well I got to sleep in, that was the only good part of the day It has been non stop since. did some shuttle work for my wifes friend. bought 300$ worth of gorceries so my wife is set for the 5 days I'm in FL. I still have to get her more soda pop but I think I got most everything she requested. The tree cutting guy came by and he started taking my big tree and then started pruning my pines he has about a days worth of work left to go. he is doing a real good job I'll give him credit. remmy is going back to school from break tomorrow and the wife has to work and I need to help tya get a new car. we found a explorer for under a grand the guy can't get it sold because everyone wants the fuel efficent type of stuff, so it is under $1000 it looks good in the pictures and has less than 150k miles on it. gotta do social secutity for my wife and son so I can get more money. it is going to have to wait until after i get back from FL. It is a needed vaction for me even though most people would call it work. I am getting tired now and I have to take tya home soon so I need to go...tim