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Thursday Thoughts Check-in

Good morning? Everyone present and accounted for? We all got through the day and night? Ready to check in and be heard and fibro-fight-y? Woot!

So today, I'm learning about "reframing" for PTSD therapy and pain control therapy.

Yeah. Reframing.

I looked at the therapist and said, "A new frame doesn't change an ugly picture."

Wrong thing to say. Oh, I got the psych degree lecture from hell. I pay for this?! Yep. *sigh*

Anyway, reframe it so it's not personal. Reframe the way I think about sommething to remove the personal element of it.

So how do you remove pain's "personal element"?

Yeah, I'm still thinking...


In Marijuana News (calm down, I don't use or sell), a new study of over 1000 users shows that regular daily use of marijuana may increase the risk of high blood pressure and related problems of high blood pressure over time. Link to Reuters article. I haven't got hold of the study itself yet. But it's interesting to note that marijuana's rep for making you mellow may in fact have a serious long-term downside. Everything does, which is why I wasn't going to run out and try whatever, but this was not one of the potential MJ effects I'd have expected. Hmm. If replicated and validated, it's going to lead to some interesting examination of active compounds...

Today in 1945, Japan surrendered, after the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs. The surrender ended World War 2 for the US, with Germany having surrendered in May of 1945 and put an end to the war in Europe.

In 1792, King Louis XVI (married to Marie Antoinette, who'd be forgotten if she never mentioned anyone eating cake) was taken into custody by the French revolutionaries. THe revolution had started in 1789. Many factors went into it, but what came out of it was that the royals ost their heads, literally, to the guillotine. Ouch.

In 1846 --- WOOOOHOOOO ---- The Smithsonian was chartered by the US Congress. Joseph Smithson kicked in the starting funds of $500K, and to this day "the Nation's Attic" holds more wonders in its storage than you ever see on display. It's freaking *awesome*. Pop culture, relics, you name it, they got it. I've been there  a few times, and could happily live there. I want to hide in their storage areas and just poke around... Nerd paradise!

The Smithosonian, btw, includes today The Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, the SM of American History, the Smithsonian Institution (the organization that umbrella-covers the whole big mass of it all), Air & Space museum, art museum, the National Zoo... There are 17 museums and galleries (art) in the Smithsonian "collective", and I've yet to hit them all, dang it.

The Smithsonian Institution building is nicknamed "The Castle". YOu can see why:


Gotta grab a chance to walk 1 1/2 miles before the heat kicks in. Blessings on all, and may your troubles be lessened, your hearts be mended, and your tears be dried.



Quick heads-up to our newer members: Chime in! We all do. Check-in is not my personal check-in it's for the whole board!

Morning Leo. I think I would have said something pretty do you essentially change a memory of something? Good luck to you, and enjoy your walk.
I'm in a lot of pain today, probably from stress and busy work days/days off, and I have a mountain of things to do today. But my dog loved her fence, even when the neighbor's cat walked by the hard and she tried to chase him, and ran headfirst into the fence. She bounced off of it and carried on like nothing happened, and I got the entire thing on video (I told people I'd video her reaction, so that was a huge success lol). I'm assuming we can't post videos on here, otherwise I'd share it. Anyway, off to get my run in...hope everyone has a good day.

Hello Leo,
I've been reframed many times and was never really guilty! :-) I can understand the theory in some instances but, as you said, reframing stuff like pain seems pretty much impossible.

Sorry to hear that you are in pain and have a bunch of stuff to do today. Gotta use what I've had bouncing around in my head the last few days as I try to rejoin my marriage partnership and actually do something constructive around the house again...slow and steady wins the race (doesn't always really win but at least it's something to say). :-) I hope you find some relief today and try not to overdo it.

Well...I did a lot less stuff (but I did do a few things), slept a little better, didn't have muscle spasms and cramps last night...THUS, feel a little better. Pretty amazing stuff! :-) This hip recovery seems to be almost at a standstill right now, which concerns me. I'm trying to be patient and realize it's a long road to'll get better...ummmmm "slow and steady wins the race"!

Sending out healing ((((hugs)))) to all my fibro friends,


Miki, I'm halfway thru my to-do list and already exhausted. Wanna run awy to a spa for the day:-_? Don't overdo like me!
Kel, yay! No spasms. Trust me, that's nto a standstill. That's *awesome*. I've had to relearn to walk, rebuild muslce and thigns I don't want to know exist. If you can get a phase where you "level out", it gives you a chanec to be stronger befor the next "hurdle". You got this!

Walk was lovely. Weeding front was not. Sweeping was not. Getting 1/2 mile into my walk and discovering the goldang cat followed me and had to be carried hom crying b/c he was lost? Not.

