today I'm pissed

so my day actually started out well.  I went to the gym, worked out.  I come to work and this bitch calls me and starts yelling at me for something she was asked to do, when she was the one who volunteered to do it, and how everyone's communication is mixed up and apparantly nobody can keep shit straight, and it my fault that she is a goddamned idiot.  My supervisor has bigger things to deal with and I am being ignored.  I really want to fuck this bitch up and take some kids out of her home, because she is not the parents, she is not doing what she signed up to do, she is not protecting the kids and yelling at me because of it.  well first of all bitch I don't make the rules, and I am sorry that your fucking ass was on drugs so bad you let your fucking ex husband shoot gasoline up in your arm in 2015.  and now we are going out of our way to let you care for your nephews because you have supposedly cleaned your shit up, and you and your sister, who is the parent of these children, want to keep the children in the family, but your own fucking family has disowned your asses.  you know the only time anyone gives a shit about the damn workers here is when they do something wrong, I'm fucking over this shit