Nice manipulation, mister

He unblocked me and problably waiting for me to talk to him... Old trick! Or maybe it's his heart softening... yeah yeah sure. He was the one "tired of this shit" ( me too, but undecisive and still hoping)



Stay away from him Nika if you know what\'s good for you! You can block him too you know! Stop focusing on him and focus and spend your time and energy on YOU and your recovery!


A xx


You\'re so young, and you have your whole life in front of you. I feel compelled to chime in, because someday you could have a relationship that\'s truly loving and good.

I had boyfriend when I was your age, and we played out the same addictive game you\'re involved in now. He did not love me, and I had a serious burning desire to contact him again and again. I knew we could only hurt each other, yet I kept participating in the relationship. One day, he dropped me like a hot potato. I thought he was the last guy who would ever love me, and he dumped me. I don\'t know why I thought he loved me, because the truth was I did not love him and he did not love me. We were playing out this sick relationship game, and both of us knew what we were doing was wrong. Your relationship with this guy feels like that to me.

So you\'ve been told you\'re a woman who loves too much, and that you should focus on yourself and your own recovery. And I know that\'s the basic party line from the world. But\'s it\'s horseshit. That makes it seem as if this man is the \"bad guy\". He isn\'t the bad guy. You guys are equally involved in this dance together, this crazy selfish dance. Because if you really loved him, you\'d let him go and quit involving yourself in it. If you love someone, you don\'t want to hurt them, or be part of a relationship that\'s clearly causing both people pain. Love wants to do what\'s best for another person and yourself.

It\'s not love is not when you want somebody so much, you don\'t care what the consequences are. Love is when you really want to help somebody, when you really want to be there for another human being. It\'s not selfish, you know. It\'s not about what you\'re going to get out of it. Love is not that.