Is it Friday yet?

Can't seem to wake up this morning.  I was sleeping well for the first in many I guess that's nights lol.  This server upgrade has been very stressful at work and I cannot wait for it to be over with.  Users whine more than the kids do.  It's the last week of summer class and next week I get to try and register for fall semester....Of course I am not sure what I will be able to get since the wait lists are already quite long and I am limited to evening classes.  My paychecks are now reflecting my half day furlough Fridays and it's more of a hit to the bank account than I had anticipated.  This has just been the strangest and all and I'm not liking it.  We have been so busy I have not had any time for the horses although the time at the cabin has been nice..better without the kids but nice just the same.  People always say my little four year old nephew is such a terror...I would take him gladly if I could ship off the When you tell him there is no tv, internet, or cell service he just says ok and finds something else to do.  The older ones now stomp and complain when we go up there because they are cut off...ha ha..It's good for them.  We should all get away from the electronics more.  I for one need some real exercise and to get off my growing rear.  I have not heard back from my "father" since I answered his last question ....when he originally emailed me I did not know what to say so all I said was that if he was really my father he should know that his son was looking for him and that he wanted him to know his grandchildren.  His response was to ask if my brother was also an uncle.  I struggled for a while with what to say. For some reason I was hesitant to tell him about my stepdaughters.  My mom has never treated them like they were her real grandchildren and I know on some level that has hurt their feelings and I guess I was hesitant to open them up to more of that so I simply responded with... I could never have any of my own.... and left it at that.  Maybe now that he knows I don't have any grandkids he doesn't want to talk to me anymore?  lol that would be funny.  It occurs to me that I do not even remember what he looks like (my mother burned every picture she had of him long ago).  Hey, maybe I should tell him he's off the hook on the nutball front since I am pretty sure the mental instability comes from my maternal grandmother.. ha ha ha.   Off to work and school I go..