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Graves-Basedow disease is a medical disorder that may manifest several different conditions including hyperthyroidism (over activity of thyroid hormone production), infiltrative exophthalmos (protruberance of one or both eyes and associated problems) and infiltrative dermopathy (a skin condition usually of the lower extremities). This disorder is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.

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  • lillyblossom

    How to deal with the exhaustion

    I am a 22 year old female and I was diagnosed with Graves' disease on march 2016. It's been a roller coaster. From barely being able to walk because of joint pains, to anxiety attacks, to bad mood swings. All of this while holding my 40+ full time job. This has been challenging, specially when it comes to dealing with customers and managing my department while suffering so much. But I am a hard...
  • alisonherring

    Graves Disease and Propanolol

    I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2012, after being on Carbimazole and doing black and replace my GD went into remission and all medication had been stopped. After 16 months it came out of remission and I am now back on carbimazole 20mg per day. I declined RAI and opted for long term ATD. Due to the palpitations and tremors my GP put me on Propranolol 2 x 40 mg per day, I developed water...
  • Hi Everyone!  I am new here but have a question.... I have had Graves for 3 months now (as in diagnosed) and my T3 and T4 are just near normal (TSH probably still v low) but am having many strange palpitations with normal pulse rate (flutters, missed beats, feeling toxic/strange).  My Endo thinks this could be normal and my GP friend said it may just be a sensation and wonders if I am anxious,...
  • Hi everyone hope you all are doing well and feeling well today, I know that is a mouthful for those with this disease.I was first diagnosed with Sheehan's Syndrome and was on steroids since 1998 but then in 2009 I was put onprednisone, methimizole told I had Graves disease. I moved and changed Doctors and everyone was shockedthat no one took me off the prednisone. They also talked about my moon...
  • Hi Everyone...its been some time since I last contributed to the message board. I have been on Methimazole since February and my levels have normalized. I was initially diagnosed with Graves, but since then, my endo said its sub acute hyperthyroidism. I go for routine check-ups with the endo, and he says it looks like I am on the right path. I started out on a dosage of 10mg per day in Feb, 5...
  • Miche

    RAI or Surgery...what to do?

    I know this question has probably been asked many times before but I'm new to the site and to Graves' Disease.  My choice is RAI or surgery and I don't like either option.  Who's had RAI and who's had the surgery and way did you opt for that choice?  I'm leaning towards surgery has by eyes are starting to hurt.  And, that radioactive stuff scares me. I don't care how safe they say it is....
  • I tried looking on the living with graves site but I couldn't find the information or if there is information on the hashimotoes side of things.  I would like to read up on some information if someone could direct me to the information that would be awesome.  Specifically dosing of synthroid and if people dose differently.  My Endo increased my synthroid to 100mcgs.  I have recovered from GD...
  • I was diagnosed with Graves around 15 years ago, took Tapazole for 9 months or so and went into remission.  At the time I was diagnosed I had most of the classic symptions tremors, hot all the time, sleeping poorly. Some time back my FP retired, while I thought the new FP was monitoring my TSH I guess either he wasn't or it just recently reappeared.  I went in about 2 months ago because I was...
  • Gravesrookie


    I have just been diagnosed! I am clueless I have read and read stuff online but it seems my symptoms are not as bad as some I feel hot and moody with some muscle pain rapid heartrate and such I guess I don't know what to expect from here......please help!
  • mcdevitt07

    Considering a suppliment

    Hello,I am pretty much in remission again and this is my 4th time. I go into remission and then wait for a flare up and start over again. I was considering a block and replace but can't seem to find anyone or a Dr that will do this.  Has anyone tried a dessicated thyroid suppliment from a vitamin store and take methmazole at the same time?
  • Severett0831


    I was diagnosed with GD in 1997, had RAI the same year.  I was not offered options or other treatements at the time.  Regardless, what's done is done.  After reading some of the posts, I see many people talking about having their T3 tested.  I checked my lab work for the last 15 years and my T3 was tested once.  How important is it to have them include that in the bloodwork?
  • jenleigh1

    Heat Intolerance

    Ok, so I don't know what my numbers are at the moment but have blood work ordered.  Have to drive 30+ miles to get it drawn.  I was diagnosed with diabetes 1.5 and graves 5 years ago.  Walked around in a fog following white coats orders.  Had the RAI therapy and now on levothyroxine 125 daily.  I have such an intolerance to any heat it is crazy!  Wondering if anyone suffers who is...
  • justicecm

    Radioactive Iodine

    I just had the RAI treatment done yesterday for Graves Disease and I fell horrible today. I have always been extremely active, but I dont have the energy to even move. Going to the bathroom makes me tired. I am just concerned as to how long this will last? I have always had to exercise alot to keep my weight down, but I know I am to tired to as is. Have any of you had this done? What were your...
  • Purplegirl123

    RAI vs thyroidectomy

    Has anyone had to choose between radioactive iodine or a thyroidectomy? Who wants surgery but RAI doesn't sound much better. Thoughts?
  • Krypticos

    Let's Talk - I need HELP

    So my wife has graves and she has had it for several years but just got diagnosed last year. As of her last testing her leaves are normal. I have been with her for 16 years now. we got together in 2000 in high school and it was great for about 7 years or so. Then she changed from the person i loved so so much to what she is now. Now i don't mean that is a bad way but her attitude about our...