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Bell's palsy (facial palsy) is characterised by facial drooping on the affected half, due to malfunction of the facial nerve, which controls the muscles of the face. Bell's palsy is the most common cause of acute facial nerve paralysis and affects about 40,000 people in the United States every year. Additional symptoms that may accompany the condition are pain around the ear and loss of taste.

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  • NormalBlob

    Bells Palsy Recovery

    Hi. I woke up one morning with Bells Palsy back in April. I am still struggling everyday. I can smile and  see the top of my teeth which is a major improvement, however, my eye is constantly irritated, red, full of drainage and mucus. I have to tape my eye close every night after putting in gel. When I don't tape my eye shut I wake up with my eye extremely dried out. I do know it's getting...
  • Jwebbmoore

    When it seems completely random.

    Good Morning Everyone,I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy 1 week ago from today. I had never heard of this before until then. The day before it happened, I noticed constant twitching of my left eyelid. I thought it was because I slept poorly the night before. The day before that, I remember feeling sudden shooting ear pain in my left ear, but only for a few seconds. The morning of the day I was...
  • Me35


    Hello all,I was just diagnosed two days ago with BP. I was wondering if anyone else experienced jaw pain like back under the jaw bone close to the ear? It's painful and comes and goes.  More noticeable when talking. I am wondering if I should be taking time off from work or if most of you worked through it? Any advice is helpful and much appreciated. 
  • Augie619

    Bell's Palsy Pt. 2

    Hi everyone. I was 14 when I was first diagnosed with Bell's Palsy. It was painful and lasted about a month. Now I am 24 and it has unfortunately returned. A couple days ago my taste buds had disappeared and later on that day, behind my left ear was in a lot of pain. I remembered these symptoms from last time and I knew what was coming. My left eye constantly waters, the left side of my face has...
  • Gigi123


    Facial drooping started 4 days ago. Have had ct both with and without contrast as well as MRI and blood work. Everything looked good on all tests but I was diagnosed with TIA. I'm not convinced because only face is involved, forehead is affected and tia symptoms should not last this long. Could I have been misdiagnosed? I believe it is bell's palsy
  • Raincat

    Recently diagnosed BP

    Evening all, I've recently diagnosed with BP on 6/8/17.My husband noticed my right side had drooped on Friday.I was worse on Sunday and I went to Accident and Emergency.They diagnosed me and prescribed Antivirals and steroids. My right eye is painful and sore.My left side I have chronic earache and left sided pain.My eye continually waters and it's painful to the touch.My speech is slurred and I...
  • Misbehaven

    Recovering from Bells Palsy

    Hello all!I'm 29 and almost 33 weeks pregnant. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy on June 11th at about 25 weeks pregnant. My uncle had it several years prior to my onset and I had read an article a couple weeks before about how pregnant woman are more susceptible. So of course I think to myself, gee wouldn't that be a kick in the pants, that if on top of the hypertension and gestational diabetes,...
  • yse

    Extremely watery eye

    hi,I was diagnosed with BP about 2 weeks ago it's been a really rough time for me. For the past day my right eye ( paralyzed one) has been so watery it's like it's crying. Is this normal ? This is really uncomfortable
  • becs

    Day 5

    Hi everyone, I came down with Bells on Sunday the 15th July. I had been dealing with a nasty chest infection and sorest throat I've ever experienced similar to tonsillitis.  I had a bit of a dull ache in my right ear and upon eating my dinner on the Saturday eve, I noticed my tongue was a bit numb but assumed it was from all the difflam throat spray I had been using. Then on Sunday I woke not...
  • mandy89

    day 13

    Hello to all reading this post! I am assuming your somewhere right now reading this while struggling to keep your one eye from drying out. I am 27 years old with BP. It has been 13 days for me today since I was told I have Bells Palsy AGAIN. Nine years ago I had Bells Palsy that lasted about a week with no pain and made a full recovery.Today I am desperate for any pain relief behind my ear. The...
  • lkmorley312

    One Month In

    Hello, I'm glad to have found this group. I was diagnosed with Bell's on June 25th and have been living with it since. Prior to being diagnosed I had an allergic reaction at work about four days before. I had a steroid shot to help with the hives and swelling but afterwards I noticed that my tongue was numb, I didn't think anything of it. That was until the 25th.I woke up from a nap and my mouth...
  • sinkmops


    Hi there, DS Bell's Palsy group.I was diagnosed with BP on June 3rd, 2017. On the day of diagnosis, I woke up groggy, with the same headache and neckache and faceache I'd been experiencing since the day before. (In fact, I'd called to speak to an advice nurse and then a doctor at Kaiser the day before, who told me I likely had something viral going on and left it at that.) I decided to go and...
  • Angeleyez302

    Bells palsy

    Today is day six and I went to the hospital on day one when my lips and face started to feel numb they did tests and blood work and figured it out and I have something called bells palsy they gave me mediction on top of that I have a ear infection in the same side I have been,doing a lot of reading is anyone taking vitamin b12 to helps the,nerves if so how do you take I think my face has gotten...
  • Rylan

    Synkenisis and Bells Palsy

    Hi,I'm 59 and diagonised with Bell's Palsy 9/16.  I visited 2 neurologists withing 3 months of diagnosis, and last one said I was a 10, being 10 is the worse.  Then was told there was nothing else he could do for me.  I have gone regularily to accupucturist.  2/3 times a month.  I have taken multi-vitamens, B-12 and tumeric. I exercise and play Pickleball 4 times a week.  In the beginning I...
  • DivideByOrange

    Day 3 - Thoughts

    So about 10 days ago, my throat glands got really swollen which indicated to me I was about to become very ill. Felt like the onset of some kind of flu. Fatigue and muscle/headaches set in, but it wasn't like your typical head virus, felt like a gut bug. At any rate things progressed from there.At the end of last week, I spontaneously lost my sence of taste on the right side. Which really sucked...