Getting a little jumbled

It has been a couple of grey days lately, I feel good but am getting a little overwhelmed. I have been doing good for a while now, noticing my best attribute had been finishing projects I start. Well I have finished a couple projects the last couple days but I have a list of necessities that is getting longer by the day. I have got to get back up on my feet and start getting these projects compleate but I am afraid to start them because I don't want to get depressed for not finishing them. I am using the fear as the reason not to start. Remmy had a bad day in school, and I covered for him with his mother so he wouldn't get lectured all night. In reality it was just one more problem I didn't want to deal with. Well tomorrow is another day I will hopefully get more done. I at least got my garage door opener installed today now I have to clean up the garage so I can park my car inside. Well life is good in general so I hope the lamictal kicks up soon. I just wish I could sleep better at night I keep getting up every two hours and don't feel like sleeping more until it is time to get up. If I do sleep too sound I know I'll wet the bed and I really don't want to do that anymore. Oh the turmoil. ...tim