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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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  • deleted_user

    Does moderate COPD always become severe?

    My COPD has gone from mild to moderate stage over a two year period. I do not smoke but did years ago. I am now widowed and no longer around second hand smoke either - also has been years.My cardiologist seems to think that we can keep the COPD from progressing further. He also wants me to us Advair which never seemed to help in the past and any kind of steroids make my blood pressure and...
  • torianne

    Lots of changes in my life

    where in the world has the old daily strength gone?  This feels and looks totally different.  True its been a long time since I was an active member, but where are my friends? I hope to get some emotional support (and to give some, too) from this site, so I will try it for awhile.  Is there anyone on here from the 'old group"?I have just been given an idea of how long I can expect to live--I...
  • Pinka

    Bronchiolitis Obliterana

    Bronchiolitis ObliteransSo today I finally saw a specialist. Head of respiratory no less.I finally 'officially' got my diagnosis.(My practice nurse had already told me a month ago, as they had been sent a letter)I feel like today was a massive kick in the heart.He didn't even tell me all that much about the disease, but what I gathered from today is, because I have Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) this...
  • jdbrunette70

    Looking for support in Calgary.... I'm very down

    I am a 47 yr old man with COPD, severe. Just got it 10 years ago, as both my siter and I have alpha anti trypsen deficency. I am extremely depressed the last few days, and I dont know how to shake it, or who to talk to. When I was healthy, many years ago, I would go womanizing or get drunk to shake feeling this bad. My dear sister recieved a double lung transplant 15 months ago, she was doing so...
  • Bettyrunge

    Pat Lewis.

    Many thanks for the advice.Truly, I appreciate it.But social workers are not exactly my idea of where to look for help. It is frustrating that I can't walk. It is getting harder and more painful to try every day. It just infuriates me. I try to at least hobble around the porch but that takes too much breath. And now I'm getting fat. I live with my daughter who is an engineer. She is retiring in...
  • proudDad

    New Oxygen tube reel

    Friends...wanted to make everyone aware of a new device for managing oxygen tubing. I know this affects a lot of folks on here, so I hope this helps. The website is and they have a coule of videos demonstrating the product. It costs $99, so it's not too bad. If anyone has used this, please post and let us know if it's a good product. Thanks!
  • oldretiredguy


    Hi everyone, have had emphysema for about 9 years now still mild to moderate, had a rough patch last april after minor foot surgery, would up in Hospital for 7 days for pnuemonia. lately I have been getting sharp stabbing pains in the vicinity of the heart, its not my heart have had every test known to man to rule out heart problems, pain can be sharp or burning anyone have any siniliar issues,...
  • bcat9251

    New member

    Hello,  I'm new here and trying to navigate through this site.   I've had emphysema for 19 years and I am getting close to the end stage.  Most days I do pretty well,  I am down to 30% lung capacity.   I try my best to stay healthy because I know next time I have an exacerbation it could be really bad.  Hoping to find some support here and to also give support to anyone who needs it.  Take...
  • Vikinvictusi

    Let me introduce myself....

    Hi my name is Victoria, have endstage CIPD/Emphysema. I'm a single mother of 2 daughters and they are my soul. Celebrating my 5029th bday on Sat. Just trying to find some peace of mind, some understanding and acceptance. I've started isolating out of not accepting situation etc. I have so much life left in me....not ready to Sat I'm done...I'm just not done. Anyhoo, I hope to meet some humans...
  • Bettyrunge

    Can't walk

    Why can't I walk ?? I can sort of painfully hobble as far as the bathroom, bent over double, with awful pain in my back. Have been thru 2 orthopedic surgeons, 2 GPS, 4 PAs, a PAD specialist, and a neurologist. Have had 4 x-rays, 4blood tests and an MRI. No results have been shown or explained to me. Am 87, have emphesema, very hi and hard to control blood pressure and bad acid reflux but nothing...
  • jarca

    one year later

    Over a year later. Many frustrating messages & emails when today I get an email from DS and they found my account. Go figure. 
  • Bettyrunge

    The bell with it

    I've made several replies to posts from people who want to talk to others with emphysema. I haven't had much advice or encouragement to offer I am 87, have emphysema, very hi and hard to control blood pressure, acute acid reflux and neuropathy. I can't walk, eat or breathe without a lot of pain. I had to give up my home, which I really loved, and come to live with my daughter. I am so...
  • gracenme


    Boy wish this site was like it used to be. I am having problems. so sob all the ime ,had pulm dr appt. sending for echo on heart cause heartrate too fast. ct scan and sending me back to pulmonary rehab. this short of breath been going on for awhile. do walks every other day for at least 30 min being sob the whole time. I get so tired of living trying and struggling to breathe. I feel like I am...
  • Bettyrunge


    Is anyone on prednisone ?? If so, for what and with what results ??
  • Rogersbaby

    Who would have thought it

    I got up this morning and I've got a slight sore throat and my back is killing me! Of course living in Ms. doesn't help the weather will be in 70 then turn around and be 40% or lower so.......