I knew I needed to see a doctor last week, but talked myself out of it..wasnt comfortable with the doc I planned to see.  Unfortuantely the body kinda slowed to a halt lsast Thursday.  Been in bed since, working from home when I can.  Its a bad time to be out since there is important stuff in office to take care interviews for 2 positions I need to fill asap.
My goal is to keep working for at least 5 years, enough to get my son through high school.  I tell him college is not optional, but he'll have to do it on scholarship.  I feel bad about that because its the minimum I expected to provide for him.  But right now five years more holding down a full-time job looks like a loooong way out....
Found a new holistic doc, liked her from my prelim chat.  She seems to care about what she is doing, and says she has successfully treated CFS patients.  Going to see her this Friday, I really hope it goes well.
I'm tired of being sick...



crashing here will provide some interesting twists and turns, but it will all work out.........maybe not the way we thought it would, but the truth of it all? it\'s more important for you to do what is needed in care of your health......your son would rather have you, needs your love and support over everything else. so be in care of you max..........hope the new doc works out......hugs that it\'re a good and caring mom. please rest and go easy on yourself.......xo