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COPD is a progressive disease characterized by airflow obstruction or limitation. Emphysema is characterized by loss of elasticity of the lung tissue, destruction of structures supporting the alveoli and of capillaries feeding the alveoli. Both have symptoms that include shortness of breath, among other respiratory troubles. If you are a COPD or Emphysema sufferer, join the group and find support.

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  • jarca

    one year later

    Over a year later. Many frustrating messages & emails when today I get an email from DS and they found my account. Go figure. 
  • Bettyrunge

    The bell with it

    I've made several replies to posts from people who want to talk to others with emphysema. I haven't had much advice or encouragement to offer I am 87, have emphysema, very hi and hard to control blood pressure, acute acid reflux and neuropathy. I can't walk, eat or breathe without a lot of pain. I had to give up my home, which I really loved, and come to live with my daughter. I am so...
  • Bettyrunge

    Can't walk

    Why can't I walk ?? I can sort of painfully hobble as far as the bathroom, bent over double, with awful pain in my back. Have been thru 2 orthopedic surgeons, 2 GPS, 4 PAs, a PAD specialist, and a neurologist. Have had 4 x-rays, 4blood tests and an MRI. No results have been shown or explained to me. Am 87, have emphesema, very hi and hard to control blood pressure and bad acid reflux but nothing...
  • gracenme


    Boy wish this site was like it used to be. I am having problems. so sob all the ime ,had pulm dr appt. sending for echo on heart cause heartrate too fast. ct scan and sending me back to pulmonary rehab. this short of breath been going on for awhile. do walks every other day for at least 30 min being sob the whole time. I get so tired of living trying and struggling to breathe. I feel like I am...
  • Bettyrunge


    Is anyone on prednisone ?? If so, for what and with what results ??
  • Rogersbaby

    Who would have thought it

    I got up this morning and I've got a slight sore throat and my back is killing me! Of course living in Ms. doesn't help the weather will be in 70 then turn around and be 40% or lower so.......
  • Sunshine1

    Final stage

    Hello,First time here I'm terrified, doing in home hospice ,57 years old so isolated and confused ,some days I feel like I'm ready others I don't ,not much support from hospice 
  • bcat9251

    Hair loss

    Hello everyone.   I just joined the group this morning.  I am a member of a couple of other groups also.  Does anyone else have trouble with hair loss?  I have had copd for almost 20 years but just in the last few months I have experienced hair loss.   It's getting so bad that I'm considering getting a wig, but they are so expensive.   Hope everyone is having a good day. 
  • Trickeyboy

    Stage 1 - will it lead to stage 4

    HiI have recently been diagnosed with COPD after a hiking trip where I got short of breath, on a day to day baisis I still work, I am Ok walking,can manage some stairs , I go out , but I fear this will get much worse, I gave up smoking 10 years agoHow does this progress , can we control it , I am confused with all the things I read on the internet
  • zen800

    Doxfylline tablets

    Has anybody used or is on Doxofylline tablets for their condition.  Could you give me your opinion please?
  • deleted_user

    Retractable Reel for Oxygen Tubing Available

    ****Information found at I don't know the price, etc. but this appears helpful. ******The Patented Retractable Oxygen Tubing ReelStore your oxygen tubing easily and effectively with the patented retractable oxygen tubing reel from Reel Standards, LLC. The Retractable Oxygen Tubing Reel, or ROTR, was created to provide oxygen patients with a safer, more convienient way of...
  • B.Baby


    Anyone here use Anoro Ellipta? I just got my first prescription and need to start tomorrow. I've been on the nebulizer with Albuterol, Spiriva and Seravent. The insurance quit paying for Spiriva so I'm going to try the Anoro. Anybody yhave any experience with it?
  • Rogersbaby


    On the link for the Canadian Forum it won't let me do anything. It says to verify your not a robot and I did but it won't go through so? I'm not sure what to do!!!Help
  • Carnac

    COPD support

    I may have figured out how to get back into this site and participate and hopefully learn more about managing COPD. (Maybe I should be trying to joining a computer support group)Note: I have joined a "Better Breathers" group that meets once a month in Hayward California. If you have such a thing in your area, I strongly suggest you check-it-out.
  • jarca

    Albuterol PFT test = COPD

    when i have PFT tests done they do it "before & after" a dose of nebulized understanding is that if "after" shows a change then that means a person has asthma.if "after" has no change that means a person has COPDso; i used to have an albuterol inhaler (Ventolin HFA) and I told my dr it never seemed to help (at the time i just thought it was me).then i got sick & my dr ordered a...