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This community is dedicated to helping members recover from accidents and unexpected events that have caused emotional and/or physical distress. Some examples of accidents that can cause long-term stress include: Aircraft Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Car and Motorcycle Accidents, Train accidents, Nuclear accidents, Ship accidents, Workplace accidents.

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  • felly1994

    car accident need help copping

    i was in a really bad accident involving a tranport and a pickup truck last year( will be a year in april) my mother. was driving our truck when it happen and got most of the damage and was lucky to survive i on the other hand suffered more emotionaly the physicaly it took my till october to br able to drive again and only reason i did was because i had to complete my drivers test.... it is still...
  • UniqueFireGirl

    Post four wheeler Accident

    I had my accident about 3 years ago I broke six ribs, had a large liver laceration, severed my pancreas in half and lost my spleen. I woke up from an exploratory surgery with a drain from my pancreas and my liver and had 32 staples going down my belly. It's effected me physical which has been exhausting, becoming type 1 diabetic afterwards and even 3 years later still going threw surgeries to...
  • jacobjohn510

    Met with an accident

    2 months back, I met with an accident. It affected my right shoulder. There is a fracture in the joint. The doctor told me that a surgery is required. After that, I will have to take rest for few months. My friend told me to file a complaint, that will help to get the insurance claim to handle hospital charges. Also, I read some legal procedures here ....
  • bekahboo95

    New and Figuring out life

    Hey everyone.i don't really know how to start. A little over four months ago I was in a rear end collision where I was stopped and thrown into another car. Mentally and emotionally I have had my ups and downs. Physically I just finished all the treatment that they can do for me with my age and injury. Due to this accident I will be in chronic pain. I'm young, only 21. Nowthat the physical issues...
  • Lizbeth777

    Losing hope in ever recovering...

    Hello,  I was in 2 car accidents in 11 months which has left me in constant pain so far finding no relief.   I am beyond frustrated and just want my life back and want to feel like I can be a good mother and wife again.  It is almost 2 yrs since the first accident which was the worse of the two. Chiropractic, physicial therapy, massage therapy, pain medication, trigger point injections, now...
  • scaredgirl08

    3 weeks later

    I was in a car accident a little over 3 weeks ago.. The short version of the story... Another car rear ended me while I was stopped.. I had a slight fracture of a neck bone along with 3 dislocated discs.. That is all just in my neck.. Then I had 3 more dislocated discs in my lower back.. I am facing the unknown now as what to do and which dr to see.. Both options are out of town by several...
  • Phil274

    Accident at work

    Hi.Had a forklift accident 8 weeks ago which has crushed my ankle,removed a large portion of skin on my sole and left me unable to walk. I was very active up untill the injury walking and cycling everyday. The physical wounds will heal over the next months or years (I hope) but the mental anguish I fear will not. I have nightmares every night, my mood changes in a heartbeat, 1 minute I can be...
  • Samson60


    Hello Everyone,As I have written, a car crash with a Drunk Driver changed every aspect of my life.  I have begun to write a book about my ordeal for a small Christian publishing company.  Through my writing, speaking with people, and now reading these posts, I have realized that many people are chronic victims of accidents or illness and must contend with pain or limitations everyday. Yet, this...
  • MidwestWife0806

    Extreme Anxiety

    I was in a major head on collison two years ago, then rear ended three months after that.  Most of my physical injuries have healed, but my anxiety is out of control.  I am always nervous in the car unless there is zero traffic.  I can tell it's really starting to take a toll on my husband.  I don't want to say I have something as extreme as PTSD, but I do wonder if I do have something like...
  • frustr8ted38

    Spinal cord injury and very irritated......

    Ok, Dec. 20th 2012, i was rearended at 45mph. Went to hospital and CT scan showed L1-L5 disc protrusion. Went back to work and was miserable every day. So time goes on and the morning of April 8th 2014 i tripped over a cord at home and my head smashed into my car with all my body weight, I woke up on the ground and both my arms and hands were burning like on fire. I went to hospital, had MRI, CT...
  • Samson60

    overcoming an accident

    Greetings,I survived a head--on crash with a Drunk Driver, .318 Blood alcohol.  I recently "celebrated" my 28th anniversary of the wreck that left me with several handicaps; post-concussion syndrome, limited range in my right arm, numbness in my right hand, off track kneecaps, and arthritis is every major joint in my body.  Pain is a daily companion.I still have nightmares about seeing the...
  • cmdaniels74

    Car Accident

    I am new here and am looking to find people that have had similar experiences to mine. I was in a head on collision on March 4th 2014. I live in a semi-mountainous area of Oregon. I was driving my 2009 Chevy Aveo home around 9 o'clock pm when I topped a large hill and crashed into a 1985 Chevy truck of some kind. The truck I hit had topped the same hill as me, but he had blown out a...
  • Comfortablynumb

    Forgiving myself

    December is one hectic month of the year, teachers get sick, some travel, so I used to substitute frequently. That morning again I was asked to teach a class, but it was supposed to be one busy day for me, yet, I reluctantly agreed. After I hung up the phone, I regretted about saying "yes" blamed myself being too soft because "no" would have been the right answer that day... Still, I dressed...
  • bucketofdisney


    My boyfriend almost slammed the car into a telephone pole today. We barely missed but i'm still shooken up. I almost threw up and i'm still shaking. I can't sleep and i can't go down the same road in that car. What am i supposed to do to get over this?
  • My brothers son had a bicycle accident last week. But we dont have any clues about the vehicle. He got some problems in the hip joints. And it will take a long time for complete recovery. Doctor says a surgery is needed and it should be done with in 2 weeks. But we don't have enough money to do all these. Some of our friends told us to consult some child injury lawyer like Campisi LLP in Vaughan...