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Weekend Wellness-Now! Check-in

 Good morning! I am... well, really, I'm dragging, but that's normal given circumstances. Here's hoping we each get some Wellness Now! Yeah!

So.... Mom's discharge yesterday. Yeah.

Only I end up in these situations.

I had this convo at the hospital yesterday. Mom's discharge paperwork was sloooow...

Mom: I am getting up!
Me: Mom, I will find out what's taking so long, but stay in the chair!
Mom: (starts to stand)
Me (at door of her room): Mom, so help me God, sit down or I will duct tape you to that chair myself!
(In hallway a second later...)
Nurse: You must be her family.
Me: Her daughter. I have power of attorney, too.
Nurse: I'm her nurse. I told her I'd put her in restraints if hse didn't obey the doctor's orders. Do I have permission?
Me: Hell yeah.
Nurse: Oh good! We're on the same page!
Mom (distantly hearing this): I'm sitting, I'm sitting! (cuss cuss cuss)
Nurse to me: Don't worry, we're getting her out of here as fast as we can.
Me: Yeah, a lot of hospitals have that reaction to Mom.
Nurse (pats my shoulder): Honey, I believe you.

And fifteen minutes later, yes, Mom was outta there. OMG. Nurses make the WORST patients. Even other nurses say so.  Seriously, she's barely escaped with her life *again*, and she's all go-go-gadget. Ugh.


So what can we each do today to help our wellness, emotional-mental-physical?

Well, first of all, count blessings. Yes, I dropped a gallon jug of laundry liquid and it landed on my toe, but... I have the problem of a washing machine fo my own! Of laundry liquid! Of shoes that for once I wore indoors, so I didn't kill my foot!

OK, bad example.

We have internet. We have computers and phones. We have each other. Not small blessings at all:-)

That's better.


And there's this link to a touching little series of illustrations made by a guy who wanted to show "things no one taught me"... Warning: very sweet.

Think you're all that tough? OK, so I'm waiting the other day for Mom to get thru her procedure... and suddenly this golden retriever in a black vest shows up. Of all peopel in that waiting room, he led his handler/owner to me. The dog is a trained Comfort Dog. A therapy dog who didn't bond to any one person but responds to emotional need in general, basically. The handler said he lets the dog have some leash room, and then lets tthe dog lead him to whoever needs fur therapy most/first.  Yep, I was all over that big old furry dog petting him, and the dog just stood and said, "Yep, that's right, let it out." I swear, it worked way better than medication. :-)

More US presidents have birthdays in October than in any other month. (Which, if you count backwards, tells you what was going on around the New Year, hubba hubba). John Adams, Hayes, Arthur, Teddy Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter, and DDEisenhower.

In addition to being Breast Cancer Awareness month, btw, October is also National Cookie Month. :-) Yes, that's real. Go. Find a cookie!

Oddly, btw, the months in which most presidents die? June and July. Month in which no US President has yet died? May. I can't believe someone actually figured that out... Wait, no, I'd do that if I was bored. *sigh*

October's name derives from the Latin word for Eight. Yes, it's our Tenth Month. See, Rome had no January or February, and those sixty or sixty-one days sorta.... well, the calendar and seasons didn't work out a lot, is all I'm sayin'. A lot. So December was the last month to them, too, while being th etenth, not twelfth. Ow. Brain sprain.

Data on January (from the two-faced god of openings/closings ending/beginnings, Janus) and February vary. Some say the ROmans had them all along from an early period, yet we see that their new year consistently began on March 1, with ltitle mention of those other two months,w hich allegedly did exist. In fact, the ROmans until Julius Caesar had their date-calendar and the seasons so out of whack that they'd insert a month of 23-24 days every few years, or not, and Julius Caesar apparently hated the untidy nature of that. He imposed a twelve-month 364-day calendar (later replaced in the West by the Gregorian calendar).

February, btw, has its origins in what may have been a word referring to a purification ritual. I say "may", b/c it wasn't strictly Latin, but possibly came from another language of ancient Italy. So the whole month got referred to because of this cleansing rtiual, according to modern thinking. Reality? Probably, they didn't worry about winter having months, except for bookkeeping! Life began agian when spring arrived (March) as that was when soldiers went to war, and farmers went to the fields, and so forth. However, that only works out to a point, as Mediterranean climates vary, and Rome itself actually saw rain rather than snow more often than not.


