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This community is dedicated to helping members recover from accidents and unexpected events that have caused emotional and/or physical distress. Some examples of accidents that can cause long-term stress include: Aircraft Accidents, Bicycle Accidents, Car and Motorcycle Accidents, Train accidents, Nuclear accidents, Ship accidents, Workplace accidents.

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  • Gracetoday

    Grieving a stranger, I am forever changed

    hi I am new here, there are not many places for people like me. It is assumed that many will hate me bc of what happened...8 months ago I was in an accident with a motorcycle, he did not survive. I did not see him, I was obeying the law, and there were many lives changed that night. I don't sleep well and I struggle to forgive myself. I have PTSD and anxiety. I want to say I did not post here to...
  • deleted_user

    Returning to scene of trauma good or bad?

    Coming up in June will mark one year since I was struck by an SUV while running. I still remember nothing from the accident and no one else has pieced together what happened either. I am struggling with deciding whether I should return to where the accident happened. Part of me hopes it helps but part of me fears that going back will remind me of what happened, and I'm not sure if I want that...
  • I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I just had surgery to reconstuct my ACL 3 weeks ago. I am having a very hard time coping (I already had depression and anxiety) and feel very discouraged because I am behind in my rehab and have no idea why. I do everything the PT says, even though it is excrutiating but still it seems I am behind per my doctor's outline. On top of all this my...
  • Lizbeth777

    Losing hope in ever recovering...

    Hello,  I was in 2 car accidents in 11 months which has left me in constant pain so far finding no relief.   I am beyond frustrated and just want my life back and want to feel like I can be a good mother and wife again.  It is almost 2 yrs since the first accident which was the worse of the two. Chiropractic, physicial therapy, massage therapy, pain medication, trigger point injections, now...
  • dizzydaydream91

    fatal motorcycle collision

    hi. im new here and to be honest dont even know where to start. on 21st may 2017 i lost my uncle in a fatal collision between his bike and a car. i cant say too much in the open as the police are still in the midst of investigating and putting out appeals for witnesses. i just need advice on how to cope because right now im really struggling even accepting hes gone
  • Savannah17

    Lost My Family

    Hi, I'm new here. Last September my husband and I were driving to Savannah from New Jersey to start a new life. We were in a fatal car crash that killed him and 4 of our cats. Only I and my one cat survived. I have tried to start a new life for myself and joined a widow and widowers support group for a while, which helped a great deal. I have not met any other survivors of fatal car accidents,...
  • JackieBlue

    High Speed Collisions and MS

    Hi all,I was in a collision at around 60mph. I dont know if I lost consciousness or not, I think I did? The bag went off and the car was totaled. I was pretty bruised up but lived to tell the tale. Was sent home without any imaging at all. Developed neck pain, weakness in legs, and cognitive issues within days... Was told I had cervical spinal stenosis/herniated disc and a foot sprain. Surgery...
  • felly1994

    car accident need help copping

    i was in a really bad accident involving a tranport and a pickup truck last year( will be a year in april) my mother. was driving our truck when it happen and got most of the damage and was lucky to survive i on the other hand suffered more emotionaly the physicaly it took my till october to br able to drive again and only reason i did was because i had to complete my drivers test.... it is still...
  • UniqueFireGirl

    Post four wheeler Accident

    I had my accident about 3 years ago I broke six ribs, had a large liver laceration, severed my pancreas in half and lost my spleen. I woke up from an exploratory surgery with a drain from my pancreas and my liver and had 32 staples going down my belly. It's effected me physical which has been exhausting, becoming type 1 diabetic afterwards and even 3 years later still going threw surgeries to...
  • jacobjohn510

    Met with an accident

    2 months back, I met with an accident. It affected my right shoulder. There is a fracture in the joint. The doctor told me that a surgery is required. After that, I will have to take rest for few months. My friend told me to file a complaint, that will help to get the insurance claim to handle hospital charges. Also, I read some legal procedures here ....
  • bekahboo95

    New and Figuring out life

    Hey everyone.i don't really know how to start. A little over four months ago I was in a rear end collision where I was stopped and thrown into another car. Mentally and emotionally I have had my ups and downs. Physically I just finished all the treatment that they can do for me with my age and injury. Due to this accident I will be in chronic pain. I'm young, only 21. Nowthat the physical issues...
  • scaredgirl08

    3 weeks later

    I was in a car accident a little over 3 weeks ago.. The short version of the story... Another car rear ended me while I was stopped.. I had a slight fracture of a neck bone along with 3 dislocated discs.. That is all just in my neck.. Then I had 3 more dislocated discs in my lower back.. I am facing the unknown now as what to do and which dr to see.. Both options are out of town by several...
  • Phil274

    Accident at work

    Hi.Had a forklift accident 8 weeks ago which has crushed my ankle,removed a large portion of skin on my sole and left me unable to walk. I was very active up untill the injury walking and cycling everyday. The physical wounds will heal over the next months or years (I hope) but the mental anguish I fear will not. I have nightmares every night, my mood changes in a heartbeat, 1 minute I can be...
  • Samson60


    Hello Everyone,As I have written, a car crash with a Drunk Driver changed every aspect of my life.  I have begun to write a book about my ordeal for a small Christian publishing company.  Through my writing, speaking with people, and now reading these posts, I have realized that many people are chronic victims of accidents or illness and must contend with pain or limitations everyday. Yet, this...
  • MidwestWife0806

    Extreme Anxiety

    I was in a major head on collison two years ago, then rear ended three months after that.  Most of my physical injuries have healed, but my anxiety is out of control.  I am always nervous in the car unless there is zero traffic.  I can tell it's really starting to take a toll on my husband.  I don't want to say I have something as extreme as PTSD, but I do wonder if I do have something like...