Gotta mail a package from th ebig PO today. Yeesh. Nothing like staying in line for-freaking-ever to get a form, then go fill it out, then go back through line. The online site won't recognize the foreign alphabet I have to use. For real? *headdesk* Oh, and apparently the address isn't in the right order. Well, that's how it's done *there*, geez.... I think the site stressed me more than the PO itself will, LOL.

Good morning friends,

Leo, a great start for today, thanks. I love your response to the therapist. One thing that drives me crazy is being told to think positive, and then to try and not say anything negative. Seriously, smiling and talking about fluffy clouds and pink rainbows isn't going to make my pain better, it's going to make everyone around me walk all over me, b/c I must be feeling great. When you have constant pain so many of the things they tell you to do just doesn't work. You can't pretend you don't hurt like hell. (but don't get me wrong I don't go around complaining nonstop, I do understand what they are saying). I hope you're doing good today, I'm glad the walk was nice.

miki, you have been very busy lately, that is enough to stress me out and hurt more. I hope you pace yourself today and this weekend. Have a great day off.

kel, healing hugs to you. Remember how discouraged Fantod got when she wasn't healing as fast she wanted. Just remember you will get there. I think you've got the right idea, slow and steady win the race.

I'm working a 1/2 day so I better hurry. I have a hair appointment for extensions this afternoon, so it will probably last much longer than I want. Wish me luck. Then I'm taking the girls to enroll in school. They are not ready and neither am I. I really enjoyed not making lunches in the evening, and doing spelling words every night.

I hope everyone has a good day. I'll check back later after my appointment.

Good morning friends. I slept restlessly last night. It is hard to sleep when you can't even move without pain.
Leo I am glad you got your walk in before the heat could get you. I hope the rest of your day goes great. I went through the same therapy I think. My counselor told me that if I could take a step out of the emotion of the pain and just say that pain in my shoulder is interesting I would be able to control it. Yeah right!
Miki girl you really need to take a break and relax. You are always so busy that you aren't letting your body heal from one fibro attack to the next. I know when you want a life you have to tolerate a lot of pain but you are in burn out mode.
Twins I hope you are able to enjoy your half day off. I can't wait to see the extensions in. Are the girls excited for the new school season?
Our air quality is in the bad zone again today because of all the fires burning in our and other states. It was so hazy yesterday from the smoke I could barely breathe. Just one more day of hot weather then it is supposed to start getting cooler like in the 80"s. I can't remember the last day we were that low. I need to do some cleaning today and I think I may read. I will have to cook dinner this morning because it will be too hot to do it later. Then zap and it's ready. I hope you all have the best day possible.

OOPS Kel sorry I missed you. I hope your day goes well. It is normal to plateau at times of healing but it will pass and you will start doing better again. I think you are doing great. I know it is hard to be patient when you just want to be normal again. It will happen.

Morning all,

Leo, really? Reframing the way you think? I think I would have handed that therapist my resignation at that point. Reframing to me is asking me to not think the way I do about things, asking me to be someone I'm not. I am who I am today because of every moment leading up to this point in life. And so far I have a 100% success rate. I may not be a bundle of joy all the time, but asking me to change the way I think about a situation is asking too much. Just my opinion. But I am open to hearing how others have experienced, learned or witnessed such things.

I guess it's like asking someone to change their testimony. Or at least that is how I see it right now. I can't change the facts of what life has handed me. And it would sadden me to feel as though I needed to change my testimony in all of that. Kinda like lying to myself. Or tricking myself. BTW, that only works with alarm clocks, LOL.

Wow, that wasn't very supportive.....Leo, I hope you find your reframing technique on your walk today. (forgive me for the above as that is why I fail at therapy each time I go).

Love the history today.

Miki, LOL My goodness that would have been a sight to see your dog barreling into the fence like that. My nieces little shit-zhu will run full boar and miss in her calculations on how high the couch is. I'm surprise that dog hasn't needed a neck brace yet.
Enjoy your run and hope your day is a good one today.

Kel, I'm happy to hear that you are getting more done. Which seems like all a part of that road to recovery. And as much as I want to say don't be so hard on yourself, I know I'd be struggling with doing more and not recovering faster too. So with that, know that my prayers are with you.

Leo...that Post office experience would have ended with a few dirty words and a piece of chocolate.

Twins....yah for the 1/2 day today and even bigger YAH for playing beauty shop!! Oh for fun! I hope they turn out the way you want them to. And registering the girls is going to feel like ripping off a bandaid.
I'm struggling with our boys getting so big lately. Andypants has outgrown me by about 4-5" now and Beans is closing in quickly. I don't know why but with Andrew starting 7th grade is a bit too much for this momma's heart this year.

Have fun at your hair appointment today.

