Tues Sept 20 2011

He gets me all twisted up inside and makes it seem like I am doing something wrong.  So what if I am online all the time..I am talking with DS friends not making a date..there is nothing wrong with seeking the support I need.  I have to admit I was surprised he was able to actually make me cry.  I rarely cry about anything anymore...for a girls who's pms routine used to always be tears and not bitchiness I guess that is something. 



With cancer surgery came a hysterectomy but I can say that I am now so very thankful I no longer have PMS as I would literally be stuck in bed for three days every month with the heating pad on my lower back and often also with the related migraine headache. When I was sixteen I went to the OB/GYN, back in the day before female doctors, and was told my severe pain was \'all in my head\'. I would love to turn back time and punch that SOB out cold for having made me feel such pain was in my head -- but that was the \'norm\' back in those days. Much about being a woman was minimized back then.

Stand up for yourself and do what is best for you. Those that love you will back you and those that don\'t need to be considered for what they are and being ladies we will not use the word needed to fully describe them - LOL.

DS provides me the best \'therapy\' I have ever received in my entire life and has actually helped me to hang on to this life when coping alone with severe disability, while being left for dead by society, had me ready to \'check out\'.

To think we can share this support without having to experience any financial burden to belong here is amazing in this day and age of such overwhelming greed. There are many lives that this support site has saved that would not have been able to afford the cost if one were charged so that makes me feel good about being here sharing support. I am so sick of the reality that everything about our society/world anymore is money/greed related and people are literally left as dead when illness/circumstances leave them in crisis without the support that would allow them to survive.

I just dont understand why anyone would not see your visiting DS to share such wonderful support as something that is good.

Keep doing what is best for you.

:-) Patricia