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Behcet's disease (also known as Adamantiades-Behcet's disease), is a chronic condition due to disturbances in the body's immune system. This system, which normally protects the body against infections by producing controlled inflammation, becomes overactive and produces unpredictable outbreaks of exaggerated inflammation. This extra inflammation affects blood vessels.

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  • jazzmin60185

    behcets in NM, and lonely

    my name is Robyn, I got diagnosed with behcets ( and multiple other illnesses)3 years ago. I had been sick for years with symptoms that really did not make sense and were pretty uncommon. I have been in and out of the hospital since then, and on pretty high daily pain meds. It is so lonely and depressing. I just want a friend, since most of my friends left me after I was in the hospital time and...
  • deleted_user

    Medicine and treatment for Behcets

    I have read several posts and answered as much as I could. I wondered how each one of you who have posted found your DX? What was your first symptom.Secondly. how many of you read on your disease and know if you have Neuro-Behcets? If you do have Neuro-Behcets do you know it can be dangerous untreated? One of our Arizona Behcets woman died last month. This was heart breaking but she isolated...
  • deleted_user

    C Reactive Protein Levels

    Hi All,Just wondering about the inflammatory marker, CRP (C reactive protein). On my most recent blood test, my CRP came back at 78, which my rheumy said was extremely high (normal being around 5). What I am wondering is whether that is high for a "normal" person or whether that's high for someone with Behcet's. Does anyone know what their CRPs levels tend to be? I am just wondering whether I...
  • deleted_user

    Want to chat?

    Hi :) My name is Maree and I have been diagnosed with Bechets for 15 years now. I have 4 children and a wonderful husband who supports me and stands by me no matter what. I am really interested in getting to know other people who also have Bechets. I have never actually met anyone who has the same condition and i think it would be nice to be able to talk to someone who understands exactly how...
  • deleted_user

    Genital Herpes vs behcet's diagnosis

    I have Sjogrens syndrome and have been suffering with a multitude of symptoms associated with this including cranial neuropathies, nerve damage to one of my eyes, extremey dry mouth/eyes, extreme taste distortions - currently for past year everything tastes like salt, extreme fatigue, depression and anxiety caused by the above. Now to complicate matters - I make an appointment with my primary...
  • deleted_user

    the last twelve months

    hey everyone. just joined today (8.15.10). i guess i don't really have a specific thought. i just wanted to share what i've been experiencing to see if anyone else can that they or i don't feel like we are loosing our minds. i started getting the usual symptoms about twelve months ago. mouth and genital lesions, etc. after months of seeing many doctors (dentist, general...
  • harrymcintyre

    Bechets has beaten me

    I've got Bechets, for as long as I can remember. Haven't worked for 2 years since my last bad flare up which had me in hospital and since then I've just gone no where in life. Pretty much given up on everything, it's the impossible illness. I get so fatigued easily, and if I feel one ounce of stress then it's really bad for me and destroys me, and I get really bad anxiety these days which affects...
  • mom2gamers

    Colcichine reaction

    HII have two boys 20 and 24 who are newly diagnosed with BD. They are avid online gamers and I would like to connect them to others with BD who are gamers also as a way to keep them from becoming too isolated. Anyway.... they have mild Behcets and were put on Colcichine for inflammation and found that it immediately helped ulcers on arms and practically made tinnitus go away. My question is if...
  • deleted_user

    Just telling my story.

    I have been diagnosed with Behcet's for 9 years now. My disease has been extremely severe. I was hospitalized last month for a week, when an ulcer in my small intestine went through a vein and I almost bled to death. This has affected my eyes, ulcerated my mouth and genitals, given me severe pains in my joints, and caused gastroparesis. Whenever they draw blood, (which is often) I get a horrible...
  • deleted_user

    healing with behcet's, skin issues. flare course

    Do you guys have a hard time healing? Slow healing, lots of scars? Since things have gotten bad for me, I seem to be healing horribly. A spot from an IV turned into a blister and then scarred months later. I have a spot on my leg that was a hair that was growing right under the top layer of skin, I just scratched it open so the hair could come out, didn't even bleed, and 2 months later I...
  • GreenGirl66

    Same boat.

    I have not yet met a single soul with Behcets and am amazed there are so many here. I would really appreciate your tales of survival and such. If there is any one willing to strike up a connection please let me know. My Behcets is internal, my whole digestive track and of course all mucous membranes are affected. Recently due to serve neurological symptoms plus one stroke already, I had a brain...
  • deleted_user

    Nero Behcets

    My son has nero behcets , it started 2.5 years ago he was being treated at the U of Michigan hospital. It has affected his speech and his coridination . His treatments at the U of Michigan where helping but he keeps having setbacks . We have just returned from seeing Dr. Yacizi in New York . Dr. Yacizi has sent his recommendations to my sons doctor at U of M. My doctor at U of M does not want...
  • squeakyhiccups

    New to Group

    Hi everyone!I'm Diane and I was born with Behcet's. I was diagnosed at age one and have since had a lot of troubles with my health. Doctors began questioning my original diagnosis a year ago as my symptoms don't all fit under the Behcet's umbrella. Although I've been to various doctors no one can find one disorder that fits my symptoms and my diagnosis has since moved to "behcet's-like" as my...
  • doug15

    Behcet's Disease Varies in severity

    My Daughter, went to eye Dr. yesterday, and no Uveitis seen by optometrist, although she needs glasses for astigmatism.Anyways, her last "flare up" was about a year ago in Thailand, and they told her she had "herpes" and gave her strong anti-viral medication that made her ill. Evidently, they did not know of Behcet's" and may tend to over treat for STD in Thailand. Anyways, I work in hospital,...
  • deleted_user

    Not sure if this is also Behcet's

    I've had severe Crohn's disease for a little over two years now. When I first got sick, the doctors were trying to decide between Crohn's and Behcet's, because though I had a lot of Crohn's symptoms: diarrhea, weight loss, fever, arthritis, skin pustules, many of those overlap with Behcet's, and I also had many mouth ulcers and internal vaginal ulcers that look just like the mouth ulcers.I...