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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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  •'ll see if the link button works)They claim that they are working on getting pictures back & addressing the "glitches" of this new board. I know many are as frustrated as I am and patience has never been my virtue so i'm going to stick around awhile to see if this board really does get the...
  • My wife has copd, chf and Parkinsons. She is under Hospice care but most of the time i am caregiving. Doc put her on morphine long lasting pills and addl bumex. Just walking to the bathroom with walker gets her so winded and SOB. What can i do to help? She already taking xanax and break through liquid morphine. I just want her to breathe easy and be comfortable. Thabk you
  • What the he**? Some idiot thought a Twitter format would work here? Somebody screwed up a good forum on COPD that I had come to depend on for information and inspiration to battle this disease. There's no way to converse here. I'm in stage 4...end stage...I'm out of here. I'm deleting this bookmark. I'm looking for a new COPD forum. I need a site that's a REAL FORUM.
  • This is so sad. I felt comfortable here and got to know a few here, its really sad to lose that. I wonder what hapened to some like jim, silverfox. and a few others , whatsaname . I know somw where having trouble and just wonder about them. I hope you all stop in sometimes, to say how you are.this is so sad
  • Mamasdarlin

    End Stage COPD?

    My wife's hospice doctor refers to her stage of COPD as end stage. I have been reading about end-stage COPD and it says they will stop wanting food. My wife eats a LOT, especially on the predisone it has increased her appetite. She will get SOB very easily and have to wear the trilogy machine during the day as well. How do I know for real what stage she is at? She has also recently been...
  • Hi,Its my first time on here, I am struggling with multiple chronic illnesses and would love to hear from other people who are struggling and what coping mechanisms they may have any tips would be so helpful.
  • jarca1

    "Inspire" support groups

    Has anyone tried the "Inspire" support groups?It is like DS that has many different groups along with several lung groups like COPD. Pulmonary Fibrosis, Lung Cancer, Sarcoidosis, astma etc.It also has anxiety, chronic pain and so many groups (like DS only possibly more conditions are covered). They even have caregiver support groups a hospice & bereavment group & groups for those loved ones that...
  • Peta44

    LOL - it aint easy

    Navigating the new site - spotted a few who had the same difficulty.What's happened to the hugs, I know of at least one special lady who needs some hugs right now.Have fun getting used to the new 'improved' DSOh yes, my lungs are doing ok, more exercise I do more improved they seem to become.Hot humid whether and cold damp still affects breathing though.Have a great easy breathing week one and...
  • The following is an interesting, informative article about low oxygen levels and its impact on our health.
  • Now I don't remember what I did to get to it . . . hmmmmm
  • I just wrote up a whole post of suggested COPD support group sites & seemed to have lost it when trying to copy & past it to a new topic to make more sense. So i'm rather upset on another "glitch" I seemed to have found. Because of cutting & pasting this seems to be in all size of font. I am sorry but could not find a way to fix that; so please enlarge your font to a size you can read easily....
  • gwapo

    Any Opinion??

    A friend of mine is in ICU...been there just on a week....She is having issues with very low oxygen levels and high carbon dioxide...So is on Bi-pap....Trouble is they are not making any progress to stabilise her....I understand the situation but not sure what the next step would need to be taken, as everything so far is not working.......I will just copy n paste her comments to make it...
  • Briaaa


    Hi. I'm new here and have a question. Does anyone suffer from numbness in your feet?
  • Community Leadersambod

    hi there

    in the DS community group, Ds has posted a thread of things they are working on. Thought i would post it here so people could have a look.
  • Peta44

    Avatar image

    I know there are some very kind and friendly people on site, I wonder if one or more could explain how they achieved their avatar image in this new set up?I can get to Profile, Edit then select new Avatar image, (I saw no instructions about size of image at all) I clicked on Save after selecting my image and the system kept asking me to update a field with exclamation mark in yellow. Could not...