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Welcome! This community exists for DailyStrength members to have a place to share thoughts and feedback about the site with the folks that run DailyStrength. DailyStrength team members will regularly visit this community, sharing new product ideas, seeking feedback and beta testers, and most importantly, listening to you. Come join us!

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  • patti22

    Thank You for Being a Friend

    Everytime there's an issue with the site, I'm reminded how much I LOVE and appreciate DS.I wish all the the programers luck in getting everything running smoother again soon!Patti
  • Dooo

    Site Problems -

    I did not want to jack Bills post about new features so I will create my own in response to DS's reply on his post. Its obvious you are working on something and not posted it. I do appreciate having any site at all but what good is a site if we cannot use it. You have not said you are working on anything yet the site is a disaster right now. People cannot reply, post, log in, replies are going...
  • billwfriend

    Will DS please tell us of coming modifcations

    like is the chatroom idea still being considered?is there ways to know when someone replies on another persons post that you posted on and would like to follow new posting on?anyone else thinking of modifications to ask of DS post them here so DS valued staff can respond on them.DS staff would getting information from the powers that are DS team please be openly discussed for upcoming or things...
  • dinahmorris


    Hi,DS used to retain my login details-now I have to type them each time.Is this permanent?
  • Community LeaderWanderingVet

    Public service announcement USA only.

    1. Google 'dark web' to learn what it is if you don't already know.2. Go to www.experian.com/scan3.Provide your email address (es). Experian will scan the Dark Web and let you know if they find your email address within.  This is a free service. Dark Web is where hackers SELL harvested email addresses and hacked passwords as well as illicit drugs, and other abhorrent activities. If they find...
  • Wakingup

    Stuck with a malignant narcissist

    I just found this website and just signed up. I am an older person stuck in a marriage (financial reasons) with a malignant narcissist and would like to know if there are any threads with people with similar situations.  I am a senior citizen and at this point there is no way I can obtain financial independence.
  • maizeemae


    Is there a site on here that has discussions with Adults of Alcoholic Parents?  Thanks. 
  • LuvMyTitans

    Messages not going through when show being sent?

    Hey y'all.  I've been MIA for awhile but I'm back !  Has anyone else had issues with messages to friends showing they were ' sent ' only to find out that the recipient never got the message? I sent a message to a friend on 8/29 and I got the reply at the top of the page ' your message has been sent '  I found out my friend didn't get the message after hearing from him and I looked at my sent...
  • AdminTeamDS

    Login and Posting Issues

    Hi Folks,We believe we’ve identified the cause of the login and posting issues some members have been experiencing lately, and we hope to have the issue fixed during the first or second week of September. We will post again with additional information when we know the date that the update will go out.We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.~TeamDS
  • patti22

    Hurricane Harvey

    All DS members in Southern Texas are in my thoughts.  Stay safe and dry.
  • gramybear

    Two questions

    I hope someone can tell me how to change my Avatar and also delete friends from my friends list that are no longer here. Thank you in advance. Hugs
  • h.e.a.l.

    Ah well

    Disappointed to see that after alerting DS to that disgusting spam/abuse "response" on the Physical and Emotional Abuse forum (many hours ago), it's still sitting there.COME ON DS.  Is anyone there?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!How about it???????
  • 2magicman

    Counting posts not personal

    I have noticed that You DS only count personal post the a member posts. Why don't you count the posts we post to others. It shows how active one and many members here how active a member is and will encurage others to post. It will create friends and relastions. It shows how dedicated a member is to DS and others and it's new members. And out of all that, it makes members feel good that they...
  • billwfriend

    more gateway 504 errors....

    what is going on here again? I am not a happy camper but hit refresh and it should post....
  • thirtypounds

    DS won't allow me to write a journal

    A box comes up with choose a title and that is all.  I would like to journal.  Do you think you can fix that?  Thank you so much.