the church = people steped in and stopped everything told her to stay with the church and forget me  i cant compeat against god and everyone telling her shes wrong this is the 2nd time the church has done this to her she has a mountain of mental heath isuses under all this and i can see them her friends cant well now they have pushed me out and taken her away i hope they help her find herself as well as this god she has no idea who her own voice is and they are telling her every voice is from god that is making it worse she has so much guilt and her parents both died when she was young she is very very lost they are destroying her and saying its ok because its of no worth anyway its all about the next life.



they told her to forget you?

Did she talk to you about this?

It sure sounds cult-ish.

Do you have any contact with her now?

saw her tonight
she did ask one round with her for a while
we played a board game
she is so not a grown woman
shes like micheal jackson
39 but not adult
she doesnt have a tv
its all church and church friends

the only good thing is
when i said she has to many rools
her friend said
i think she has torn up the rule book

i hope so

i\'ll bet you are very good for her.

i dont see how any one could cope with her
.i also think she maybe a virgin still
she has such a messed up rule book she lives by
she is like i was at 25 but she hasnt moved forward at all
because the church told her how to live
its quite sad in a lot of ways

some of the past things she has fallen into
are really scary in its insanity
really cult ish
but she was in a break down at the time