Sorry I was MIA lately. Rough week again with anxiety and pain. I swear my hormones are trying to kill me. LOL.

Hope everyone has a good day today!

Autumn, I hate the bad air quality days. Then mixed with high temps? I'd be sounding like I was a chain smoker if I had to endure that. Glad the temps are coming down soon. We are hitting a high of 74 here. I wish I could open our windows. Anything over 70 and we climb into the 85 range by bedtime and I can't sleep then. Our A/C bill is horribly high this month. =( I'm so ready for fall!
Hope making dinner goes well for you!

Your therapist doth protest too much, methinks! Took your reply a bit ... personally... Pretty sure therapists are a trigger for my PTSD.
I LOVE your ~today in history~ tidbits! (imanerdtoo) lol The Smithsonian is somewhere I've always wanted to go. Of course, ART being my first love, I have a long list of museums I want to visit. But 1 of the 3 other art majors I graduated with has a sculpture in the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum!
So sorry you hurt. Do try to rest.
I would love to see your dog's escapade on video! How fun! You could post it somewhere else online & post a link here.
Better sleep makes better everything! Maybe it will help spur on the healing & get you past this plateau.
Ugh, school lunches & homework! I don't envy you! But do try to relax during your hair appointment and think of it as a treat for you to sit back and enjoy some calm.
I do love your username! Everytime I see it I have lovely visuals & sensations. It's so calming...
If you don't mind me asking, what area do you live in? I'm in Texas, this summer has been interesting so far, some REALLY hot days, but also really mild days, too.
So, what's for dinner?

Oh I love your name, too!!
Kids grow too fast!!! We're empty-nesters here. It's nice to be just us & we have a one-year-old grandson, which is the most awesome thing in the world!!! But he's growing too dang fast, too! And I miss my girls all the time, but I'm so proud of both of them, making their way in the world.
Stay in the AC! Get your money's worth!! Lol

Quick check in before i head to moms to visit with my aunt and the 2 monsters (5 and 8 yr old boy second cousins if anyone missed it the other day) and i refuse to go to a restaurant with them again unless it has toys! Still cant believe they thought they could get away with a farting contest in pizza hut UGH GREAT birth control!!!!!!! So yesterday i got even better news at Physical Torture (therapy) THey said that in TWO WEEKS i will be off my cane, they had me walking without it im a little wobbly but not bad yay!!!! That is the best news ive had in ages! I am so sick of a cane been almost 4 years on it! Thyroid meds are helping already and when i told my shrink that yesterday he said its because of the type of one im on, im sleeping less and not napping so yay to that too! Although after PT a nap is tempting LOL I actually have no appointments to go to today other than lunch with pastor and his wife and with my parents and cousins and aunt. i will talk to you all later sending hugs to all!


Leo, that sounds similar to CPT, a PTSD therapy I tried last year and miserably failed. The whole point of cognitive process therapy is to change the way you think, especially about your traumas and bad memories. I really hated being told I was wrong to think x,y,z and replace it with a,b,c. I'm sorry, but if you hurt then you hurt. Telling me I'm wrong for feeling that way only made me hurt that much worse. I hope your therapist can find another way of going about it. Perhaps, WHY do you feel x,y,z... what happened, etc. I always felt better when I got to the causes. GOOD LUCK!!

Tossed and turned again last night. The new desktop arrived late in the day, we don't have it set up yet. I had a talk with my husband who's made comments before about how I don't really need a computer because I don't have a job and don't do anything important.

I use it to fill out forms for the VA, make appeals, refill meds and email my docs. Also to help take care of mom and her needs. Plus, I've been planning to go to Bible college for 3 yrs now but keep putting it off... 1st because of the short-sale of the house which is similar to a foreclosure (and we had to move out), then because you got a job that would take us to Maui and it took almost a year's worth of planning. THEN once moved over, we had to move mom over from OH (which 90% was my effort, husband was hands off), and I had to help get her set up with medical, senior transportation, and so on. And what about the part where I had to track down my father's death certificate in a foreign country which took months? NOW I can finally think of myself and what college classes I want. YEAH, I don't need a computer at all. I do *nothing* important. (sarcastically rollseyes). I told him I hope he finally sees the value in what I do around here and when he sees me using a computer that I'm not just "goofing around".

He said to hang in there that it should be out of the shop any day now. Yeah he was nice for sending it in for me, but his words still spoke volumes of how less he really thinks of me.

I have horse therapy this morning... and then in the afternoon I have to head in town to get molds of my feet for some orthotics.

Tomorrow is my husband's wine chemistry teleconference here at the house. Honestly I think it's just an excuse to sit around and taste wine.

