jes' talking, hi!

I have a notebook going all the time.  It is with me when I get or make phone calls.  It is with me when I play memory sharpening games.  I'll post a name or title and see how many words I can make out of it during the commercial breaks.  Sir Lancelot for example:
I/a/rise/risen/rile/lot/to/can/car/nail/not/slot/cot/toe/toes/late/slate/clan/tan/you get the idea........
I think it helps my mind stay sharp and if it doesn't, it can't hurt to keep me out of! 
I was flipping through it this morning and found some random stuff:
falling down strange mountain
into deep blue valley
the snow white horse carried me
across the jagged rocks
onto red rose glory
Violet, will you marry me
live with me on the deep blue sea
you're the only one i need
for a sweet life of golden mornings
(penciled in the name Tommy for a female singer, is this a sea shanty tune?)
Silent Johnny was a shakin' and a cryin'
poor Johnny signed, "I'll dance upon your grave."
his talking hands are more profound
than any snarlin' lion's fisted rage
(going for an image, too many syllables. i hear a celtic singer doing it justice.)
I'm just a small child in my soul
C'mon world, lift me up or let me go.
sung boldly and the style of an old negro spiritual
Now lift me up or let me go
lift me uppppppp or let me goooooooooooo
I'm just a small child in my soul
World lift me up or let me go
I watched a netflix pic about Bogie, Mahalia Jackson and then the CMAs' on the same night......go figure.
Somebunny should fine tune or finish ' ya'll scribble random bits and pieces too?
Life in the fast lane.  I am so hungry.  Is it my turn to cook again???????????  It's a soft gray day with autumn colors in abundance..........gentle rain comes and goes and I think hibernation sounds like the best nation of all........hugs!



Okay. Will you please think about becoming a writer who sells her books? I love your wit, fun, humour, thought process...I need to sharpen my\'s dull after a day of work....yikes....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Have you trained the furbabies to cook yet? Hibernation ROCKS!! I practice it often. xxoo

Hey Buttercup, those Dandi Lions shall never outshine your lite, U rokkk!

Random bits and pieces and thoughts....what a kewl idea. Don\'t think it will keep you outta trouble though.....go cook! And stay away from yams.

that\'s an easy promise happy that the yam smell is g o n e gone...........that was stinky business! thanks ya\'ll............i\'ve been scribbling bits and pieces since i was ten. yeeeeesh. appreciate the encouragement and kindness.......hugs to each one of you!!!!!!!! keeps me productive and thinkin\'..........still remember all the padding they stuffed in my clothes when I played Buttercup Carol.........they made me SOOOOOOO big &, hugs!

Random pieces - I love them. I do the same thing, Ruthie. I doubt that mine are as interesting as yours but it\'s great to read them again after a long time.
Love you

I\'ve often thought you should be a writer too. pretty obvious lady. : D

we\'re all writers........writers are very simply people who write.......right? mine is just a little more compulsive........i love life details, i love the little things that unite us as humans........that which is unique is often the thing that connects memory, my thoughts bring up your memories, fresh thoughts for you and that is my favoritest kind of stuff...........the way we relate, how we see/feel/process this memory of leaves in the fall led me to some of your own thoughts.......and that made me smile as wide as the, ruthie