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Hepatitis B virus infection may either be acute (self-limited) or chronic (long-standing). Persons with self-limited infection clear the infection spontaneously within weeks to months. There are currently several treatments for chronic hepatitis B that can increase a person's chance of clearing the infection.

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  • Four years ago i went for vaccination but found hbsag possitive then my doctor advised to do a list of medical test upto PCR. After reports doctor said all tests are ok live your life normal. But one week before i went for medical to travel outside country due to job. test report medically unfit due to hbsag possitive with value 4903. But i have no symptoms of disease n living normal life. please...
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    New hep B medicine

    New hep B medicine could be finished as early as 2015By Joy Lee, The China PostJune 5, 2013, 12:10 am TWNTAIPEI, Taiwan -- National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) yesterday announced that it is cooperating with a pharmaceutical factory to develop a new medicine aimed at curing hepatitis B virus carriers, noting that the medicine may be completed by as early as 2015.Taiwan University College of...
  • Girl8

    my story :(

    Since that terrible day i always wanted to found the place where i could share my thoughts and finally i found it, but dont know even how to start. It is still so sad and heartbreaking part of my life, even thou i know there are so much people like me... Nearly four years ago i was the happiest person in the world, had an amazing boyfriend(now husband), good work, friends,and finally i was...
  • Hi all, I have known since I was 12 that I was a carrier, I am now 34 and just had a bout of active hep b. I am struggling with telling people, I have only told my husband and my mum but I can't bring myself to tell friends and other relatives. I just imagine myself bursting into tears and worrying about what they will think of me. I am a very private person and don't really like to talk about...
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    please guide i am taking tenefovir from last seven months i didn't have any such side effects earlier but since last 1 months i am feeling hotteness in my stomach after my tablet and even 3 or 4 hour after my tablet i had a endoscopy which show normal study my lft is already elevated i am on normal diet no spicy at all i am little bit worry please guid
  • growngirl

    hep b

    Why no one in this group talk about hep b they r very supportive on the hep c group they r getting big things done and helping so many people out here struggling with this disease
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    i hope that there is a medicine that can totally kill hep b virus nowany info about medicine that totally cured hep b virus:)
  • thor69

    Scared and alone

    I await clarification on whether I am infected with Hep B - I have been testing for Hep B Antibody after 11 weeks , it was negative .But what I can understand , I can not count on that answer.I have all the symptoms of Hep B - but I also had before my last test .When can I expect a test?How is life with Hep B - What should I expectSincerelyThor
  • I am diagnosed with hepatitis b virus. Dr. Said that I have Cirrhosis, portal hypertension and have HBV HBeAG negative. Dr. advised me only Entecavir 0.5mg medicine and constipation syrup.Since I first time I meet the Dr. there are some questions left to ask. Please advise.Q 1: As my reports are under please tell me what is my situation like I have cirrhosis or there is any positive hope lie?Q 2:...
  • There are large amount of Hep B patients perhaps over the worldAll the doctors may only suggest people who suffered Hep B without symptoms go to hospital and and check liver conditions regularly. No one knows when they relapses or how bad they will get! They have to bear much pressure from this disease. As many medicines are still under practices, not released to public yet.There are almost...
  • HappyBoy1

    Hope you enjoy

    I know things can be tough at times I hope this helpshttps://youtu.be/7dDvZ2qZYe8
  • HappyBoy1

    I have had HBSAG Loss

    First of all I would like to thank everyone for sharing information and experiences in this forum who which they have both alwaysHeres my story I was diagnosed back in 2011 I have been on a TAF trial for about 14 months My baseline started at DNA 600 million Approx HBEAG 18k approx. HBSAG 50k approx. My current stats are DNA Undetctable HBEAG NON REACTIVE HBEAB REACTIVE HBSAG NON REACTIVE...
  • http://www.cbs8.com/story/28208089/abivax-recruits-first-patient-in-a-pivotal-phase-iibiii-clinical-trial-with-abx203-a-novel-immunotherapy-against-chronic-hepatitis-b The details of this HBV-therapeutic vaccine are in the link below.https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02249988
  • misterp2015

    What does Anti-HbsB

    HelloI will go see a doctor ASAP but please help me understand this, there not much information on Anti-HbsB. What does Anti-HbsB
  • gliss

    Update - Start Lamivudine?

    I found out I have chronic hepatitis B last summer donating blood. My mother has it and assumed that both my sister and I were clear after getting the immune globulin shots when we were born. My sister does not have hepatitis B. My ALT was 53 and AST 35 back in May 2015. October ALT is 61 and AST 38. British Columbia Pharmacare has changed their regulations and is now offering Lamivudine to...