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Graves-Basedow disease is a medical disorder that may manifest several different conditions including hyperthyroidism (over activity of thyroid hormone production), infiltrative exophthalmos (protruberance of one or both eyes and associated problems) and infiltrative dermopathy (a skin condition usually of the lower extremities). This disorder is the most common cause of hyperthyroidism.

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  • livingly

    Advice for dealing with increased appetite

    Hi guys do any of you have advice for dealing with increased appetite. Last time at the doctors office I gained a lot of weight and I don’t want to find out I gained more. Anybody have advice on how to deal with increased appetite. 
  • ayayoh

    undiagnosed but considering Graves as dx

    Hi! I stubbled on this group while doing research about Graves because I am fairly sure at this point, this could be what's happening to me. I am a 28 year old female and have been suspicious of a thyroid imbalance for at least 4 years now. As I keep reading and reflecting on my past, I now suspect this could have been happening since I was maybe 7 years old, if that's possible? I'm hoping you...
  • Scott15

    Trying to understand...

    So my wife of 4 years was diagnosed with GD over a decade ago during her first marriage. Over the last three years, she has been in denial of her condition to me. It has now led to separation as her alcohol dependancy, not coming home after drinking all night, irritability, narcissism, lying, passive-aggressive behavior has gotten worse. While I was traveling, she changed the locks, alarm code...
  • Trebarnsmamma79

    9-year old daughter with Graves

    Hello, My daughter was diagnosed with Graves when she was 5 years old. It all started with her having such pain and weakness in her legs that she couldn't walk. We went through a lot of tests and medication before they found the right diagnosis. The problem is that they never really confirmed that her pains and weakness really was caused by Graves. She has been well for years but this summer...
  • NYTechGirl

    New to Graves

    TSH 0.01500Free T4 2.92Free T3 8.6Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies 696.8Thyroglobulin Antidody 5.1Uptake scan 54%Just got the call that TSI is high. All supports Graves. I have a referral to a endocrinologist for Nov 7. I am fairly symptom free. I occassionally (a few times a day) feel flush and my heart rate rises to 90's or low 100's. I am very fit but have noticed a funny pain (not severe) in...
  • kathyb

    Does anyone have any insight on my situation?

    Hi, I’m hoping if I post my info, someone can give me some insight. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease in July of 2016 (this is the 2nd bout with it).  I’ve been on 10 mg of methimazole since then.  At one point they dropped me to .5 mg but they ended up increasing me back to 10 mg. This past August, I started acupuncture and it really seemed to help with the anxiety. It’s actually...
  • Desij123

    Major changes

    Hello there. I'm 16 years old and have been diagnosed with graves disease about 2 weeks ago. I have missed my whole summer being sick, continuously throwing up stomach acid, headaches, shaking, weighed 150 before all this and i currently weigh 94 pounds, really bad stomach pains, depression and anxiety including panic attacks and random break downs. I've been having a very hard time accepting it...
  • livingly

    Increased appetite

    hi has anyone else noticed themselves having increased appatite with Graves' disease. 
  • paradise66

    After RAI

    Hi Everyone,First time posting. I've battled Graves Disease going on five years. I had RAI in June and went hypo last month. Now on synthroid 150 mg a day. Getting a lot of side effects. Anyone else on synthroid and if so do you have side effects. Did they eventually go lessen? Thank you for any info.
  • Gillma

    Facing a Thyroidectomy and feeling very frightened

    Hi,I am new to this site. I am hoping that there are people out there who have had a thyroidectomy and feel really well. I have had Graves Disease for about 9 years now and have been treated with Carbimazole on four occassions always going into remission for a while.  However, this summer whilst in remission I was admitted to hospital in thyrotoxic crisis or thyroid storm. It all happened so...
  • Samalam585

    Thyroid Roller coaster

    Good morning, im very sorry for the long post but please any insight or thoughts or just a reply ill ne happy. I'm new to this site and hopefully I'll get some replies seeing other forums didn't help understand what I'm going through. For the past 19 years I have been dealing with weight loss, seizures, depression, anxiety and all sorts of different medicines, seeing different neurologist 1 after...
  • terrilynn05

    Graves Disease Without HyperThyroidism?

    Hi everyone!  My name is Terri, and I am new here.  I was diagnosed with Graves Disease about a year and a half ago after an episode of AFib brought me to the hospital in an ambulance from my job. (as a teacher)  They knew within the hour that I had a hyperthyroid and by the next day, my doctor knew I had Graves.  Fast forward to the present, and I am just recently off methimazole and told...
  • deleted_user

    switching from tapazole to PTU

    I have been on tapazole for about 2.5 weeks. Yesterday, I woke up with a few hives and ignored it. Today I was covered in them and miserable. My doctor thinks I had an allergic reaction to the tapazole. So, she switched me to PTU. I was on 10mg of tapazole once a day and as of tonight am on 50mg of PTU twice a day. I'm really nervous about having another allergic reaction. Will it take...
  • livingly

    Trouble sleeping

    hi has anyone with Graves' disease noticed that they have had trouble getting to sleep at night. I noticed I have. It's Like I'll feel tired and will be closing my eyes but I will still feel awake. Can anyone else relate
  • HyperSally

    PTU Dosage and Titrating

    Apologies for the long post. My question is at the top, history, details below.Question: I seem to be fairly responsive to PTU (got hive reaction to Tapazole after a month), but have been fiddling around with it and am on the brink of a hyper state. My TSH after making a climb to .27 has plunged back down to 0.01. and fT4s and fT3s are at the high point of the normal range. Any suggestions for a...