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Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML), also known as acute myeloid leukemia, is a cancer of the myeloid line of blood cells. Patients with AML usually present with symptoms such as fatigue, bleeding, infection, prompting medical attention. An abnormal blood test reading will then result in further testing in a hospital with a hematologist to determine AML.

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  • leapea1208


    I've struggled with writing this for a while now as I know the words I'm about to say we're going to come as a shock and potentially frighten some of you, and fir this I'm so sorry and I debated not sharing at all. But I find strength in our group and I really need it right now. I apologize in advance for the stress and anxiety this might cause any of you going through treatment as I know...
  • Noodle65

    Transplant Team 2016

    Dear All,I am praising almighty God for the cure provided by SCT for Andy and John. We have some mighty warriors getting ready to travel the path forged by so many. Tammy from Chicago and Ev from Arkansas we are all pulling for you!!!Blessings,Julie
  • I had my three month post remission labs and clinic visit today and the results could not have been better-praise God!!! My platelets are 99-higher than they have been since DX on March 22 2013-they were 98. My WBC is 4.6. ANC 3.2 and HCT 38!!!!! I cried like a baby. This has been the hardest 13 months of my life and I would not wish AML on anyone. But if I'm being completely honest, I...
  • robem

    Update on Jimmy

    I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to update on my husband Jimmy. Since it's been so long I will give a little background. In the 1980s Jimmy was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease and received a BMT in 1988. 25 years later in July 2012 he was dx with MDS/AML and again went on to receive a MUD T cell depleted BMT in July 2013 at Sloan-Kettering. Jimmy had some bumps in the beginning mainly...
  • xuelan

    Composite posts

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I have not been able to crack the code of finding the most current new posts or those posts to which new information has been added. If no one can set me straight (as I am not the most computer literate person), that would be great. If not, I propose that everyone simply post under this or another heading, so we can keep up to date with the progress of...
  • It's been two weeks since my dad has been admitted. We were surprised today with a surgery. He was put onto NPO status before I visited but he wasn't filled in about why he was put on that status. He finally asked the right person and come to find out they schedule him for sinus debridement surgery. THe doctor came in and they said that they found some fungus in his nose but not sure as to how...
  • Hello,This is my first post here so let me introduce myself: My name is Juan and Im from Spain. I heard from this groups and decided to look for support, advise and, of course, some "daily strength", even though there is an ocean between us.My father is a 75 years old man who has always been healthy with no mayor health problems, still working (as an architect), but diagnosed with MDS a year ago,...
  • worriedmom2014

    New format

    I dont like this new format as I cant see most current threads.Karen
  • CajunGirl2015

    Prayers for Jo

    My sister Jo had her BMB last Friday and we are waiting on results. Please pray that it is good and the doctor says that she is done with treatment. She is doing good but has a lot of bone pain (but she did have to have Neulasta shots to get her white count up because they were taking too long so that probably is the cause of some of the bone pain) and is very tired so that has her a little...
  • Good evening all. It's been awhile since I have been here. I'm looking for answers yet again. So my dad was finally released from the hospital after about six weeks. He was never in remission but the idea was to try a milder chemo called vidaza. It seemed to have been working until my dad got his blood results back yesterday which showed blasts in his CBC. the doctor called and said that we need...
  • Hi Friends -Sorry to bug... I'm not the most tech savvy person but I'd like to think I'm not too clueless. That being said, I cannot figure out this new format. I logged on today to catch up on some updates and it doesn't appear as those the posts are listed by most recent like I'm used to. Is it just something on my end or are others noticing this? Does anyone know how to change it so that...
  • Noodle65


    Dear All,First let me say, I have very little AML fight creditability as my path to restored health after my DX over three years ago has been a cake walk compared to most of yours. However, today I was reminded that there are worse diagnosis. In fact, that is one thing that kept me questioning my DX, knowing that others had such a harder journey. Today, I close friend of mine learned her...
  • worriedmom2014


    I thought I would give an update on Jeremy. Yesterday was 18 months post SCT for him and he is doing well. He is off all meds except an antiviral as his whites are still lower than normal by .02.He and his wife are planning their first vacation and looking forward to getting away for a few days.He has 16 months left on his ped psych fellowship and really looking forward to helping children in...
  • Noodle65

    Interesting Article

    Acute Myeloid LeukemiaCommunity Support | The Leukemia & Lymphoma SocietyInteresting article AML'm very curious how this differs from the current cytogenetic Sub types and mutations that are used to categorize/determine favorable,...
  • darren1987

    Chicken Pox

    Hi,I was hoping someone could help me,My 71 year old mum had a stem cell transplant 1 year ago and is now in full remission.She is due to come and stay with me and my son tomorrow. However my son had just developed chicken pox.Would it be safe for her to be in contact with him? She had chicken pox as a child, but I'm concerned she may have lost that immunity after her transplant. Any help much...