the job thigns

wrote this to my dad last night rg the job and i got a really sincere response...

I have been corresponding with Greg and he sent my resume along. A lady has contacted me for an initial phone interview. Greg gave me ideas and such to research and read up about prior to speaking with someone. I thank you for finding this and appreciate both you and Greg looking out for me and assisting me with this, but to be very honest, I have no interest in this whatsoever. After reading about it, honestly there is not a slight inkling in my body that i would want to explore it further. They work with companies/doctors/offices who want to switch over to the IT field when it comes to health records etc. So they work that transition to the EMR, Electronic Medical Records. Which personally I do not even like- I think it is rude having a doctor sit in with you and be typing things into a computer. Sorry- my doctors office just swtiched to this. 

But I feel like because you two assisted me that I should give it a shot, but that would mean researching and looking into something I don't want to do just to be able to formulate sentences that make sense while speaking to someone. I can't picture myself in the IT health world at all right's painful for me to read up on it because my attention span is negative.

I just don' tknow what to do. I have not responded with a time to speak with someone on the phone yhet, I just received the email this afternoon. And I feel like Greg put a lot of thought into the last email he wrote me.


this is his response/.....

Hey Steff,
No problem.  I'll email Greg giving him a heads up.  I am sure he will respect you for being upfront.  It was a quick turn around on something we didn't know that much about.  But nothing ventured, nothing gained.  In fact, Greg could become part of your network that might help you find something else in the future.  The bigger your network, the greater the chances of someone knowing someone who knows someone who might have an in for a job that does interest you.  You know how it goes.  
I'll write something to Greg  then forward to you.  Then you can send him a note to close the deal.
Love ya!  PB
P.S. this email you wrote to me was very well written!
my response back to him../.. (not well written)

Lol thanks sayi email was well written.  That means a lot. I as though my writing and creative side is getting a lot stronger and I want to explore it more. I enjoy it so much. Also, I just want to let you know that as crazy as it sounds I love working at petsmart. I really do think I want to explore the animal route. A lady I helped the other day said to me that she appreciated my help and knowledge so much and would ask for me directly at the store from then on. She also said she had never met someone with such enthusiasm working with animals.  I am feeling that I have a lot of passion for both coaching and animals. As people say more thigs like that in both areas I am starting to realize it. 
....yes this was wrtten crapy...

what my dad wrote to greg....

Hey Greg, Hope the Europe trip is going well.  Looking forward to catching up with you at Molly Malones next Thursday.  I want to thank you very much for forwarding Steffanie's resume on and corresponding with her regarding interviews.  Steffanie will be sending you an email saying that after having a chance to learn more about the company via conversations with you and more research on the web, that she doesn't think it would be a good fit for her.  But she feels really bad about it at this point because you were so kind in looking out after her and putting a lot of thought into the last email you sent her.  And she has already been contacted for an initial phone interview.  So I figured I would give you a heads up.I told her you would understand.  It did move pretty quick.  Actually, I respect her decision not to move forward taking up more folks time if she, now with a better understanding of the job, truly thinks it is not a good fit.I also feel responsible since I initiated the query.   Just being a Dad looking out for his kid.....So that's the scoop.  Again, thank you very much for the assist.  You are a good friend and we really appreciate it.Take Care, Craig



You handled it beautifully - that\'s all I have to say.
And did you notice that your dad respects you for following your heart.

I did Karin! I love my daddy!!

perfec all the way around.