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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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  • boyerc

    Need help with paying for my oxygen

    I am on oxygen and had to change companies do to losing welfare insurance now I have Obama care I can not afford the price and need my oxygen 
  • Peta44

    Air Pollution, Real Time World Wide

    I have just come across this link and it would be invaluable for lung folk to be aware, whether they are thinking of moving, going on holiday or just checking levels in their area of residence.Air Pollution - Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map
  • deleted_user

    Endo bronchial valve procedure

    Any one had this done ?Article dated 2006 below also Video can be viewed here : Easier with EmphysemaThoracic Surgeons Help Healthy Lung Tissue Expand in Emphysema PatientsApril 1, 2006 By implanting a valve through the bronchia, surgeons can now prevent air from getting trapped in emphysema-stricken lungs....
  • Peta44

    10 Smart Exercises for People with COPD

    Just a link to WeB MD site.  Slide show 1 of 16, keep clicking of the word Next. Rehabilitation is of course highly recommended for all those diagnosed with COPD. does help us breathe easier.  
  • DottieJean

    Breathing Patterns

    Lately I keeping subconciously blow air forcefully out of my lungs.  I have Emphysema.  Anyone know why or have experience with this?Thanks, Happy New YearDottie
  • Dave-Burris

    lets talk about it

    I am determined to get my health back, ( I am sick of being sick !!)I had gotten so bad that I was out of breath just standing up.So I decided to pull the plug, I had lost all hope ever getting better and did not want to continue living,So i told my son what my intentions were, and after a 3 hr conversationhe talked me into trying again to get my health back. He is very much into health and...
  • Peta44

    Happy New Year

  • deegran

    oxygen tubing reel

    Is there such a thing as an oxygen tubing reel? We (husband, dog, and me) keep tripping over all the tubing. Such a mess lying in the hallway. I've heard of threading it through screw-hanger things throughout the house. Has anyone done that? Does it work? Still getting used to this. Thanks!
  • Coolbreeze

    The 'E' in Exhalence

    Hi, I'm newly diagnosed 'E', understanding it, but not yet researched much. My Doctor advised me I had serious 'E' I was wondering as opposed to non-serious ? I'll go and ask her nurse what that means soon. Is it beneficial to identify Type & Stage of the disease (also pending question on my mind. Or, should I just go w the flow so to speak ?
  • lindainoz

    Exercise and Diet.

    I have just found and joined this COPD group. I live in outback Queensland, Australia and I want to thank your wonderfully informative group. I was Googling "Cause of increased sense of smell" as I find a lot of products that never used to worry me are now a problem, especially some perfumes worn by women in supermarkets and came across your site.I was given 18 months to live six years ago and...
  • Peta44


    Wishing every one a very happy Wednesday before ChristmasMay good cheer find its way into each and every one of our days.Keep on breathing.Best wishes to all Peta  
  • SoftFlower

    Easy to follow along lung exercises

    Begin each day with exercise!  It amazing how much More breath you have when you do.These are ever easy to follow, and I can tell you they really do help anyone with COPD at every stage... Breathing to you,Have a nice day,Love Always,Holly
  • I thought this might be interesting to those of us with COPD and it might help us understand how we COPE with the changes in our lives...Easy Breathing everyone!Love Always,HollyThe Body In The Chronic Illness Sociology Serious chronic illness challenges the unity between body and self and forces identity changes. Self and identity are core aspects of everyday experiences which is why perhaps...
  • californialynn

    Diagnosed with COPD About 5 Years Ago

    Hi,I have a number of autoimmune diseases and about 6 years ago had a pulmonary embolism. During that time it was discovered that I have COPD. [I quit smoking in 1985 but the effects remain.] I also have very mild asthma.Until recently I've been pretty well maintained on Spiriva. Lately it hasn't been as effective. I don't want to use steroids because of other drugs I take. Any suggestions?Lynn
  • jarca

    Albuterol PFT test = COPD

    when i have PFT tests done they do it "before & after" a dose of nebulized understanding is that if "after" shows a change then that means a person has asthma.if "after" has no change that means a person has COPDso; i used to have an albuterol inhaler (Ventolin HFA) and I told my dr it never seemed to help (at the time i just thought it was me).then i got sick & my dr ordered a...