And on that pointless point, I wish you a well weekend, for you and your loved ones.:-)



U make me laugh leo. Thanks.

You're welcome:-)

Morning Leo. Nurses also make terrible veterinary clients, if that makes you feel any better. I'm sure she's very difficult but at least your mom is ok? And washing machines are probably much better than doing everything by hand.

We flew out to Chicago yesterday, it was a long day (we didn't take a direct flight because it was way more expensive, meaning we flew from NH to Baltimore to Chicago...don't ask me how that's less expensive for the airline). By the time we got to the hotel we basically walked around to find some dinner and then crashed. Today I have to pick up my stuff for the race tomorrow, then I think we're going to check out the aquarium and an art museum, and maybe shop a little. I'll be getting up early tomorrow but I'll check in probably after the race

Miki, LOL, yeah, love the washer, not dropping the laundry liquid!

Baltimore is a huge airport hub, it's soooo much cheaper than through or out of DC proper! For everyone, btw, not just airlines. They can pick up a ton of passengers, but avoid the stack-up at DC's airports. Take care of yourself for the race, okay? :-) Let us know how you are! *cheers on Miki*

Happy Weekend!

Leo, your mom story was the best. And the calendar thing was interesting. My wellness thing today is going to my daughter's to visit with her and some friends. I have been home for 3 days alone, and I am getting depressed. Yay, for my daughter helping me out. Plus I get to hold grandson.

Miki, I hope the race goes well.

Beany, have a good day. Leo cracks me up too.

After my day in town, (daughter and running errands), I plan to watch college football.

I didn't hear from hubby yesterday, but I knew he was having a long day working.

Take care everybody.


Leo, is your mom going home by herself? Anyone besides you to check on her? I hope your toe doesn't swell. Cute cartoons.

Miki, good luck. Chicago is great to visit.

Ida, enjoy your day. I just love babies.

I'm taking it easy today. I just hurt and need a down day. My ribs and back are really bad. It hurts to even touch my skin, I feel quite bruised and tender.

I'm so exhausted I don't trust myself to drive very far so I won't get to see the homeopathy documentary at a local film fest, hopefully some time in the future.

Have a good weekend and may it be quiet.

Leo, your the best at telling stories, and your moms story made me laugh so much. I can't believe your cute golden retriever story too, I was literally just showing my girls what a golden retriever looks like, that's my favorite childhood dog. I just wish they didn't shed so much. I would love to get a therapy dog and go visit the Children's Hospital and Cancer center to bring a smile to peoples faces. Ouch for your toe, those are the worst, and sometimes the pain goes away and sometimes it doesn't. Have a good day.

Hi lovelilbeany, I hope you have a good weekend.

Miki, the flights never make sense to me, but I figure they must know what they are doing. It sounds like you have a great day planned, and an early morning tomorrow. Get some rest today so you can hit it hard in the morning. I'll be thinking about you.

ida, I always admire how tough you are and how great you handle being alone when your hubby is gone for work. I feel lonely and my husband is here, I can't imagine how hard that is at times. I'm glad you're going to your daughters today to get some time out of the house, and then back home to rest. Take care.

Bobbi, my ribs are hurting some and I always think of you and ida. I hope your pain eases with some rest and you are able to enjoy some of the weekend.

My ribs, back, and neck are super ouch, and then feet and legs are a usual struggle, but I'm not letting that stop me. We are going to the pumpkin patch today, but waiting for after lunch to minimize how much money I need to spend out there. That way we will buy snacks and not lunch. They have pony rides, train rides, a pumpkin patch, and several other rides and things for the kids, it all adds up fast, but I'm looking forward to it.

I pray everyone has a good weekend.

Another thing about October, its infant loss awareness month, which is big to me since i lost 4 that are in heaven.

