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Color blindness is the inability to perceive differences between some or all colors that other people can distinguish. It is most often of genetic nature, but may also occur because of eye, nerve, or brain damage, or due to exposure to certain chemicals. Color blind? Join the group and discuss your challenges and experiences.

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  • deleted_user

    Can't remember colors? What's wrong with me?

    Since I was little I've struggled with a red-green color deficiency. I accepted this diagnosis just fine until I got older and realized that I just can't remember colors. There are colors I get right far more often than others... pure yellows and navy blues are my strongest colors. Reds, Greens, Purples, Browns, Oranges etc... I get wrong almost every time but never wrong in the same way. There's...
  • brenalve

    My Grandpas Color Blind Glasses

    Hello everyone! I am a young, 18-year-old college student who would love to get my grandpa the best Christmas present of his life. My Grandpa was born colorblind and has been unable to see the beautiful colors we see every day. Now, almost 80 years old, I would love to give him the gift of beautiful, vibrant colors. Every donation is highly appreciated. Hopefully I can reach my goal before...
  • am1234

    Survey on colourblindness

    Hey guys, I'm from Sydney and doing a research project on colour blindness for school, i need some more people to fill out my survey, it's completely anonymous and only takes two minutes. Any responses would be greatly appreciated and anyone with any inquiries or wishing to see the final product is more than welcome to contact me, details are in the description of the survey...
  • colourblindstudy

    colourblind survey

    Hi there!I am a colourblind student that is interested in common colourblind characteristics. is a survey that I made, about if some traits are related to colourblindness. i would appreciate if you could this survey.Thanks!
  • deleted_user

    Color blindness in one eye

    I was just wondering if it was normak to be color blind in one eye only. i was also told that color blindness can only happen in men. I think that is a load cuz not only am i color blind but I'm only color blind in one ey. I was just wondering other peoples opinions.
  • deleted_user

    Color identifier

    Dear all,We're MBA students and we're planning on launching a color identifier device for color blindness. It would be a simple and portable device and not a phone app. Would you use it? Do you use the applications available? Pros and cons?Looking forward to hearing from you.Thank you in advance.
  • mandymt61

    Exclusive to males

    Is color blindness only a male disease?I have a brother who is color blind and he informs me that it is a condition exclusive to males, and it's passed down from our mother's father to her, and onto my brother.I have two other brothers and neither of them are color blind, any ideas as to why that is?
  • arnab2015

    Homoeopathic cure of colour blindness

    ALl my dear friends I can understand what are you going through in terms of career and day to day life for your colour blindness. I had been through this many years before but for last 8yrs I am enjoying a life free from colour deficiency. Dr Sumitra in India treats colour blindness for last 11 years. And I wish she would help many people like me and the best part is my children are free from...
  • What initiative is needed to correct these problems in electronic industry?Luminance clue is a beneficial way for the colour blindness. By enhancing the brightness difference between the colours is perceived.Colour defect is more noted in matt surfaces and soiled components, the use of glossy finish would overcome this problem.Bright colour and good illumination levels greatly assist the colour...
  • We are in production for a film about colorblindness. If you're color-blind, you probably don't mind it very much. Most people aren't affected by their color-blindness. This is a film about those whose lives are utterly dictated by their condition, and documents their struggle to overcome unemployment, incarceration, and even death.If this is something that interests you, click the link below to...
  • akacountrygirl

    Getting dressed.

    Hi. My brother is color blind and he has a 3 yr old daughter that he dresses every morning before daycare. He gets upset because he can't tell whether or not her clothes match when he sends her off in the morning.Any suggestions on how he can be sure to have the perfect outfit??
  • deleted_user

    Just thought you might like to know

    Hi people I do pre employment medicals( among heaps of other stuff) every day,one thing I check is colour vision- out of 25 people a day I would say 4 a day are colour deficient . I have had people that are electricians,police men ,spray painters,and some work in a casino. They have special glasses that are correcting the defect. These glasses look very fashionable and no one would know.Most...
  • Knottedprism

    Just Remember......

    Just remember your not the only one, I am sure that there are other out there like us and that with time and the knowledge and resources we will find others that will be able to communicate how they feel too. I am happy to find a friend that is somewhat in my same situation... I know that I am not all the way color blind, but with this form of albinism it has been different in looking into...
  • deleted_user

    Can color Blindness be cured

    Do you think color blindness is a curable desease?
  • deleted_user

    Reason For color blindness in children

    What is the reason for color blindness in infants?