Gay & Lesbian Teens Support Group

This community is dedicated to teens that identify as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgender or are questioning their sexual orientation. It's a supportive community where LGBT & questioning teens can give or get advice from their peers or just hang out. Please do not join this community unless you meet the description above. Thanks!

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  • MissMae

    I need some help

    Okay, I'm 14, an incoming freshman. Last year, I figured out that I was bisexual. I have really supporative friends who are also bi/gay/lesbian, so I wasn't afraid to come out. A little while after, I figured out I was pansexual, which is similar to bi, but not exactly the same. After actually kissing a guy, I kinda figured out that I didn't like it. So I think I'm lesbian? But I have no clue....
  • R5758

    Gay/ lesbian

    I’m a 13 year old lesbian and I don’t know how to tell people only one person knows it one of my very close friend. She was very supportive of me. But I’m super afraid to tell anyone. I know my friend is there if I need to talk but I feel like she wouldn’t 100% understand what I’m going through. Some days I just feel so alone like nobody understands me or what I’m going through. And...
  • tori_kantbetamed


    im a suicidal lesbian who can’t take it any longer. I have the pills and everything. 
  • Trichster724


    How's everyone's week been? Doing a mental health check in. If anyone needs to talk I'm here to listen :) hope everyone has a great weekend!
  • DanyC133

    Needing someone to talk to

    Hi,Recently I have been questioning my sexuality.  I am always stressed and have anxiety.  I don't know if I even except myself.  Awhile ago I told my close friends.  They were very excepting.  I just need some tips and someone to talk to.  
  • Trichster724


    I know this group is for LGBTQ teens but I thought I could be of some help to kids that aren't sure about their sexuality or who aren't comfortable with it yet. I'm 21 years old, recently graduated from the teen years, and I know first hand how difficult it can be for others to accept you as well as accepting yourself (which is far more important). If anyone here needs someone to talk to or ask...
  • musichearts


    Hi (: I'm K. New to this site.. Genderneural but I generally go by female pronouns (biologically female). I'm 16 and I'm some kind of panromantic/pansexual being. I'm honestly not completely sure what I am sexually but what I do know is that I like people. Anyways.. Just wnated to introduce myself, maybe make a few friends. hmu if anyone wants to talk ^^
  • max.pelle

    what to do

    I don't know what I am but I like guys, the problem is have a girlfriend and who she thinks is my friend I have feelings for and he has feelings for me, I really really like him but I could never hurt her like that she is also my bestfriend and I couldn't risk loosing her I would like her supporting me being me and I am not sure how she would take it ..
  • duckycakes

    Coming Out help

    im not so confident on coming out. My mom isn't the best person to come to. i just want to know everything will be ok. any tips?
  • deleted_user


    I\'m a 14 year old pansexual and was wondering if there were any other pansexuals out there? It\'s sort of like a bisexual I guess but you also like transgender/genderqueer people. Sorry I\'m not good at explaining anything but just curious.
  • SarcasticAsshole

    I Need Your Help!

    Heres a little of my past... I spent a few months of sleepless nights and crying to myself because i had nobody else that I was Lesbian. Im finially with peace within myself though thanks to all the articles and support I found online. Me + Internet = Love! hahaI care DEEPLY about my apperiance! I worked on my body and im physically fit(military ready). Im currently going to a dermotylogist for...
  • SonyaX

    13 year-old lesbian

    Hi everyone I'm 13 and in 6th grade. I think I'm a lesbian because I have a crush on this girl and yeah. So I would really like to have someone to talk to. I am also depressed and suicidal.
  • zisgay42

    13 year old lesbian

    Hi. I'm 13 very gay and everyone at my school hates me besides a few of my friends. I'm scared to tell some of my other friends because I might be rejected. I also have anxiety and am suidicidal. I'd really like to talk to someone. 
  • marnieliz

    Issues making friends.

    I'm new to this forum and it's such a relief finding people going through the same thing as I am. I'm 13, and I just recently came out as a lesbian to my very supportive mother, father, and 11 year old brother. I'm homeschooled and my best friend was online, and we just recently "broke up". It's been really rough on me, and I'm having trouble making new friends. I have social anxiety so I'm too...
  • treehugger01

    I think I'm out

    I'm scared to come out to soon because I've liked this girl for so long and this boy just came in but then things ended badly quite quickly actually. So anyways if anyone wants to talk or anything and is there an app for this? But anyways this girl I really like we were close for so long but then she shuts me out. Like when we were close we talked about sexuality and all and I'm upset that I like...