Feeling Horrible!!!

When will this insanity end? I posted today "Feeling HORRIBLE - Back to Day 1". Hope you can read it. Thanks for your support. 
xoxoxo Chargergirl



Hi there, CG, Please read your own status. You are so right. We are not defined by out mistakes, but, (to my thinking) we feel so bad about ourselves that we mistakenly think we are only getting what we deserve.
I know that I am my own worse critic and I treat myself horribly. Bad self talk. I got some really good advice from someone at my GA meeting, and that is,- treat yourself like you would a good friend. How would you act to them? You would be encouraging, wouldn\'t you? I\'m sure you would. So right now, stop all the negativity and concentrate on your son\'s graduation party. I know how hard this is, but, it can be done...one day at a time. Peace, my friend, Hugs, ~Estel