not too hot right now.
pretty pissed.
came up with an amazing idea to get an old coach back on board to coach the novice women at langley...
he sent me a message last night saying he saw that we still had an ad up to hire and he wanted my advice as to whether i think he should apply again.
regardless...i think this is the best idea in the world! and we also have an idea to have a head novice coach and a head varsity coach verses a head men's coach and a head's women's coach....especially since ashely is not qualified to be a head coach and it would be weird just having a head mens coach.
anyways. i wrote an email and half way through it disappeared. i screamed. so i started it again, finished it and was so satisfied and thought it was amazing. went to retrieve it just now to send and IT IS FUCKING GOD DAMN GONE. PISSED TO HIGH HELL. I flippled. screamed. and cried. i am so fucking upset. i then snapped at carlos because all during this he was asking me to go cut the pizza and serve it to him because he was ready for dinner. i snapped and told him to get it himself. he said he wanted me to. i ignored hijm. he asked again. i snapped again. he got up and got it and i havent moved or said a fucking word since.
fuck this god damn mother fucking life. i fucking hate shit. another i just dont give a flying fuck about jack shit right now.
watever. i wrote it again- not nearly as good but i sent it.



yikes, what a night!!!!!!!! first i hate my damn computer and when it does shit like that i get so pissed, when you rewrite its never the same. about carlos, wtf was his problem, wanting you to cut the pizza and serve him? is he 2 yrs old? he must of seen you upset over the computer and regardless he shouldnt expect you to get his food!!!! smart idea about not speaking, it likely would of ended up in a huge figth. hope things get better today. hugssss

In case you are asking if you overreacted I don\'t think you did at all, except for the last two lines, the go a little overboard. But boy I would be pissed too.