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Guillain-Barrí© syndrome (GBS), is an acquired immune-mediated inflammatory disorder of the peripheral nervous system (i.e. not the brain or spinal cord). It is suggested that it is an autoimmune disease, in which the sufferer's immune system is triggered into damaging the nerve covering. Many cases developed in people who received the 1976 swine flu vaccine.

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  • Hello! I had Guillain Barre in Sept. 2016. It progressed rather quickly for me. I also rebounded rather quickly as far as walking and now 11 months later I am pretty much recovered physically as far as strenghth and feeling goes. I still get tired easily and when I do I get confused easily and have a noticeable limp. But My biggest problem is since January I have had pnuemonia three times...
  • KWZ

    NEW to GBS

    Just recently diagnosed during my last semester of college after getting simple chest cold (respiratory infection) in February 2017. Only suffered numbness and burning in hands, feet and left shin. Did 3 days on IVIG. Horrific experience, never want to do it again. I currently take Gabepentin and B12 vitamins. I tried Cymbalta for a few weeks but it turned me into a sleeping zombie. I got off...
  • dhits

    Lyrica - Complications

    So I had the bright idea a year and half ago because I wasn't having many symptoms to take myself off of Gabapentin, and under the advice of my new family doctor, I did. Oh, I had just retired and moved to a new area, so my doctor wasn't familiar with my whole history yet. Anyway, awhile back the symptoms returned and one of my doctors prescribed Lyrica for the neuropathy instead, said that's...
  • GBSNOV2015

    Muscle weakness.

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone on here has muscle weakness after a couple years of the diagnosis of mild GBS. I initally had GBS a month after I turned 30 and now I'm almost 32. I went from not being able to walk at all to jogging in 6 months, but I still get tired as heck and muscle pain. My job is very fast paced and heavy lifting for 8-12 hours. Before the GBS there was no issue and now...
  • sahilsingh


    I got gbs in August 2014 and by the time I got to the hospital I was paralysed waist down and my upper body was slightly affected. After staying in the hospital for two weeks and getting immunoglobulin treatment I returned home and did intensive physiotherapy (3 hours a day) for two months until I was fit to go to school. Then it changed to 6 hours a week at school. It has nearly been three years...
  • MNBR

    Trying to Figure This Out....

    Hello everyone. I'm here to ask questions for my mother. We are very confused, and concerned.On October 17th, my mother took the flu vaccine. At the time, my new baby was just 6 weeks old. We were advised by doctors to have our flu vaccines. I had to wait to get mine because while I was in the hospital for delivery I was given the chickenpox vaccine and when I went back for my 6 week check up I...
  • Beckham55

    hi new to this group...

    Hi yall I had GBS  in 1994 when I was 4 years old.  I was paralyzed from the waist down and I remember not being able to move my hands. I was in the hospital for about 6 months and had 3 surgeries to help correct my walk after recovery. Anyone else had it that young?
  • deleted_user


    Does anyone here have the chronic form of Guillain-barre Syndrome, CIDP. many of the symptoms are very much alike, but there are substantial differences. The prognosis for GBS is relatively optimistic for one thing, 50-90% of patients may reach nearly complete recovery. However, a particularly frustrating consequence is long term recurrence of fatigue and or/exhaustion as well as pain. This...
  • Misty123

    Does this sound like GBS?

    Since around the beginning of July, I have had a "feeling" of weakness or a tiredness that begins in my knees bilaterally in the morning and ascends to include my shoulders by the end of the day.  Only once that I can remember did I feel as though I would lose my leg strength and fall.  Furthermore, my hands, although they always "feel" weak, have the strength to at least do things,...
  • Lesa

    The new DS

    Just checking to see how many of us made it through the migration. Anybody here and how do you like the new look?
  • Mary


    I am on 400 mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day.  You can try going without the medication but you will be right back on it.  I stopped taking it not long after returning home from rehab and it was horrible.  I couldn't sleep at night due to the pain along with my feet feeling like I had two lead boots on.  
  • deleted_user


    Hi, I have been on Gabapentin since early 2013 and dosage was increased in March to 3 capsules of 300 mg three times a day. I have no idea how long I will be on these, but does anyone out there know what it i like to b off them? I still have numb feet/legs and some fingers and lots of pain. I'm just curious what it is like to free ones self from this medication or if it is not a good idea. I...
  • makiamariekeenan

    Dead Face?

    Hey guys. I went into the hospital over Christmas and was immediately diagnosed with GBS. We caught it early as I was still able to walk and write and talk. As I was in the hospital (about a week and some days) I went from not being able to control the right side of my face to now having difficulty with both sides. I can close my eyes but not tightly and I can't move my lips. I did 3.5 doses of...
  • deleted_user

    Looking back, GBS has changed my life

    Guillian Barre Syndrome has changed my life. This experience has been one of the most difficult challenges that I have faced in my life.I found myself getting weaker and weaker. My legs felt as if I had on cement shoes. Lifting a leg became so difficult that I was unable to do it. My whole body became so heavy that I was unable to even move in my bed. I lay there, unable to roll over or...
  • My mother was diagnosed in July after eating some bad seafood and getting food poisoning. She was in the hospital for a few weeks. She couldn't move her legs or arms. She still can't walk on her own, but can crawl. She can move her arms, but can't firmly grasp like a brush. *graphic warning*I'm assuming because she had food poisoning, or just as a result, she has a hard time controlling her...