Priest Dream..

Mom and I were in St. Sebastian's Church; the church we grew up in while living in Marin County California.  And Fr Leach - who has also passed was present in this dream with my mom and what seemed to be  others who were in the church... Fr. Leach  was talking to someone else,  but mom wanted me to talk to Fr. Leach  - so we were waiting for him to be free...And as soon as I was in front of Fr. Leach, mom asked me to introduce him to my baby...and I said I don't have a baby mom..and she said look in your bag...(I carry big purses even in my dreams I guess) and there was 'my baby'  - and just as quickly as I took that baby out of my bag, did Fr. Leach take  my baby GLEEFULLY, REJOICING - and dancing around the church showing everyone this baby - he was  elated and just gushing...then I told him  I didn't give birth to her, but she was my daughter...and he was just all glowing and in love with the baby I gave to him to hold.
When I woke and discussed this dream with my priest...and it became painfully clear, this baby my mom and our family priest are with is my aborted baby from 1992.  My mom never knew I aborted a baby and now she is with my baby.  And no matter how many times I confess this terrible sin, I always feel such despair it consumes me.  But the dream shows me that our children are our children even when we commit the atrocity of abortion.  I have a child waiting for me on the other side and now my mom has the grand baby she always wanted...and there was never any judgement or anger, the opposite.  They are in JOY.