what the !@&* is my problem???

I hate days like today.  Woke up with anxiety..been feeling like I was going to puke since 5am.  Worrying about getting sick?  One of the kids was sick monday.  I have already had my flu shot though so why worry?  because i'm an idiot.  Of course I think he knows he's pushed me too far again. He's just been soo sweet.  When we got in the big fight the other day I told him I'm sick of being with someone who can't even stand to sleep in the same bed with me.  He said he knew I didn't really want him there.  I said no I'm just sick of always asking if you are coming to bed or not...that's if he's awake and hasn't had so much to drink that he's already asleep. Now he's all proud telling the kids in front of me that he actually slept in the bed with me.  Somehow sneaking in at 3 am doesn't really qualify if you ask me. 
Then to top it all off a 15 minute printer install took me two hours cause I am sooo not all here today.  feel like running away...just quit pack up the dog and leave...yeah right...not really going to but feel like it. 



Why won\'t he sleep in the bed with you?