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When the immune system responds to a foreign substance in an abnormal way, it is classified as an allergy. When the body first contacts the substance, it will not cause any reactions, but the immune system will start to produce antibodies to it and subsequent contact will trigger more dramatic responses. Depending on the allergy, the response could be mild or very severe and even fatal.

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  • DarknessEmbraced

    Bell Pepper Allergy

    I recently developped an anaphylactic allergy to red bell peppers so I avoid all bell peppers. I don't eat spicy food. Do I need to avoid chili peppers, etc.. because they may cause the same reaction as bell peppers? I am also anaphylactic to strawberries, tree nuts, ct contrast dye, and the allergy shots I tried. I have asthma which seems to make me more prone to developping new allergies. I...
  • DarknessEmbraced

    Allergic reaction to allergy shots

    My 4th allergy shot didn't go well. I got really itchy, developed a red rash and my throat felt tight. I went back to an office and they gave me a shot of benadryl and had me use my epi pen. They called an ambulance and brought me to the ER. The EMTs tried three times to get an iv but couldn't get one. I was monitored at the ER, given an iv that they didn't use. They had me drink Dex. Said to...
  • joojiewoojie


    Hi everyone. I am brand new, but I need some advice. A few days ago I got a terrible cough/sore throat. I still have it, and something strange started today. I have a sharp pain way up on the inside of my right nostril. It hurts more every hour, and I felt it spreading to my eye, now it is changing nostrils. It huuurts :( Anyway, have any of you guys had anything like this? Is this an allergy...


  • NikkiSly713


    Hi All,New to the group and looking for advice. I recently (3 weeks ago) went to an allergist and discovered I have severe environmental allergies. I was shocked because I don't have typical allergy symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes etc... Since last May, I have been feeling off. Extreme lightheadedness and fullness in ears. I went to the doctor and ER multiple times and was discovered I have...
  • Hi everyone, My name is Nikhil Thakar, and I have had bad allergies my entire life (specifically to pollen). I recently launched a crowdfunding campaign that creates pollen resistant clothing, aimed towards fighting against your allergies so you can go about your day comfortably.My goal is to provide everyone an everyday solution to your allergic symptoms, starting with pollen.Check it...
  • Diane-M


    I am suffering this winter with what they say are allergies . My only symptoms are eyes that are itchy and  swollen halfway shut. I am meeting with a specialist soon, hopefully for allergy testing to find out what I am allergic to. I have a suspicion it is my cats, who aren't going anywhere. I have heard talk of air purifiers? Anyone try one?
  • DarknessEmbraced

    How to deal with allergies that last all year long

    I'm allergic to pollen, grass, dust mites, mold, and animal dander. My allergies last all year long. Every morning when I wake up my sinuses are swollen and plugged. Sometimes this triggers my asthma. I take reactine, singulair, avamys nasal spray, symbicort, and ventolin(albuterol). I don't think allergy shots are covered by my insurance. I'm still recovering from colon resection surgery to...
  • DarknessEmbraced

    Dust Mite Allergy

    Is there anything I can do to limit my exposure? I live in a carpeted apartment with tile flooring in the kitchen and the bathroom. I vacuum as much as I can but the vacuum isn't one that is approved for asthma and allergies. I need to find out that is good for allergies and I know an air cleaner would be good as well. I dust at least once a week. I can't wear a face mask when I dust, clean or...
  • deleted_user

    Non allergic Rhinitis- think about it

    I just had an appt with an allergist and event though Ive been having horrible symptoms I wasnt allergic to anything. My symptoms are, dry eyes, bad post nasal drip, pretty bad fatigue, sinus infection like symptoms without any infection, swollen turbinates that never went down.He told me that he is 99 percent sure I have non allergic rhinitis. I dont really have any coughing or sneezing and...
  • deleted_user

    Hypoallergenic Dog??

    Anyone, ever try, for yourself or your child? If so, how does it work?-- example, Poodle?
  • Lanaleo15

    allergic to my cats

    I found out last week my allergies are caused by my cats!!!! I'm devastated! Y over a decade ago in my early 20s my Dr said it was airborne like dust mold pollen etc. Because I always got sick and during the times etc and after some Allegra d that is how he made his conclusion. I finally took a allergy test last week because the past year has been awful for me and Allegra d or anything with...
  • jammy144

    dust mite allergy

    Hi Im new to this particular support group. I belong to the perimenopause support group. I'm allergic to dust mite and cats. I have been congested for the last at least two weeks. I did not know what was causing it. Then I found a website There they give a report for indoor dust and dander (I dont have a cat). On a scale of 1-10 it was and has been at 10 for about two...
  • radrm

    Fragrance allergies affect me everywhere I go

    I have terrible allergies the most annoying one is to fragrance, perfume, any kind of scented things such as laundry soap. shampoos, any perfume even things that claim to be natural scents. Its so bad if I go to Church and someone has perfume or strong scent on their clothes I begin to itch terribly and when I get home I find the smell on me, my hair, etc.. just like when your around cigarettes...
  • ryverrat

    Things you can do limit allergies

    Here's a few things I have noticed do have a positive impact on my allergies.1. Start allergy meds at least 2 weeks before the time you usually get your symptoms. Building them up in your system keeps the reaction in check.2. Use the AC in your car and home. It's tempting to let fresh air in but all you are doing is letting in the pollen. An open window at night is not worth the sinus...