I am exhausted and i slept till 945 other than getting up at 6 to take pain meds. I had a good day thought yesterday. Need to do some dishes and MAYBE make an apple pie today plus im making ravioli tonight they are frozen cheese ravioli i make the sauce. Going to mom and dads tomorrow to do 3 loads of laundry while they are at church and will have lunch ready when they get home. i slept i think a total of 11 hours i guess i was worn out from yesteradys fun adventures! I am def hurting plus its getting ready to rain!

Bobbii, Mom lives alone but in a place designed for seniors, they have a weekly nurse check, and pull-cords for 911 in two rooms of every apartment, that kind of thing. Yes, others check on her. Neighbors, usually. She's got a social life of sorts, which is important, and feels independent, which helps her more than me, to be honest. Also, nobody there knew her before her tumor, so her tumor-self is accepted and nobody blinks. I still do, can't help it, some of her reactions are now so different and I haven't adjusted to them all yet.

Angela, ooooh, just eat the food, get some rest!

Ida, you're my hero, seriously. I freak if Hubby is gone a day, let alone more. How on earth do you do it?! I'm in awe.

Twin, glad you got a smile. Enjoy the pumpkin patch:-) Maybe you can find a pumpkin chariot like Cinderella's and be driven around?

Grabbed a nap after a near-psyhotic breakdown involving a woodpecker that has shredded one of our shutters. To get at bugs behind it. There's money to spend I don't have. OMG. Just a couple of nice innocent caterpillars hunkering down for winter, and now they're eaten, and my shutter looks like it was used for target practice by a toddler with an BB gun.

Hi all, doing a quick drive by I sit here and read all of your posts like any good golden retriever would.
I should be cleaning, decluttering, and not in panic mode that an investor will be walking through the house. I nearly let out a howl yesterday when I read an inspirational cartoon "Everyone is made the same, including the crack in their behind". See, I'm loosing it because I'm still giggling at it.
So, I'll leave you with the vision instead of a golden retriever giving out therapeutic hugs!

I'll check in later...when I can't move....or tomorrow after the walk through.

Hello! I'm cleaning today. I have one litter box in the laundry room which is a real pain to clean. It actually looks like a table. But, it has grooves in the piece that goes under the litter box. Dumb design. And, some other areas that trap litter because it is an assemble yourself thingee. Clumping cat litter and cats that sometimes kind of miss don't go with grooves. Cleaning it out and getting rid of all of the trapped litter is challenging. I had to drag it out on the deck and scrape all the nooks and crannies out, vacuum, wash it down, clean the area where it sits and then put everything back together. I love my cats. Their litter boxes not so much...

I had a crazy day yesterday, Took my script for Dilaudid to the pharmacy to get it filled. The doctor forgot to write the dosage strength on the script. So, the pharmacy could not fill it. The Drs. office is just getting set up to send scripts electronically so that meant I had to figure out how to get back to their office before closing. I had afternoon appointments that took longer than expected. Dashed out to the Drs. office in horrible traffic and got the new script. Went back to the pharmacy to get it filled. This time he wrote the wrong date of birth on the script. Commence fighting with the pharmacist about this as she wanted to know "why he would do this." Stupid question of the day. After a heated discussion because you do have to present picture ID with your insurance card for opioids, she finally filled it. I used this pharmacy to get my opioids for my knee surgery so I'm not new there. Guess who is getting a phone call first thing Monday morning... And, just as I was walking out of the drug store the surgery center called to do an intake interview. I was in no mood so I will be talking to them on Monday as well.

Leo - I am glad the your Mom is doing OK. My Dad managed to launch himself right out of bed to "go home" a few hours after a quad bypass. That was exciting. I *hope* that she will rest and follow at least some of the orders that the doctor gave her. You try to rest this weekend. Enough is enough.

Miki- I really hope that you enjoy your time in Chicago. I know that you will do well in the race!

Ida - Enjoy your visit at your daughters!

Bobbii - Resting sounds like a good plan for you today. I might try to catch something on Netflix in a bit.

Twin - The pumpkin patch sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sure that the girls will have a blast. I know that you will get some cute pictures!

AngelaJo - You are a whirlwind of activity today after such a long day yesterday. Apple pie sounds perfectly yummy! Try to find some time to get off of your feet!

Wonder - Don't worry about cleaning. The investor is only interested in the floor plan and if it might be workable for them. Four walls and the roof are his focus. Enjoy your day.

