It is Staggering.

An interesting wrinkle of fate.  Mom is a child inside her adultness.  I got to the hospital at about 10:00 am and the momma hadn't eaten breakfast, but had communion from the eucharistic minister from St. Patrick's.  She was happy about receiving and I was too - - the more ammo the better.  I ordered her some breakfast and she ate every last drop of the stuff.  Sucked down whole milk and all.  
Then in came the ward's doctor who smiled and said mom would be released in the afternoon...she had absorbed and hydrated and was ready to float off into her own home.  I objected because there was not a Physical Therapist meeting, or any evaluation by a PT...then the doc looked at my mom and the little brat said she didn't need a PT and that she could run around the block if need be.  And with that the doc turned on his heels and cruised out the door like he was talking to a sane person.  
So the day goes on.  The lunch settles and the soap operas end and well time to pee.  Mom has to get up , get unhooked from her IV and push that thing into the loo and get a grip on her strength.  It takes her ten minutes to do this with MY HELP.  Then I get her in the bathroom and I have to assist in the whole bathroom process and well then she began shaking and looking horrible.  She told me she was having a back spasm and has had these a few times since she has been in the hospital.  So I call the nurse...and I call her doc, and well I bust her ass on her ridiculous version of her walking, running and jumping rope.
All my messages were left with docs, and well they ordered a PT evaluation and three hours later some PT came in and was aghast at mom's inability to stand let alone walk. Phew, I now knew I was not going to have to get mom home and call an ambulance from the driveway when I couldn't get her in the house.  She will be at the hospital for a few days.  Raj will be here on Sunday and we will rig the house for her with a hospital bed, and get her nursing under wraps before we move forward.
I met Don and Sandra at Brio for a bite to eat.  I had nothing all day and can't dream of food...though I know I need to rest, feed and hydrate too.  I had a bite to eat and some cheer with Don and Sandra and got home not too long ago.  I will get back at it tomorrow and see what the day reveals - as every day there is a newness that reeks of shit and pain...and it is this very newness that death resembles - I remember it well - death comes in like a sneaking fog, and chokes the essence out of everyone while consuming the person it takes with them.
I pray my mom will go in her sleep and fly away from her tired body with the angels who brought her to earth 80 years ago.  God bless all the sick and suffering.  God bless all their care takers and family who suffer with them...
Thank you for the experience of life and death.  It is staggering.