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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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  • Shellsbells47

    Paint Fumes

    With spring on the way (I hope) my redecorating juices are flowing. I would love to spruce up our bedroom with a fresh coat of paint but I don't want to irritate my husband's lungs. I'm the one who would be doing the painting but even with windows open I know the fumes/smell can linger for several days. I've seen "no smell" paint advertised but have any of you ever used or been exposed to any of...
  • Docmend777777

    Trouble swallowing pills

    I have a friend of mine that has copd and Emphysema and is now having issues swallowing all size of pills.  My wife has copd and has a simular issue but not as severe.  Any suggestions?doc
  • hello I haven't been here in a very long time!  I use to be here everyday but when friends started to pass I just couldn't be here.  Im sorry for not coming back.   
  • Dave-Burris

    lets talk about it

    I am determined to get my health back, ( I am sick of being sick !!)I had gotten so bad that I was out of breath just standing up.So I decided to pull the plug, I had lost all hope ever getting better and did not want to continue living,So i told my son what my intentions were, and after a 3 hr conversationhe talked me into trying again to get my health back. He is very much into health and...
  • bhatfi


    does anyone have hair loss? Have had copd for over 5 years. Been on oxygen for 3 years. Am now using albuterol, brovana, pulmicort and something called ipropium in nebulizer. Also take 5mg of prednisone. Now suddenly in last 2 months my hair is coming out when I wash it and brush it. Have always had very thick hair so this is making me very nervous. My breathing has gotten worse so am stressful...
  • jarca1

    Invacare or Respironics Home Concentrator?

    Has anyone had problems with the Invacare Perfecto2 home concentrator?How about the Repironics Everflo Home concentrator?I Had an invacare from 2010 to 2014 that worked great for me. I liked that they have the external filter that I can wash weekly because I live in a real dusty area & that filter gets filthy every week. In 2014 I was told it was time I got a new Machine according to medicare 5...
  • Community LeaderWanderingVet


    70 y/0 male.  Pack a day smoker for 50+ years.  Recently diagnosed with 'early signs' of emphysema. Lately it has become apparent my lung capacity/function is compromised.  Cannot take a FULL breath.Doing research and making Doctor appointments immediatly (soon as I can get 'em).  I am SURE smoking cessation is in my near future.  That will be the first BIG challenge.  I have made INTENSE...
  • gracenme


    3 this is where some have gone. Gnott just joined not too long ago, along with a few others that had been here. not any of the old members here.
  • Mac12

    New to this

    Hi...I'm trying to create support for myself since I'm alone now (my best friend just passed) in end stage COPS with MAC and had a pneumothorax last month. Just need to find new friends & support navigating thru all this alone.
  • jarca1

    from the ds community forum yesterday'll see if the link button works)They claim that they are working on getting pictures back & addressing the "glitches" of this new board. I know many are as frustrated as I am and patience has never been my virtue so i'm going to stick around awhile to see if this board really does get the...
  • gracenme

    such a shame

    I have not seen a post here for awhile. wonder if others will pick up DS. sure no support here anymore. It helped me so much for the last few years
  • Hi everyone,I am panicking and would really appreciate if somebody could look at my spirometry values.About myself: i am 28, 1,84m and weigh around 78kgMy results came back as following:Predicted values: FVC=5.09, FEV1=4.24, FEV1/FVC82.2, PEF=10.42, FEF2575=4.66Pre bronchodihaltor: FVC=8.35(164%pred), FEV1=5.72(135%pred), FEV1/FVC=68.5(83%pred), PEF=12.65(121%pred), FEF2575=3.88(83%pred)Post...
  • Hi,Its my first time on here, I am struggling with multiple chronic illnesses and would love to hear from other people who are struggling and what coping mechanisms they may have any tips would be so helpful.
  • bonniez

    Somebody screwed up a good forum.

    What the he**? Some idiot thought a Twitter format would work here? Somebody screwed up a good forum on COPD that I had come to depend on for information and inspiration to battle this disease. There's no way to converse here. I'm in stage 4...end stage...I'm out of here. I'm deleting this bookmark. I'm looking for a new COPD forum. I need a site that's a REAL FORUM.
  • Peta44

    COPD & Taking care of emotional health

    From the Cleveland Clinic - on Coping with COPDTake care of your emotional healthYour diagnosis of COPD, your symptoms, changes in your energy, and your concern for the future might cause you and your loved ones to feel angry, depressed, worried, or overwhelmed. Your concerns are normal. As you begin taking charge of your health and making positive changes, you might find these feelings start to...