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Dry eyes is an eye disease caused by decreased tear production or increased tear film evaporation. Symptoms include burning and a sandy-gritty eye irritation that gets worse as the day goes on. The symptoms are often caused by a loss of water from the tears that results in tears that are too "salty" or hypertonic.

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  • Matt028

    Low schirmers test score thinking of trying plugs?

    He I went for a dry eye assessment that showed I had a low schirmers score 5mm in the left eye and 9mm in the right. My tear break up time was above 10 seconds. In was told my tear film oils were OK. They said I could try plugs. Is this a good idea? The cost of the temporary and permanent plugs were the same so she recommended trying the permanent ones and if they didn't work/were a problem have...
  • jacb43

    mini scleral contact lenses

    Hi everyone. I'm new to this support group. I have chronic dry eye and I was wondering if anyone has treid mini scleral contact lenses and if so what success they have had?
  • WilliamAkers

    I Want To Talk to You About Your Dry Eyes

    Hello everybody!I'm a reporter working on a story for Time about chronic dry eye, and how it affects people in various professions, and I thought some of you might want to speak to me, or know someone who might be interested. I'm particularly looking for people who work as photographers, first responders, pilots and tour guides.If you would like to talk, respond here, or message me, and we can...
  • Hi I just joined the website and a bunch of groups but I have specifically been struggling with eye light sensitivity for a few years now and recently it has gotten worse and there wasn't a specific group for that so I started one. If anyone else suffers with light sensitivity like me please join me..  I'm new so I didn't have any friends to invite.. but I figured letting everyone in this group...
  • lonelymommers

    0.0 on my dry eye test

    Has any one had no moisture at all on their test. None at all on left eye and minimal amount on right eye. First the dr. said punctual plugs, now she is thinking restasis.
  • shihonage

    Results of my research thus far

    The biggest catch in dry-eye therapy is that in order to get results, you need more than one healing vector.It's like a multiplication. You have approaches a,b and c, and the result is say, "x".a*b*c=xIf you only do approach a, then you get 1*0*0=0If you only do a and b, you still get 1*1*0=0If you do all of them, then you suddenly get 1*1*1=1, or an actual improvement.This can have a...
  • artgrrl

    Botox anyone?

    Hi everyone, I hope people read this and respond if it applies to them. Has anyone here with dry eye ever had botox injections prior to their dry eye condition?
  • KarenMac

    New Hope!!

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone has been to the Dry Eyes Clinic in Manchester.  This clinic was set up by a Consultant Ophthalmologist who is a dry eye sufferrer himself.  They have a website if anyone is interested in reading more about it www.dryeyesclinic.co.uk .  Hope this helps people.
  • bingo9006

    What if nothing helps?

    What if you try everything but nothing helps? What adverse effects can occur from chronic dry eye which does not respond to any remedies? Or do you just live with it and try your best to use OTC drops? Seems like some people are not helped by Restasis or punctal plugs. Seems like many of you have been helped by fish oil type things. Having failed with Restasis and plugs, I might let my doctor...
  • nursesteph

    Eye Ointment PM

    Ok guys. I'm going to try an eye ointment, generic brand tonight. I don't have severe dry eyes at night but I want to keep it from getting that way. I'll let ya know how it works. :) I'm not thrilled with putting a mineral oil in my eyes, but am interested in trying. Sorta fun actually. I'm a health nerd. :D
  • gregthedog

    Here's what helped

    I have found that I have severe dry eye when I eat solid food.  So for about eight years now I have been living about 90% on cow milk, mostly skim.  With this diet my eyes feel tolerable if not perfect.  To understand why it works one thing you have to know is that after your digestive system breaks up your food, the way it gets to your cells to nourish them is that the blood carries the...
  • vaness39

    prk complications

    I am 1 month  post op and cant find any support groups for prk complications, i have severe dry eye and have had punctal plugs put in, am on eye drops & restasis. the only relief i get is the few days its been humid and that just makes it barely tolerable. Ice packs do wonders for all of the 5 minutes they last. but summer is quickly coming to an end and i am so scared. I have no appetite, have...
  • Dieppe

    Is my condition chronic

    I had upper eyelids surgery for medical reasons three months ago (to pmprove vision). Two months after surgery I developed a moderate dry eyes condition. Currently I'm using over the counter eyedrops for relief. Could my conditions be just temporary or could they become a chronic situation.Dieppe
  • hailey

    Chronic dry eye

    I have had dry eye for 3 years now. I have tried every eye drop over the counter, prednisone acetate, restasis, fish oils, eye duct plugs, avenova, scleral lenses and nothing have helped. I've been to 4 different ophthalmologist and have had a lot of blood work,and none of them really say anything. I am really desperate for help. My quality of life is terrible and I am in college, so completing...
  • shaunstyles

    Dry eyes, great results

    Hi there folks,Just want to post that I have had great results in treating my dry eyes, through the elimination of gluten from my diet.I have been suffering for many years now and have tried all kinds of treatments. As an experiment I tried eliminating gluten for a week and found that my eyes felt better. I continued with a gluten free(almost) diet and feel confident that It has improved my...