July 27 2011

It's been a busy couple of weeks and haven't been able to journal.  I got the nook color for my birthday...it's awesome for the reading...still I was hoping the browser would be better allowing me to journal from wherever I was when the mood struck.  I guess it will improve but in the meantime...   He was drinking again last night.  Nights like that I feel so lonely.  We went to the cabin on the weekend and this time I let them all go fishing and stayed behind with the dog.  We hiked a little bit on our own and I felt much better.  Very little anxiety the last couple of weeks which is nice.  I almost start to feel like my old self but I know that's usually when it will come slap me upside the face again.  Ready for this class to be over..feels like it's never ending.  Today is phase one of our new server upgrade.  Can't wait to be done with that also.  At least he's been doing all the chores so when I do finally get done and get home I can lose myself in another book.  Oh well..getting late and time to go to work.