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Cocaine addiction is the excessive intake of cocaine, and can result in physiological damage, lethargy, depression, or a potentially fatal overdose. Though the immediate craving to do more cocaine is strong and very common, this feeling usually subsides in most users within an hour. This craving can, as it has in many users, develop rather quickly into an intense psychological addiction.

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  • rebelk123

    my boyfriend is an addict.

    my boyfriend, and father of my two children and i reside together. He tends to blame me for "not letting him be a dad" in which he resorts to his drug issues. Ultimately, he left for rehab, we were on good terms when he left. He has been gone for 3 weeks, and i have not heard from him once. I live with him, in his house. We are not married, so i cannot get any information from the rehab...
  • Nmmiller17

    Looking for help w coping skills for the strong ur

    Hi I just joined this website. I have been having problems w cocaine since I was 19 I'm 32 now... for the last 2 years I have really wanted to kick this addiction. I have realized I get maybe a week sober then I get a very strong craving or urge especially after I drink. I am an alcoholic as well and that's what usually triggers it. It's almost like an itch. I am a bartender so I'm constantly...
  • Becca28448


    en i started at University 14 years ago i was so clean living, hardly drank, had never tried a cigarette. Desperate to impress a guy i had my eye on i started going to clubs and taking pills. That was the start of a slippery slope. Some people can have a bit of something and then go to bed and have a good nights sleep. Not me. Over the last few years i have started doing cocaine. It started with...
  • lex86

    Please help

    I was with my girlfriend for almost 7months. When we first me it was amazing. She's funny and her personality would attract anyone. In the early stages she mentioned that she does cocaine and if I'm ok with that. Me being naive I said I'm fine as she also said she doesn't do it a lot.Without going into detail she had a traumatic time in her childhood, she was once abused sexually. That horrible...
  • Lol48


    This is my first time on here. I am 31 and have a cocaine addiction. My partner of 12 years is also in the same situation. Over the last 5years our addiction has put a huge strain on our relationship. We are currently living sperately in the hope we can kick our addiction. But every time we spend time 2gether we use cocaine. Almost like we are each other's triggers.I so badly want a normal drug...
  • Loogee

    New member

    I'm new hear thanks for taking the time to read a little about me.. I'm 32 an addict and litterly broken over my cocaine addiction I am hear for the same reason as anyone else trying to find ways to live a life whithout cocaine addiction skills to deal with cravings and so on thanks 
  • dysfunctionallyfunctional


    i have been sober for 10, going on 11 years.  Over the years, I have had some intense dreams about using drugs and in the dreams, it feels like I am high.  Just this week, I had a craving for the drug and it came out of nowhere.  Why does this happen, and how long does it last?
  • cantstop38

    Please tell me what to do

    I feel so alone and I can't stand to look at myself. My one true friend, my mom, has said she is now finished with me after I admitted to her that I had another relapse and smoked crack.I don't feel sorry for myself, I am surprised she has tried to help and not given up before. I am beyond selfish and I wish I had the guts to finish things once and for all.I knew this would happen if I told her...
  • Amylee17

    My bf is a crack addict. Help.

    Hello My name is amy. My bf is a crack addict. The last few months have been a repetitive cycle of him smoking it running away from mine and ignoring me, having no communication with him for a week or so until he comes around but then it will happen again. About two weeks ago this happened and i thought fuck it and went to his mums and caught him there and then. We spoke and i told him i would...
  • 6 months ago I started having a few lines on Friday after work to now I'm spending 3 to 400 pound a week on it. Last used last night and I've had enough of it. I'm struggling to quit. I've been using every other day   I want a end to this and I'm hoping and wanting the help
  • craving


    I want to smoke crack.  WTF is wrong with me.  I live in a beautiful home, I am smart and well educated.  I have so much going for me but I love the high.  I just hate what it does to me. Sometimes I just want to run away for a bit and do what I think will bring me temporary relief from my obsessive mind.  I have been through hell and back so many times bc of this drug yet it temps me.
  • imreachingout


    hi all it's taken me a lot too finally admit I have an addiction and hopefully receive some guidance and advice. Bad personal experiences from you guys could help by scaring me. Anyway, back 10 months ago I never once experienced any kind of illegal drug in which I never had any interest or temptations to even experience the highs. But 10 months ago I split up with my girl friend because she...
  • DanielJ

    Why ?

    Why cant we remember the after effect that coke has on our bodies the bloody nose , the pain ,the aftermath!!!Lets face it cocaine aint even nice but i have still spent in excess of 100k on it
  • Ryder

    Reality has hit

    So been fooling myself that I can stop at any time and always tell myself one last ticket and I'm need the help to pull myself out of this spiral 
  • ronzero

    I'm concerned

    im new so my cocaine addiction crept up on me I've been thinking about cocaine and taking cocaine every week now.  Nobody knows and I know I've got a problem.  Just need some help before something bad happens.  My wife doesn't know should I tell her?  I hope she would support me. I've been using atleast a year now I guess.