COPD & Emphysema Support Group

COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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  • Wiser

    End stage COPD with pf and dementia

    So worried about my 82 year old mother. Her health has taken a turn for the worse. She has COPD pf and dementia. A couple weeks ago her oxygen levels were dropping into the low 70. Last Monday it dropped to 63. The dr say it's end stage COPD. We had to admit her to a nursing facility with hospice. They have her on 14 lpm oxygen and her oxygen level is 88. I don't want her to suffer. Has anyone...
  • Peta44

    Pulmonary Rehabilitation Video

    There are loads of videos on you tube but here is one Published on 20 Nov 2014 The Toronto Western Hospital Pulmonary Rehabilitation Home Exercise DVD was created to help people with chronic lung disease learn to: - Be more active... more and watch the video here:
  • DottieJean


    I could sleep all day..........I have about 50 percent lung function is this normal????
  • Rogersbaby


    Hello, I just joined this group due to my problem with COPD I was hoping to meet people that are going through the same problem that I have or maybe been there. I just need someone to talk to that can understand!
  • jarca1

    COPD Support Group Suggestions

    I just wrote up a whole post of suggested COPD support group sites & seemed to have lost it when trying to copy & past it to a new topic to make more sense. So i'm rather upset on another "glitch" I seemed to have found. Because of cutting & pasting this seems to be in all size of font. I am sorry but could not find a way to fix that; so please enlarge your font to a size you can read...
  • Sunshine1

    Final stage

    Hello,First time here I'm terrified, doing in home hospice ,57 years old so isolated and confused ,some days I feel like I'm ready others I don't ,not much support from hospice 
  • missbehav


    I am only 46 and my doc says i have copd
  • Peta44

    Crafts at Home when you can't get out

    Any one who enjoys knitting or chrochet and has an abundance of wool, this is something to occupy the time and to give something to help those in need:Knit a square
  • missy2010

    How do people cope with copd and Emphysema

    Hi,Its my first time on here, I am struggling with multiple chronic illnesses and would love to hear from other people who are struggling and what coping mechanisms they may have any tips would be so helpful.
  • DottieJean


    Good Morning!  Could anyone tell me why I don't wheeze lying down but only when I am upright?  Also I am So tired all the time I could sleep all day.  Anyone have any ideas for that?  I hope you are all having a good day.Dotty
  • Briaaa


    Hi. I'm new here and have a question. Does anyone suffer from numbness in your feet? 
  • DorchesterJules

    one question - it's like eating one potato chip

    My 82 year old Mom has been fighting COPD for years. Her heart is enlarged, she has kidney issues, her lungs are pretty shot, and her doc told her to put together her "bucket list". A month later, she's relegated to the couch and her wheelchair. While lying, her legs are red and swollen and when she does put them down on the ground, they become even bigger. She's unable to wear her supportive...
  • Rogersbaby


    Feeling bad today had a spell last night and I'm hurting today! I'm just so tired of being sick all the time. It seems like I'm having more spells lately and they seem to be getting worse and worse.Going back to my family doctor next week I'm going to let him know what's going on. I'd appreciate any questions I need to ask that you think I need to ask. It just scares me and makes me mad all at...
  • Rogersbaby

    Who would have thought it

    I got up this morning and I've got a slight sore throat and my back is killing me! Of course living in Ms. doesn't help the weather will be in 70 then turn around and be 40% or lower so.......
  • jarca

    Albuterol PFT test = COPD

    when i have PFT tests done they do it "before & after" a dose of nebulized understanding is that if "after" shows a change then that means a person has asthma.if "after" has no change that means a person has COPDso; i used to have an albuterol inhaler (Ventolin HFA) and I told my dr it never seemed to help (at the time i just thought it was me).then i got sick & my dr ordered a...