Well, I'm slightly less sweaty from scrubbing and dragging stuff around. On to the next project. My youngest niece is 18 today so we are going out to dinner at a local pizzeria to celebrate. By then, I will be ready to nap. I will check back later! Shout out to Autumn and Bear!

i decided to deep clean my kitchen and declutter counters to find room for my new cutting board, about 2/3 done and decided to make the apple pie now im on break LOL
I just have energy when i take benedryl which i had to do today

Aloha! After umpteen error codes thrown at me, I'm finally on.

Funny story, Leo! lol. I'm glad your mom is at a senior place with nurse checks and things. Whew. I'm sure the nurses have all kinds of stories to tell of their own. lol. Good for that therapy dog to come up to you. Animals can be so sensitive to our emotions. I almost turned Hershey into a therapy cat and wanted to bring her to the VA once a week to visit patients because she craves attention 24/7 BUT then the VA threatened to cut some of my benefits. They said my doing that would prove I was "able" to work therefore disability wouldn't be necessary. Yeah right. Who would want to employ a person once a week?

Holy guacamole. Woke up to cat vomit apocalypse this Am. And then Hershey and Silver kept walking through the puddles of puke and tracked it everywhere. Cleaned it up and just now I caught Hershey trying to go potty on the floor. Are you kidding me? I opened the door and scooted her out. If I had to clean one more kitty accident, I swear.

Mom's been stomping around the house upset at her bf. He's been giving her the cold shoulder since her return. I wonder if they will work it out.

My husband hasn't been working the tour boat in over a month due to slow tourism. He's been bummed about it because he said he likes going out to sea after a week of being in the classroom. But I've actually enjoyed his month off because it's given us the opportunity to spend Saturday's together (going to the beach, waterfalls, or fruit picking). It saddened me to hear he'd rather be on a boat than do an activity with me. He said he needs fun and adventure. I guess I'm just confused because after work he goes to the beach to kite surf and that's something I can't interfere with. I guess I feel like I don't belong in his life.

My doc appt went well yesterday. I like my new PCP. That's my 2nd appt with him. He is ordering some xrays of my knees. I'm pretty sure it's just tendonitis, but he just wants to be sure there's nothing else we should worry about. Said I've been doing a good job with icing them and keep it up.

Miki, good luck at the race!

Ida, glad your daughter came by to see you.

Bobbii, take care of you and hope energy levels come up.

Twin, yaaaayyyyyy a pumpkin patch! How fun. I pray your body will be ok.

Angela, sorry your pain is up. I hope you feel better soon.

Wonder, crossing my fingers all goes well with the investor.

OK, I hope this thing posts!

Hi guys. I'm back from my daughter's, and running one errand. I had planned to go to Kohl's and the grocery store, but the wind became very strong, and it started to rain, so I went home. I ordered groceries to be delivered instead.

I enjoyed my visit today, and holding my little grandson. I played cards with my granddaughter as well.

For those who think I'm so tough for staying home alone for a week at a time....I'm not really that brave. I have to double my anxiety meds. And I do a lot of coloring to keep me calm. It's hard, really. I still have 4 days to go.

I am super tired after my outing. I will try and get back to respond later. I need a nap. Later....

Hi everyone

Woke up today feeling like someone beat me with bats while I slept and it is getting worse. I think I need to have a down , not do much afternoon and evening.

Yes, Nurses are the worst patients. I know because I was a Nurse for almost 20 years , until fibro knocked me off my feet.

My saying I am going back to my cottage later this month the other day is actually a week from today. I just figured that out yesterday. I have a lot to do before I go and my body is in a rebelling state now. I need to make a very long list and figure out how to space things out reasonably , if that is even possible. UGH. This will be the first time going to the cottage without my dog , so there is that. I am hoping to see a lot of color on the drive north. I sort of would rather stay home , but I think it will help my depression to go and be up there and be with my brother. Also, I will do the things that I can do to help him close the cottage towards the end of my stay before he takes me home.

It is hot and humid in my part of Michigan, and I hate it. The sun is out which is nice. I am off to hunker down on the couch with ice bags .

Have a good weekend everyone.
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