fluctuation

    Like many of the folks in this forum I was also suffering from severe hypoglycemia and blood sugar fluctuation. i read somewhere that apple helps hypoglycemia and i have been eating an apple a day diligently for the last 15days or so. I already feel that the symptoms are slowly coming under control now. It is not completely gone, but at least there is less drama. I thought I will share.
  • shayleen

    I need a friend

    I need someone who knows and actually understands.. I had my first low glucose episode when I was 4 years old, we hadn't known what it was, only that I couldn't move my body. It started reappearing around age 13. And now that I am 19 it's severe. It affects my everyday life. I now live permanently between a 65mg and a 110mg. 110 being the highest it will usually stay. But it's constantly around a...
  • kdw6767

    Feel low after eating an hour later

    Hi, I am new to this support group. I have had hypoglycemia for awhile now. I am just struggling to balance it all out and control it. I have went to the doctor and she said to ear small meals a day (eat enough protein & sugar). I feel when I eat a meal or a small snack I feel low about an hour later. The snacks I am eating are : peanut butter on bread, apple with peanut butter, cheese and...
  • LostGirl

    Needing Someone who Understands

    Hey, I'm really new to this whole support group thing and relatively new to being a severe hypoglycemic...so I'm not exactly sure what to talk about in these type of things. Well, my diagnosis was about 2 years ago and I'm 19 now. It's been hard trying to get a hold on it since I'm allergic to a whole bunch of foods, and I guess what's pushed me to join a group like this is the recent episode I...
  • lloydsmall


    I had kintonic hypoglycemia when I was a child and grew out of it and would like to get tested for it again and my doctor refuse test for it.  If I do have it again do I get a glucose meter please email at lloydaeal@gmail.com@gmail
  • DollyFaye

    I've had hypoglycemia for 51 years

    I joined daily strength because I am looking for support on another issue, but noticed this goup.  I see a lot of newcomers with lots of questions.  My heart goes out to you.  Mine was diagnosed when I was 15.  Because my Dad had it, then later, type 1 diabetes, I learned quite a bit about our processes.  Yours may be different from ours, but I can share from our experiences.  Introduce...
  • Aprilmom16

    Anybody have Gastritis?

    Was just wondering if anyone here has or has come down with gastritis? Several months ago I came down with gastritis and I have Reactive Hypogylcemia for several years and had been following that diet. Sometimes my blood sugar can fluctuate but not as bad as if I had regular hypoglycemia. But I still feel the effects of not having enough food. Sorry, not having a good day with the gastritis...
  • Michelle1970

    Hypoglycemic symptoms??

    Hello, I am new to this group. I have been feeling bad for a few months now. I have been shaky, weak, fast heart beat, extreme anxiety/panic, brain fog, dizziness, and also diarrhea and weight loss. This is pretty constant although it does get better and worse through out the day. I had labs done and all seems fine except my glucose was low at 58 and had just eaten a full meal 1 hour before...
  • kurt28

    Low blood sugar right after a meal?

    I've had a couple of instances lately where my blood sugar dropped right after eating lunch. I know it dropped because I get blurred vision with metallic jagged lines in my vision, followed by a migraine headache. And then I eat or drink something with sugar in it and my vision returns to normal 20 minutes later. I don't understand why my blood sugar would drop right after eating lunch though,...
  • deleted_user

    cured of hypoglycemia

    Hello everyone,After 7 years of hypoglycemia I am glad to say I am cured of it. It was a long road for me. Like all of you I had confusion, frustration, anxiety, weight gain, and all the symtoms that come with it. I used a blood sugar meter 6-10 times a day, ate every 2 hours, ate a high fat and protein diet, carried food with me every where I went, and lived a very careful life for fear of...
  • slimewave


    Hey guys. This is my first post here, but I'm super curious about this.I'm an ex-smoker who has, like many people, fallen into using e-cigs and vapes for the past few years to help curb my addiction. E-cigs had always given me a kind of 'spike' (or as I called it at the time) that I didn't like at all, and recently a professional has informed me that I have classic hypoglycemia. It's good to know...
  • donsabi

    Ate Wrong Foods

    Normally I follow at diet that keep my hypoglycemia under control. Today I had a meeting at Panera's and even though I know I shouldn't I had a regular coffee and danish around 10am. I didn't have a problem with this but I was unable to eat lunch until late and the people I were with stopped at Bojangles.I was hungry and had a few chicken wings, 3, and a fountain pepsi, small. Finally this...
  • kurt28

    What range should your blood sugar be at?

    I have a blood sugar tester thingy and I want to keep an eye on my blood sugar. What number range should it be in? What is high, what is low, and what is normal? Thanks