And Silver has managed to lick his belly bald again down to a scab despite having a cone on?? I don't know if he's rubbing on something since I've seen him rubbing his itchy face on furniture and objects. My husband got a new brand of litter and I'm wondering if this is the cause (maybe allergic). I may have to start a round of steroids.

Back in a bit.

Leo my mindfulness class was similar to what you are talking about. When I have an emotional reaction because of what someone does or says I try to step out of the emotion and just say hmm that's interesting. Sometimes it helps to take the emotion out. But I couldn't say that when I was in so much pain. How am I supposed to find my pain interesting and not have emotions around it?
Blue seriously buy a laptop and send your hubby the bill lol. I hate how some men think only of themselves. It is especially hard when they refuse to see how we contribute but taking care of the house, shopping, family etc.... Sometimes I want to scream do your own laundry, cook your own meals, clean your own bathroom. I hear you and it hurts that you are treated like your worth is less because you don't work outside the home.
Angela it is great to see you doing so well. It won't be long and you will be used to walking without the help of the cane.
One I live in Portland Oregon. Thanks for the compliment on my username.
Wonder I hope the pain and anxiety doesn't ruin your day. I know it is hard to function well when all I want to do is curl up and pray the world will leave me alone. I went through a major hormone battle before my hysterectomy. Sad one minute angry the next it was a roller coaster.
I did some sewing and took a nap so far today. Not getting things done and my OCD is running rampant. My right arm is still very painful and I am trying to not move it much. I guess the coffee table I pushed into the hall won this round. BBL.

Unicorns, pink clouds, flying pigs and so on to your therapist Leo! I can understand what they are saying about reframing things but that can be a monumental if not impossible task. I think that it is *enough* that any of us get through the day without killing something.... Leo - I hope that you got through the post office OK. Last time I was there, some woman was arguing with the clerk about having to fill out a customs form to send a package to Canada. The border is 30 minutes from my home. She could not seem to grasp that it is a foreign country....

I went and got my hair cut today which was nice. I always enjoy a good shampoo and blow out. It looks nice and should hold for the weekend.

It is very humid here today and I heard a rumor about possible thunderstorms. I hope that we get rain as it is badly needed. The road work outside seems to be all centered at one end of the street for the moment which is fine with me. I just wish that they would get on with it and get it done. I want to get my driveway seal coated and can't do it until the street is finished.

Miki - I'm glad that the fence is finished. I hope that your run went well today!

Kel - Slow and steady does win the race - I'm proof! I thought that my new knee was never going to get with the program and then *it did.* You've done really well through it all. You got this! I really liked your comment about marriage partnership which is so accurate. Or at least, that is how it should be viewed. Just remember dust bunnies and clutter never killed anyone. You need to pace and be mindful of that hip while you prepare for the weekend.

Twin - I'm excited about your hair extensions. I really hope that you just love them. You seriously needed a treat. I can't believe summer is almost over. I swear that I can already smell/sense fall in the air here. Almost time for me to attempt blinding myself with the &^&*%%* leaf blower again....

Autumn - I hope that you get a break from the bad air and heat soon. You've had a pretty tough summer. I hope that you have a sewing project or a good book to keep you company today. Your new furniture sounds great. I always enjoy a change like that. I want/need new couches in the family room. One can dream...

Wonder - I can understand how you feel about your kids getting so big. My oldest neice just turned 30 and I can't wrap my head around that at all. The youngest will be 18 in October. No kids of my own but this is hard. I hope that your day is going OK and it is not too hot.

Chick - Welcome to the group! I'm an art major too - textiles. Like Leo - I would love to be locked up in the Smithsonian storage areas to just wander around and look at stuff. I hope that your day is going OK.

AngelaJo - I hope that your day is not too crazy. You are doing so well these days! A lot of changes in outlook and now physical changes in not needing a cane pretty shortly. That is all due to a lot of hard work and determination on your part to get better. You *are* doing it and you deserve a bunch of gold stars for gumption.

Blue - Really???!! I would have "reframed" anyone who said that to me. That is a terrible thing to say especially to a spouse. You are always busy trying to help your Mom, deal with the VA, keep the house clean, shop etc. A computer that works is the least of the things that you deserve. I'm with Autumn, go and get yourself a new computer. He is always buying stuff or spending more money than you've agreed on. I know that two wrongs don't make a right but honestly he just exasperates me and I don't even have to live with him lol. I hope that you can figure out what set Silver off this time. Poor little balding guy. I hope that your day turns out OK and you can get what you need to finally get started on Bible college.

I have not been too productive today so far. I did manage to make the bed and wash a load of towels. Now off to excavate the dishwasher and fold the sheets from yesterday. Past that point, I'll water my gardens and then dunk myself in the pool for a bit. Shout out to Ida! I hope everyone is having a decent afternoon.
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