Good Day

Got up and got my ebay mailed off listed two more things for sale I got at a garage sale this weekend. I got a blood pressure cuff for free because the bladder leaked I went on line and bought the bladder for $20 and found out the guage is the most expensive and highest quality money can by new it sells for $160. They sell for a good penny on ebay so I should do well reselling it.  I need t find a constant resource and product I can sell regularly and make a decent profit at. I am doing okay so far but i need my supply to be constant. Remmy spent a lot of time outside today which was good. the old lady slpet all day. She is really worthless maybe she'll pick up a bit when school starts. I hope. I'm going to start going to bed early tonight to get ready for school so is remmy. I get to start paying the bills soon so I will have something to keep me busy on my buying urges. I ordered 200 catalogs for the next Avon campaign so I am going to get a lot of walking in I hope it works and I can get some new business from it too.