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Childhood","This community is for parents and caregivers of children who exhibit signs of anxiety. Anxiety refers to a complex combination of negative emotions that includes fear, apprehension and worry, and is often accompanied by physical sensations such as palpitations, nausea, chest pain and/or shortness of breath."

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  • FakeFruit

    extra activities help or hurt?

    I am curious to know whether most of you feel that extra-curricular activities help or hurt kids with anxiety. My daughter went through a bad patch of school aversion last year with preschool, but overcame it with therapy.  She seems to be handling Kindergarten like a champ so far. She was already taking a leisure gymnastics class last year and this year she started a more intense class, which...
  • bonnieboo11

    Can a child bring on sickness?

    My daughter suffers from lots of anxiety.She is on 20 mg of fluoxetine and has many anxieties auround school.Last year she missed 43 days,this year 20 so far 2 weeks was pneumonia and then 2 weeks strep throat.I know you cant fake pneumonia but the 2nd week of strep was stomache pains and feeling nauseous.She is in 6th grade and has been like this since kindergarten, I can pretty much tell when...
  • Piglette130

    Thoughts on SSRI's for a 7 year old?

    My son is 7 and diagnosed with conduct disorder and Generalized Anxiety.  His anxiety and frequent mood swings effect our life negatively on a very regular basis.  He has zero patience and melts down at the smallest things.  He refuses to eat most meals, cries all the time and demands our attention constantly.  After 6 months of behavior and occupational therapies and doctors appointments,...
  • D-Dawg

    Anxiety Zoloft Solution?

    Hello I'm new here my name is Dylan and I'm a 15 year old and I just wanted some more mature or more experienced advice on how to handle my current situation with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I recently have been subscribed 25 mg of liquid Zoloft and as I was taking it I had begun to notice that I may have been getting depressed and so I am taking only 5 mg now and my anxiety is doing great and...
  • sarah21


    My daughter is hearing voices in her head. I took her the doctors today and there sending her to see mental Heath team. I am scared that she will end up like me. 
  • hollyd22

    Need some guidance

    I have been in a relationship with my partner for over 3 years. She has an 8 year old son that has been diagnosed with Add. Like any child, he manipulates at times( a ton) to get his way, lies a lot and says very hurtful and disrespectful things to me. He manipulates his mother a lot, knows exactly which buttons to push , ext. We have asked him repeatedly what the problem is and he says...
  • missync

    Being truthful

    I sometimes feel alfaw for feeling this was but I wonder if my 15 year daughter is actually trueful about having anxiety. She never worries about having anxiety before we or her goes to places where she says she has them. seams like she would worry about about it before she even got to a place where she would have one. Sometimes I feel like she uses it to he advantage. When she gets tired of...
  • My daughter suffers school anxiety also and after my sisters death in 10/16 she developed severs school avoidance and depression. She had a severe anxiety attack at school . I got her a 504 plan and home bound school tutoring, done at the local library. She also has had appetite problems. She was started in Lexapro and then Remeron for an appetite stimulant. She has less anxiety but still...
  • ling88

    How to homeschool a teen with anxiety

    My 13 year old daughter hasn't been able to go to school for the past 5 months. We've been told that she has 'school phobia' and has had panic attacks on her way to school.The school has been very supportive and we are seeking help from our therapist but we cannot see the situation improving imminently. We've therefore decided to look into homeschooling. She is keen to the idea but our...
  • tootie04

    Any parents have a child on Cipralex

    Hello (first post)I have an 11 year old son who has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder that has escalated into depression. He has been on Cipralex for 7/8 weeks now. Started at 5mg and later increased it to 10mg.  He also takes Co-Quietiapine for sleep 25 mg. Although he is having less meltdowns which he was inconsolable and somewhat distructive he seems to express he is more sad and...
  • bebamboo

    Feeling Heartbroken

    I know that it will happen at times. My almost 12 yr old sons anxieties will flare up, and plans will have to be dropped or changed. I get that, but it is still hard. We had a wedding to go to yesterday of one of my former students, whom I have been very close to and was my sons first babysitter. First thing in the morning, my son had a massive anxiety attack, and in the end, just could not...
  • bebamboo

    It's that time of year!

    All of here know how tough it can be raising a child with anxiety. What we put on hold for ourselves, supporting our loved ones through their pain, and constanly trying not to let it all overwhelm us. I have both a son and husband with anxiety, and depression, add in ADHD for the son, and PTSD for the husband. I know that this time of year is always hard for my husbands depression, which flairs...
  • Rochelle43

    Pharmacy switching from one manufacturer to anothe

    Have any of you experienced it where your pharmacy switched your child's anxiety med from one manufacturer to another?  Supposedly they are the same thing, but my daughter was extra anxious last night and couldn't go to sleep, which makes me question it.  Unless it's "all in my head."  Do any of you know if switching like this can make any differences?  She has only had two of these "new"...
  • FakeFruit

    Insect phobias

    Does anyone here have a child with an insect phobia -- like bees/wasps, or ants, or mosquitos, etc.?  My daughter has a fear of insects that bite and an outright phobia of ones that sting.What's interesting to me is that I had (and still have a slight anxiety) the same fear as a child. But, when my daughter was much younger she was very taken with cute bee things. Her first favorite movie and...
  • debbiedennis

    School's support...

    My 13yr old daughter's anxiety is getting worse, it used to be certain lessons at school now it's just school in general that can bring on an anxiety attack. We have just been given meds (Zolof to try). However one of the things school said to her was 'if she has too much time off, they have to report it and 'we' her parents could get into trouble'...great thing to tell a kid with anxiety?!! Can...