I expected more, my bad

so I really thought my supervisor and I were close, I thought she had my back.  My bad.  I have a person who is not even a client being ugly and nasty with me, and she is not doing anything about it.  It's her fucking fault they are angry too.  she will say one thing, in this case, if the parents keep doing well, they will get thier kids back, to I don't think we should defer this case, I think we should hear it and go for custody, he has a pattern of being abusive.  So when I communicate with them what she says one week and then she changes her tune the very next week the clients are understandably angry and upset,  however the mom's sister who is not qualified to have the kids, but we have allowed her to keep them so far, is being nasty and disrespectful to me, and my supervisor is just acting like a fucking limp noodle.  this shit's about to make me walk out.

Now it's an hour later and these bitches keep laughing loud and I just want to meet them in a dark alley somewhere with no witnesses.  I want to beat the piss out of them, just because of thier laugh, it's an aggressive and mean sounding laugh.



It's really awful what you have to put up with at your job. I don't know how anyone could keep a cool head with all that stress.