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Gallstones (choleliths) are crystalline bodies formed within the body by accretion or concretion of normal or abnormal bile components. Risk factors for pigment stones include cirrhosis, biliary tract infections, and hereditary blood cell disorders, such as sickle cell anemia. Stones of mixed origin also occur.

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  • jazzmynn

    Confused and scared

    Posted Today, 01:29 PMAdvertisementI need some feedback.I have had ibs and herd years.My issue started when I ate fast food fried fish a couple months ago.Within an hour, I got the worst bloating and gas I've ever had.Because nothing would relieve the pressure, I ended up making myself vomit.I went to the walkin clinic the next morning and the dr thought it might be my ibs flaring.Within days I...
  • mommyof3lil1s

    Gallbladder removal

    i had my gallbladder removed 5 days ago. I just need to know what I can take for the pain? I refuse to take narcotics as they all make me sick. Tylenol alone isn't touching the pain! I read somewhere I can take 1 Tylenol & 1 400 mg Motrin.. anyone ever done that?? What about excedrine? That works wonders but idk if I can take it after surgery. HELP! 
  • stitch

    sludge and stones later Questions!!!

    I had my gall bladder removed back in 1983. Since it came out I have had issues with what I could eat. Just recently I have been having a lot of pain and they say it is splenic flexor syndrom and other doctors say it is gastritis. Have had ultra sound, ct scan, upper GI and lots of blood work. No celiac or h pylori all was fine except for a fatty liver. My question is can you still get sludge...
  • Melley


    I had my first ERCP four days ago for a Bile Duct stone. It's been a bad time. First my stomach was on fire and hurting bad. Then later that night I threw up Bile. Went to ER an all tests were negative. It's my fourth day and my stomach is still hurting bad. I can't eat anything but jello. I fasted before the surgery An was pushed to 4:00 pm I don't understand why my stomach is a mess, like...
  • maxirose


    Gall stones are actually lumps of bile acid coated with fatty cholestrols. Gel-like texture similar to jellybeans. Easily flushed out with Malic acid like apple juice and cider vinegar. Why go through the pain to have the gallbladder removed when you can flush out the stones with a simple gallbladder flush???
  • Rocketride


    Had lap surgery to remove my gallbladder 10 days ago. Now have an egg shaped lump at top incision site. Could this be a hernia? Very depressed over this. Anyone have similar experience?
  • NamedKim

    Op on Monday

    I have had about four months of near constant cholecystitish. I have been on Augmentin antibiotics all the time and although scared, am ready to get rid of the blighter. I only have sludge (yuck) but something has caused galby to go septic. I am not diabetic so ??????? Feel really worn out as have had high fevers. Didn't even know this could happen! 
  • maryannie

    How to get rid of gallstones naturally?

    I need to get rid of gallstones badly. I cannot do a gallbladder flush that requires fasting. I am already too weak and underweight. Is there a way to get rid of gallstones another way except surgery?
  • Jo1980

    Constant pain - is this normal?

    Hi! About 3 months ago I had a gall bladder attack. Scans showed that I have sludge.Right now I am on the waiting list for a cholecystectomy. I am paying very close attention to what I eat and drink (no fats, no alcohol, no fizzies, no coffee... ) but still I am in constant pain. It is not the same pain as an actual attack (thank God ;) ) but it is always there, and affects my quality of life. I...
  • jazzmynn

    Gallbladder removed a week ago, questions

    I had my gallbladder out a week ago.I now have spells of feeling hot/cold especially when sleeping (no fever)My stomach itches by the incisionsMy blood tests showed low levels after surgeryAny advice?
  • jesselkie


    Hi all I have suffered with gallstones in the past and pancreatitis also. had my gallbladder removed in 2012 but still have a really bad stomach and bowel.My question really is this...I am a university student doing a research project and would like to do mine on gallstones. Before I start my questionnaire I need to find a target audience which would be gallstone sufferers.I was wondering would...
  • CrashTestDummy

    it's been months since my last attack?

    I lived with the attacks for almost a year thinking it was gas or something common. finally went to Dr. and was sent for ultrasound. The report showed the gallbladder was enlarged, walls thickened and stones too large to pass. I was having weekly attacks and I was put on a waiting list for surgery. Waiting list for the day surgery room was less than 2 months, but I had to get it done in the...
  • GwenY

    Gallstone polyps

    Anyone on here had polyps on gallbladder. Just diagnosed, surprised as I eat healthily and low fat. No animal fat. I drink alcohol at the weekend which I know put scholesterol up. And now reading they are cholesterol based. so looking like it is a culprit. Also liver slightly inflamed. All new to me this. Any advice appreciated although I do notice not much coming in since last year. ...
  • deleted_user

    post surgery problems

    hello allI need some help, I had my gallbladder out last july, I was very ill afterwards and was in hospital for two weeks, I do have other health issuesmy wound in my belly button keeps bursting open every couple of month and puss and blood come out, I have been back to the surgeon on a number of occasions, he said that he thinks there may be an abscess formed on one of the internal stitches as...
  • sk8ermom

    Gallstones and gall bladder

    On August 13th, 2015, I had my Gall stones and Gall bladder removed.Having issues with Bloating constantly.What can be done about this? What kind of foods are you allowed to eat?