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Graves-Basedow disease is a medical disorder that may manifest several different conditions including hyperthyroidism (over activity of thyroid hormone production), infiltrative exophthalmos (protruberance of one or both eyes and associated problems) and infiltrative dermopathy (a skin condition usually of the lower extremities). This disorder is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.

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  • livingly

    Trouble sleeping

    hi has anyone with Graves' disease noticed that they have had trouble getting to sleep at night. I noticed I have. It's Like I'll feel tired and will be closing my eyes but I will still feel awake. Can anyone else relate
  • Gillma

    Facing a Thyroidectomy and feeling very frightened

    Hi,I am new to this site. I am hoping that there are people out there who have had a thyroidectomy and feel really well. I have had Graves Disease for about 9 years now and have been treated with Carbimazole on four occassions always going into remission for a while.  However, this summer whilst in remission I was admitted to hospital in thyrotoxic crisis or thyroid storm. It all happened so...
  • HyperSally

    PTU Dosage and Titrating

    Apologies for the long post. My question is at the top, history, details below.Question: I seem to be fairly responsive to PTU (got hive reaction to Tapazole after a month), but have been fiddling around with it and am on the brink of a hyper state. My TSH after making a climb to .27 has plunged back down to 0.01. and fT4s and fT3s are at the high point of the normal range. Any suggestions for a...
  • livingly

    Increased appetite

    hi has anyone else noticed themselves having increased appatite with Graves' disease. 
  • Cayln

    Freaking out...

    there's so much happening in my life right now, all these decisions i need to make and so many choices that require my attention. i'm just getting overwhelmed and am finding it hard to stay calm and make things worse, my TSH is below the min range 0.22 (0.35 - 4.94 RSA range) which makes me slightly hyper again. i had it tested cause i was feeling overly anxious, pounding heart,...
  • livingly

    Graves' disease

    I've been diagnosed with Graves' disease my doctors have been spending along time trying to chose a treatment option. I'm hoping one can be chosen soon.
  • linajd

    yep ... u need to handle this

    i was diagnosed with graves 3 months earlier , and yes for a healthy individual it wasn't easy to know that, the t4 was very high with very low TSH , i can say i had all symptoms except weight loss , i had weight gain LOL but it was controlled  by excercise and diet .at first month my endocrinologist described 30 mg carbimazole and said to me u need to do radioactive iodine therapy i refused but...
  • kathyb

    Questions and more questions................

    Hi, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease on 7/29/16.  This is the 2nd time around for me. The first time was in 2014 and I went into remission in 8 months.  This time, not so lucky.I was on 10mg of Methimazole until April, 2017.  My TSH went up a bit - not a lot but a bit so they cut me back to 5mg.  The 5mg wasn't enough so they put me up to 7.5mg.  Now that isn't enough so I'm back on...
  • Desij123

    Major changes

    Hello there. I'm 16 years old and have been diagnosed with graves disease about 2 weeks ago. I have missed my whole summer being sick, continuously throwing up stomach acid, headaches, shaking, weighed 150 before all this and i currently weigh 94 pounds, really bad stomach pains, depression and anxiety including panic attacks and random break downs. I've been having a very hard time accepting it...
  • TffnyAnne

    Major Changes...

    Hi all. I'm new here. I was diagnosed with Graves last October and put on methimazole with good results. My son was 9 months old at the time. Now that we have gotten my levels under control and I've been "normal" we are hopeful to start trying for baby #2. The recommendation from my Endocrinologist was to switch over to PTU, adjust, and then start trying in late fall.My question the month...
  • ZeldaFitz

    Newly Diagnosed and Seeking Advice

    Hi there,  I was diagnosed two days ago by an endocrinologist whom I had waited eight months to see.  Don't get me wrong though, I wasn't eagerly awaiting this visit.  In fact, I had put it off for decades.  I have a very strong genetic history of thyroid disease varying from goiters, hyper and hypo thyroidism.  My worst fear was weight gain with treatment for what I knew was hyperthyroidism...
  • PuppyCat


    Hey!I was diagnosed with Graves last April, 2016. My TSH was 0.002 and I was so symptomatic I was a mess. Panic attacks, running to the almostbathroom, heart was all over the place, weight almost down to 100 pounds. I was almost 41 years old. I was put on Methimazole, 15 mg to start. My TSH quickly rose to 25.00 and was tapered to 10mg, then 5 mg, then 2.5 mg over the last year. At the 2.5 mg...
  • Lals


    I'm 17 and just been diagnosed with Graves. I am currently on carbimazole 5mg tablets and I use to take 3 a day until a specialist thought my thyroid had turned underactive so now I am on 2 a day. Tonight I'm suffering with horrendous migraines and I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else? I'm new to this so is migraines a thing with graves disease? 
  • Kp3

    My wife's graves symptoms are back

    Hi everyone. My wife was diagnosed with graves about 6 years ago. It was really hard on our marriage as her personality completely changed and she distanced her self so much. Once she had the radiation treatment and got put on her medication it was like magic. I had my amazing wife back again. Here we are 6 years later and all the symptoms are back, it's been going on for about 3 months now. It's...
  • Jen8

    Treatment experience

    Hello :) I was diagnosed about a week ago. I am 26 years old and am a bit shell shocked. Not sure how serious this is and what the long term implications may be. My Endocrinologist has given 2 options for treatment - the Radioactive Iodine pill to destroy the thyroid or the Neo-Mercazol treatment for 18 months which could result in remission (50% chance). Would love to hear from people who...