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Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), also known as acute myeloid leukemia, is a cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells. Patients with AML usually present with symptoms such as fatigue, bleeding, infection, prompting medical attention. An abnormal blood test reading will then result in further testing in a hospital with a hematologist to determine AML.

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  • deleted_user

    Alternative treatments for AML?

    Let me first say that I am not a doctor, nor an I am giving any medical advice. I am a daughter who loves her father very much and we, as a team, are doing everything we can to help my dad get through this.Another member here suggested I start this thread as we have been corresponding through email for months and he thought we should share all of our knowledge and experiences so that others may...
  • sgootee

    Inversion 16/ M4

    Just wondering if anyone on here has the same. I have been in remission for almost a year and was just wondering
  • Noodle65

    Celebrating 4 year 4 month AML DX in Baltic Europe

    Dear All,As I sit here in my Airbnb apartment in west Amsterdam with my three precious daughters and the love of life,  my heart is full of love and gratitude to almighty God. My redeemer, my healer, and the lover of my soul. Over 4 years ago I pleaded and begged God to miraculously heal me so I could raise my daughters who were 8, 10 and 12 at the time. Almighty God has blessed me with so...
  • Noodle65

    Praising God for Platelets!!! And everything else

    I had my three month post remission labs and clinic visit today and the results could not have been better-praise God!!! My platelets are 99-higher than they have been since DX on March 22 2013-they were 98. My WBC is 4.6. ANC 3.2 and HCT 38!!!!! I cried like a baby. This has been the hardest 13 months of my life and I would not wish AML on anyone. But if I'm being completely honest, I...
  • Elleran

    AML in the elderly group >70

    My husband is 74 and competed a 7/3 inducation a couple of days after being diagnosed.  He is 2 weeks into full remission.Drs say the bad blast cells would still be present (but not evident) and to keep them at bay 5/2 consolidation treatment is an option.  However at his age there is a 10-15% chance that consolidation will result in death.  My husband, fit and young minded, does not want to...
  • manning


    Hi all!I am new to chat room/support group so please be patient. My dad was diagnosed with MDS a little over two years ago and has been on Vidaza for a little less than those 2 years. He has also been receiving platelets. But just recently in the last few months started receiving blood transfusions as well. Last week his Dr ordered a bone marrow test. The test came back yesterday and it shows the...
  • Noodle65

    How's Jimmy

    Hi Margaret,I saw your post today.  How is Jimmy, praying he is well. XoxoJulie
  • planxty

    Still Here!!!

    Hi all old and new. It's been a while and hate this new format.Just to let you know I've passed the 5 years since diagnosis and heading to the 5 year post transplant mark. It hasn't been without its drama from repeated pneumonia to the ongoing problem of cGVHD. AML is truly the gift that keeps on giving. For those who are new I was diagnosed in May 12 and Flt3 positive. I remember all the...
  • chicagomomof3

    High ferritin

    good news is I'm one year post stem cell transplant! Yay! Bad news is my ferritin levels are over 4500 which is iron overload. Dr wants to do therapeutic phlebotomy but says I'd need another central line. Ugh. Anyone else had this? Can I do it without a central line? 
  • worriedmom2014


    I thought I would give an update on Jeremy. Yesterday was 18 months post SCT for him and he is doing well. He is off all meds except an antiviral as his whites are still lower than normal by .02.He and his wife are planning their first vacation and looking forward to getting away for a few days.He has 16 months left on his ped psych fellowship and really looking forward to helping children in...
  • BV_

    Transplant not in remission

    My husband, 31, has AML.  He is not in remission (60%l blast cells) but Drs say only option is SCT (haploid) bc he failed two induction rounds.  He is doing a round 5 days clofarabin then 5 days of the transplant conditioning chemo, then one day of total body irradiation.  Does any one have success stories of someone being cured with transplant even without remission?  
  • TwoBoyz

    Big News

    1 became emotional when I saw this on the news this morning.  It sounds selfish, but I couldn't help but wonder "if only my dad and others had waited a few more years to get sick.". Sounds silly, I know.  But truly I rejoice for those who have a better chance because of this new drug.  I can't believe it has been close to 30 years since a drug has been...
  • H8CancerN757

    BMT for AMl- positive sharing please

    My dad is 63 and has relapsed AML, scheduled for a BMT in the next month. His spirits are somewhat down although faith high. I am requesting positive stories of transplant, successes whether large or small, any insights to encourage, helpful hints or learned from experience. I live in Virginia, he and mom with sister in Florida, treament in Alabama so when I visit it's just for few weeks at a...
  • rufus210


    Hello, does anyone have experience with being in remission, blood counts mostly looking good, but platelets drifting downward?  The doctor said we (actually my other/better half)  should get a CBC re-check in one month, but since hemoglobin and ANC and everything else are normal, it would seem unlikely to be a relapse. However I am worried and can't think about anything else. Thanks so much...
  • Noodle65

    Celebrating 4 years since DX in Maui & PraisingGod

    4 years ago AML tried to steal my life, my faith and my joy. Today I am happy to report the demon AML failed miserably. Although this support group is not as active as it once was,  and that makes me sad,  this group has been by my side virtually through many ups and downs.  I will be forever grateful. For anyone newly did who may be reading this I want to give you hope.  AML is not a death...