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Asthma is a disease of the human respiratory system where the airways narrow, often in response to a "trigger" such as exposure to an allergen, cold air, exercise, or emotional stress. This airway narrowing causes symptoms such as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and coughing, which respond to bronchodilators.

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Natural Asthma Cures?

Hello I'm new to this board but I suffer from Asthma and have my whole life. I'm 29 male. I wanted to know if anyone has found any natural cures for asthma. I have googled a few but i wasn't sure if anyone has found any natural cures that work.

I currently take Albuterol.




Some people say hot cup of tea might help your asthma. You could try to breath slow and relax. I was born with asthma. I will alway have it. I know it not fun have asthma. Sometime my asthma can be good and other time it can be bad. My asthma can be real bad when it very hot outside. In the winter my asthma is little better. Sometime when I get sick my asthma can bother me. With asthma we have to watch what kind of med we take. Because the med can make us have a a asthma attack. I hope you feel better soon. Hugs

I am sorry to hear that you have the seasonal asthma/allergy attacks like I do. Mine usually begins in the fall and lasts on & off through the winter and into the spring. I live in Houston, Tx, so we have a long warm season every year. I am terribly allergic to pollens so every time a plant or tree starts its blooming cycle, my asthma/allergies flares up. From my experience, and from what I have read, frequent asthma attacks can turn into chronic bronchitis.

You can tell the difference between an asthma attack and a cold or flu by the type of cough you have and if there is mucus or not. If it is a dry hacking cough (no mucus), it is usually asthma and antibiotics will not help. Bronchitis (a virus) produces thick yellow or green phlegm (mucus or sputem) which is usually caused by a viral infection. Again, like the flu, antibiotics are not going to help. You just have to treat the symptoms and wait it out. Drink as much water and other non-caffeinated drinks as you can. This will thin the mucus and make it much easier to expel. Spit the mucus out into a tissue instead of swallowing it. Just remember that antibiotics are used to treat bacterial infections like pneumonia. They are not effective at all to treat viral infections like bronchitis.

If you have severe allergies that trigger asthma attacks, of course you can use over-the-counter (OTC) drugs that target the symptoms associated with asthma: sinusitis which causes a stuffy nose and clogged sinus cavities; or rhinitis, which causes itchy eyes, runny nose, etc. Neither sinusitis nor rhinitis creates a discolored mucus. Instead, if it is simply allergies, the mucus will be thin and clear. If your symptoms last more than 7-10 days, I would go to the doctor.

I suggest using a humidifier in the room where you sleep. If you have a lot of trouble breathing, such as tightness of the chest and/or a dry hacking cough, sit in the bathroom with the hot water running which will cause steam. The steam will help open the airways and lubricate the lining of the bronchii. Sit and breathe in the steam for about an hour. This is the natural way to do it, but if you have to, use your nebulizer with Albuterol.

I have had asthma all my life, and I am 58 now. As a child, I got an allergy shot once a week. That helped immensely! As I have outgrown many of my allergies, I no longer get the shots, but I am seriously considering starting them again. For this type of treatment, you may have to go to an allergy clinic.

Another thing I have taken over the years for asthma is Primatene tablets. They used to make a mist as an emergency relief, but the FDA made them stop making it since all of the other ones (Albuterol mist, Symbicort, etc.) have come into the market. You get 60 tablets of Primatene for about $10, and it is kept behind the counter, so you have to ask for it. Be careful with the Primatene, though, because it can increase your blood pressure and cause your heart rate to go up. So ask your doctor if it is safe for you to use the Primatene, and take only as prescribed.

Another thing I have learned is to look carefully at the main ingredients of medications like Claritan, Sudafed and Benedryl. The store brand usually has exactly the same primary ingredients as the name-brand does, but it costs much less and sometimes you get more tablets/capsules than the name-brand offers.

Walmart and Walgreens sell "Wal-dryl" and "Wal-phed" which are exactly the same as Benedryl and Sudafed, but they come in a quantity of 100 for about $5-10. Many of the sinus/allergy medications add aceteminophen (Tylenol) to their products, but this drug can cause liver disease (cirrhosis) if taken over many years. I would rather not put more medications in my body than I have to.

Avoid the medicated sinus sprays if possible because they can actually become addictive! Instead, try using a saline solution spray or rinse. It is more natural and is usually much less expensive. You can even make your own (find recipes and instructions online.) One trusted site is:

For the acid reflux problems sometimes associated with allergies and sinus problems, ask your doctor to prescribe the medications (Prevacid and Pepcid) to you. Your insurance will usually pay for them and you get a 30 day supply.

I have been dealing with allergies/asthma all my life and have tried just about everything on the market (and spent tons of money.) Everyone is different, though, so what works for me may not be right for you.

I always tell people to check with their doctor and/or pharmacist before using any medication for the first time. Drug interactions and allergies can be life-threatening, even vitamins, minerals, home remedies, and herbal supplements.

I truly hope that my suggestions have helped you.

I recently started taking Lung Care by REDD. It is working for me greatly. I have food and environmental allergies as well as asthma. I started taking this and have not had to use my QVar steroid inhaler for weeks. I would give it a try.

While I have had some bad episodes this year, my sister was exposed to bird and bad guava afew years ago and lost 50% lung function...her doctor really stresses exercise for her. I know that getting back into being active after a winter in and out of the hospital, i notice it doesn't take as much for me to get winded (and my muscle tone went away pretty quickly- getting old!) so I am doing a stationary bike, walks and working on my yoga (the stretches and deep breathing do seem to help)
that's all i know about it. that and drinking enough water.
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