How to ensure the work of asphalt mixing station safely completed?

  When the burner starts, the heavy oil flow should be realized by switching valve, and then the burner control cabinet can be opened to start the burner.
If the heavy oil electronic ignition is not successful, you can convert the way three-way, the use of diesel ignition, ignition success of 2 min, and then converted into heavy oil, so that the operation even if the quality of fuel oil can be ignited.

aspahlt-for-sale-LB1500-1.jpg5 If the asphalt material after mixing after the best one hours of downtime, the mixing bucket is expected to be clear and clean, pour into the water, the mortar clean.
Then drain the water and remember that the bucket is not allowed to have water to prevent the formulation from changing, so that the page and other links occur rusty situation.

Usually environment-friendly asphalt concrete mixing station, like ordinary asphalt concrete mixing station, can also be divided into intermittent and continuous two kinds.
However, regardless of the form, the dry heating of different particle size aggregates, fillers and bitumen can be mixed into a uniform mixture according to the design mix ratio at the specified temperature.

2 before powering up to check the empty car test run, check whether there is leakage phenomenon, check the idling of the mixing bucket, the normal rate is empty car than full of cars 3 times times faster if the speed is not right, should stop check.

In line with these environmental conditions and functional requirements of the complete set of environment-friendly asphalt concrete mixing station, can be widely used in high-grade highways, urban roads, airports, docks, parking lots and other engineering construction, and ensure the quality of asphalt pavement.

3) Strengthen the test and inspection guidance work.
Laboratory should be based on the number of raw materials and raw materials changes, increase the frequency of raw material testing, do not periodically do cold silo flow curve, and a variety of data timely feedback to the mixing building, in order to accurately and timely guide production, so that hot and cold materials to maintain relative supply balance.

When it is found that the asphalt mixing plant equipment failure, need to carry out maintenance, should be carried out after the power outage, for example, for mixing cylinders, replacement liners, mixing arms, slurry leaves, vibration screening machine and other maintenance, should be carried out after the power outage, if necessary, should also arrange personnel guard.
In the maintenance of powder silo and dust collector and other equipment, because it belongs to aerial operations, should wear a good helmet to fasten the seat belt, in order to prevent the fall.
In the operation of belts, etc., it should be forbidden to have people close in case of danger.

Mixing plant is the best to set up a laboratory, with independent, water-electrified, well-ventilated indoor space, configuration of aggregate, asphalt and mixed material testing of the basic instruments, appliances, as far as possible to meet the local site laboratory standards.
The key positions (operation, maintenance, testing) of the mixing plant are at least one skilled technician and certified for induction.
The power supply, water supply conditions and surrounding social relations of the mixing plant should be understood so as not to affect the normal production.
Should try to avoid sharing the mixing plant with other construction projects in the same period.

Safety is a big problem in the work of asphalt mixing stations, and it is also an issue that we need to maintain high priority at all times.
So, do you know how you can ensure that the work of the asphalt mixing station is done as safely as possible? Below we will analyze this issue with you, I hope to be able to help you.

2) Reasonable selection of hot silo sieve mesh.
The choice of screen should grasp two principles: ① to ensure that the mixture grade; ② to ensure that the mixing building as little overflow as possibl

r>In addition, the ability to effectively control the resulting pollutants, can reduce the production process of pollutants produced by the direct damage to the environment, is qualified to be defined as an environmentally friendly asphalt concrete mixing statio
r>There is also the requirements of its factory land planning, whether it is the production area or waste water waste gas conversion zone, should be reasonabl

r>With the enhancement of the trend of environmental protection and energy saving, the environmental protection of asphalt concrete mixing station has gradually become the mainstream form of the development of mixing station, what kind of equipment can be called the environment-friendly asphalt concrete mixing station? What are the basic conditions that must be me

r>First of all, all operators should go through professional training and hold operating documents in order to work, in the whole process should strictly abide by the operating procedures to ensure safe productio
r>During the operation of asphalt mixing plant equipment, attention should be paid to observe the operating status of the equipment, not to leave the work at will, if abnormal conditions are found, should take timely measures to deal with.