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  • cedarbrooke

    Not Sure what Happened Maybe the Update on Nov 15

    I was getting e=mail alerts as to new hugs, journals or comments to my posts.Poof, gone.Since have gone in & sure enough most of my e-mail alerts were gone???????Explanation?????Are they working or not?   I've since reset them.ThanksBrooke
  • AdminTeamDS

    Database Maintenance Tomorrow (11/15/2017) AM

    Hi folks,Just a quick heads up, tomorrow (Wednesday, November 15) morning we will be performing some quick maintenance on the DS database. This may result in a brief site outage.We’ll post again when the maintenance is complete.Best,~TeamDS
  • Community LeaderWanderingVet


  • bobinmaine

    Problem publishing journals

    Is anyone else having this problem?I write a journal and save it as a draft.  I click edit, make a few changes and then I click publish at the bottom.  The only other option is to save as a draft but it will not publish. It only shows up in my draft folder.I think I will have to copy it and then click on new journal and publish it that way rather then save and then publish which is not...
  • Dooo

    Still no answer?????

    This has been happening for six weeks. There have been seven posts about it and a few pretty lengthy with concerned responses. It appears the site has been left as is with no repairs planned and looks that perhaps it is scheduled to be closed. No one from DS has replied. Errors are getting worse, things are getting eaten. I will be the second person to ask. If you plan on shutting down the site...
  • bobinmaine

    Is anyone else having this problem?

    When I send a message that is fairly long requiring me to enlarge the writing area, the ad on the right hand side superimposes onto the writing area creating a problem.I let DS know about it and they tell me I do not use the right browser for my ipad or phone, however, I am using a laptop computer which I neglected to tell them.  I am wondering if that makes a difference?
  • MyTrueColors

    friend request from someone that doesn't exist

    I've been gone for several days and I see things haven't changed much. I went to check out a "new" friend request by going to their profile to see who they were.  It says, "This member doesn't exist."If the member doesn't exist, then why the heck is there STILL a friend request?*sigh*Yeah, not much has changed... Tried to post this and got "The CSRF token is invalid. Please try to resubmit the...
  • Leo

    Hi, DS! We'd like to know, please

    If DS is going to fix the fundamentals of log-in, 500-whatever, 400-whatever, form submission, etc., errors.... We'd like to know. Thank you. I needed 17 tries to log in today. I've had CSRF form errors. I've had every 500-whatever error. All in the last two weeks. That's like, y'know, 5 years' worth of errors on the *old* DS site. Soooo.... More crickets chirping? Answers? Ideas? Thank you for...
  • AdminTeamDS

    Members Unable to Login Earlier (11/09/17)

    Hi folks,As many of you know, members were unable to login to their accounts this morning. You should now be able to login to your DailyStrength account. Please contact our support team (instructions below) if you’re still unable to login to your DailyStrength account.We do apologize for any inconvenience that this matter may have caused and we thank you all for being active members on...
  • Kate

    Empty nester

    missing my kids and have an empty feelings.  I need to find friends with similar feelings to relate.
  • Leo

    Dear ShareCare Inc...

    Or, should I say, Dr. Oz? And that guy who got WebMd started?If your goal is to make this so unfriendly to users that you can excuse shutting it down, then just shut it down. If your goal is to really provide a free, safe, supportive place... Then invest in fixing the site so that people can log in, post, reply, navigate, etc., without running into a plethora of errors to such a point that...
  • jolinejoline

    D(amned) S(low)

    D(ead) S(ite)?
  • Leo

    We're the crisis go-to?!

    Just found out that instead of sending people to the crisis sites/ hotlines, some sources out there are sending people in crisis to DS. Like we're chat-live cirsis support. Ummm.... If DS cares, could you investigate and see why anyone would send a person-in-crisis to a NONCRISIS resource? Thank you.
  • patti22


    I just saw my first ads back on DS in...I don't know how long!!***smiles***Just in time for black Friday!!!
  • patti22

    Thank You for Being a Friend

    Everytime there's an issue with the site, I'm reminded how much I LOVE and appreciate DS.I wish all the the programers luck in getting everything running smoother again soon!Patti