trying to get a dream down

I am mom, boyfriend, and kids are with us.
we are at a is like a farm where craft items are mixed in with antiques.  Like any typical farm animals roam everywhere...dogs cats...they all greet me.  My boyfriend comments on this...I say I am not surprised..I have the gift like my mother...which probably means I will end up like her.  That is where the mental instability comes from anyway...I am trying to look at things in a small area with fragile boyfriend rolls his eyes with impatience and says I am going to break something with my purse and offers to hold on to it.
I end up wandering away from the rest of them..and somehow move on to another store with similar decor.  The manager asks to see some ID..I say I have to go get my purse...the others show up but he does not have it...he has lost, cell phone...they are all gone.
I am very upset and wander the store alone again trying not to let  him see how mad I am.  we are the last ones there and they are getting ready to close down for the night.  he is on the phone trying to locate my purse.  mom and the kids have gone on ahead.  He seems to have a business relationship with the owner and they are talking while I wander around upset.  a dog comes running to me and I play with her for a minute..I am sitting outside now.  A lady comes up to me and talks to is her dog and she is part of the owners family in some way.  She is happy and is about to get married.  we talk about this.  As we talk and wander I notice a man watching me.  I cannot see exactly what he looks like but he smiles and I notice the cross hanging from his neck.  she says it is her brother.  I am still angry and upset...the woman wanders away and I am sitting outside.  The man comes over to me and says it will be ok and hugs me.  I wonder how he knows I am upset.  My boyfriend comes over now and says he has found my things but they cannot be recovered until tomorrow.  He looks at me and the man and says just stay and call me when you want to be picked up and gives me his cell phone.
I am confused as to why he is leaving me there but as the man holds me in his arms I don't seem to be worried so I stay. 
then it is morning and the man says arent you supposed to call when you want to be picked up...I say you are right.  I realize we have spent the night making love..and I am staring at the cross around his neck wondering why? since I don't believe in God.  As I get up to leave I start to notice that a lot of the items for sale also have a cross or other religious inscription on them.  I realize that in my dream this man is my friend that I have recently become close to online.  We have never actually met but he has listened to my struggles and comes from a strong christian background. 
A sheriff car pulls up...with two sheriffs in the front and two bad guys in the back.
for some reason I think they are there to pick me I ask them...and the bad guys in the back seat start teasing that they are the ones that are there for me.
I get upset when the Sheriffs laugh and I leave..start walking away from the farm.  I realize I have not called my boyfriend yet.  so I take his phone and I call him using the programmed number for his office in the phone book.  but I don't get him...instead I get a man that we both know...a married man that I once had an affair with long before my boyfriend and I got together.  He says its good to talk to me but why am I calling him..I say I was not I was supposed to be calling my boyfriend but there is something wrong with his phone book.
I hang up and call again....again I get this person that I used to be with.  He says..I don't think it is an accident or a phone problem..I think your boyfriend did this to mess with you.  I say why would he do that? you and I have not seen each other in years.  He says I know..but you know he has never believed that.  He has never trusted you.  I guess because I was married he thinks you will cheat.  He says where are you?  I tell him where I am and what is going on.  He is quiet for a second..then he slept with this guy?  I said yes.  He says why?  I say I don't know but he makes me happy.  he says ..and your boyfriend left you there with him on purpose?  I say yeah it was weird...he just handed me his phone and said call when I was ready to come home.  He says...that is really weird..  I say I know. 
He's quiet a minute again and then you need help? I will come and get you if you want.  I say no...I'm sure he will come for me and I know the real number...I will just dial it direct.  He says ok..but call if you need help.
that is where I wake up.