Well I did it

It may be on only 5 hours of sleep but despite going to bed late I am up early and rareing to go. A controled mania you may say. I had just gotten tired of late to bed and late to  rise, it is time to start getting stuff done during the day. Even though the early worm gets eaten by the bird sometimes. Today is the first day of the rest of my life and I am going to live it to the fullest. I am letting the family sleep in as the lazy days of summer wear on. We found out that Grandma died the other night and despite her venoum she will probably be missed by her grand children at some point. She was 93 and her time had come and gone years ago. As for me I am shooting for a 10,000 step day on my pedometer, to walk 10 miles that should be good for the old ticker and some good rest tonight. I am going to the church and do some yard work and work on my avon today so it will be a steady lot of work. Maybe even clean off the desk and take a shower. I just feel good thank you God...tim 



Sorry to hear about Grandma. Even if they are pains, family often is missed. But....... perhaps not. Grief is a funny thing......... different for each of us.

Glad the mania is controlled.......... so far. Take care my friend. Gee........... I sound so motherly. I am sure you don\'t need another mother. No??

Congrats on the walking.