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Hepatitis B virus infection may either be acute (self-limited) or chronic (long-standing). Persons with self-limited infection clear the infection spontaneously within weeks to months. There are currently several treatments for chronic hepatitis B that can increase a person's chance of clearing the infection.

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  • Alex11

    Am having chronic hepatitis b

    Am having chronic hepatitis b and I will be going for liver biopsy on 10/10/2017 but am so scared right now. I really don't know what to do am confused any experience with this kind of situation.
  • deleted_user

    New hep B medicine

    New hep B medicine could be finished as early as 2015By Joy Lee, The China PostJune 5, 2013, 12:10 am TWNTAIPEI, Taiwan -- National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) yesterday announced that it is cooperating with a pharmaceutical factory to develop a new medicine aimed at curing hepatitis B virus carriers, noting that the medicine may be completed by as early as 2015.Taiwan University College of...
  • DebraNicole


    Feeling really upset about my new diagnosis and that I'll be alone forever because I could never tell soneone I want to be with about it. Definitly messed up about this. Just need to know it will be ok
  • Ttoki


    Hi everyone,I'm a biracial woman who has chronic hep-b. I contracted the virus from my asian mother, whom had no idea she was a carrier. Also, my pediatrician was of my mother's ethnicity and so when blood tests had shown a positive Hep-B antigen, much of the explanation was lost in the translation. This was also in the 1980's, where Hep-B was not as well understood as it is now. So, I grew up...
  • ukrainiansunshine

    Do you have any experience with Lamivudine?

    Hello everybody,I'm a 31-year-old Ukrainian with a chronic hepatitis B. I had survived colon cancer and accidentally found out that I have hepatitis B. My Real Time virus test shows 48.000 which means my virus is having fun. My doctor recommends me to start taking lamivudine. Have you ever taken it in your countries? What sort of side effects have you experienced? How were you feeling during...
  • Loveflow

    Chanca Piedra

    Hi, I was born a carrier and spent 2.5 years in an isolation hospital before being adopted, which in itself is a seperate trauma . I have been an inactive carrier since my teens Im now 39. I started taking Chanca Piedra over a few years and lowered my count to 108. Unfortunatley life has taken its tole the last year or so and high stress and a crash in my immune systen has brought my count back...
  • TUK

    My Confession

    HiThis is my confession...I was diagnosed with hep B in 2001, now 15 years later, 35 yrs old and very much alone, you will officially be the first I have confessed to about my illness... ever!Of course the doctors who originally checked me over know about my condition but seeing as I haven't seen or spoken to a doctor about my hep B since 2002 (I ran away so scared and embarrassed at the time)...
  • justneedhelp_24

    new please help

    I was diagnosed with hepatitis b acute and I'm freaking out..what should I do.? can it be cured. .I appreciate the help
  • stepenn

    How i was cured of hepatitis

    I was Hepatitis B-Genital herpes wasn't easy But as time has passed, I have slowly come to terms with my Hepatitis B-Genital herpes, status and try to tackle it with a positive attitude. In mid-2015 I became quite ill. I developed persistent flu-like symptoms, headaches, a nagging cough and sores that wouldn't heal. My skin felt as if it was crawling, my legs ached, I felt nauseous and lost...
  • oppopo


    I was recently tested positive for HBV. Two days back, I gave my girl coffee. By mistake I took a sip of her coffee an realized in a sec that it was hers, it got some saliva from it at the top of cap. Is there a possiblity she can catch HBV
  • mackpharlipher768


    OMG!!!!!!!!!! I never taught i can be this happy and healthy again in my life, after 10 years of suffering from this terrible disease called Hepatitis B (Hbsag) disease, but today i can do all activities and even physical fight with my age mates and apply for visa to any country in the world, because i was told that you can't get visa to any country when you are caring this disease, my visa has...
  • Paradigmshift

    HBSAG Reactive I'm losing it

    I don't know if someone out there will read this and reply. Nevertheless I would like to give it a shot. I tested positive for HBSAG last 2012. My then doctor prescribed vitamin b+ complex which I took for a year. I've been alcohol free and avoided sex since. I confronted my ex knowing I got it from him but he said he is clean. I don't know of any other way of getting infected except from him....
  • HBVnew2017

    New HBV

    i was just old I have HBV, then my doctor did my blood work for twice and come back both positive.  Next day, the healthy department called me and verified all my personal information. Also, they try to contact all my doctors as well as my kids pediatrics for my kids vaccine although she already had a year ago.  My question is how long is gonna take for the HBV will Go away.  My doctor said I...
  • deleted_user

    Chronic Hepatitis B and Cirrhosis

    Hey guys completely new to all this but here goes, in november 2009 i was being vaccinated for hep B and on my 2nd injection when i came back positive for the virus. Apprently i tested positive in early 2008 but was never notified of this by the doctor involved and showed no symptoms. I was told that they had no way of knowing how i contacted it or how long i had been carrying the virus in my...