Well I was right

Well I was right the old lady just sat around and whined. First she did not want to meet with the insurance rep. Then we got home and she didn't do a thing.At least Remmy had a good day in school. He had a lot of homework but he got it done early. Tomorrow is Karate again so I have some work to do getting ready.The concept of refinancing the house has to be put on the back burner for a while the realestate market value is way down and I hope it will change in a year or 18 months so I can make a reasonable appraisel on the property.My moods seem to be cycling pretty quick each day but the swings are not that bad I still able to control the depth of them so I guess I am doing well.Well I am going to start messing with my budget and bill and get a head start on next month. I have kinda been waiting for the lump sum from SSDI for my sons share. and my wifes.prayers to all in need peace...tim